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Story 3 Prediction A horrifying future…

Haida was a hardworking housewife, a loyal wife, and a loving mother. She had been married for thirteen years and had been blessed with four children. All of them were boys. The eldest was aged eleven, the second nine, the third seven, and the youngest was only five- year-old. Haida's husband worked as a successful medical doctor.

Overall, Haida's life with her family was a perfect and harmonious one. That is, until recently, Haida kept experiencing nightmares in her sleep.

Haida dreamt of horrifying imageries. At first, the dreams were only of unclear images of corpses, blood, and murder among others. However, the dreams kept becoming clearer each day. Until one night when Haida was sleeping, she dreamt of something frightening. Something that happened to her family.

Haida dreamt seeing her husband and four children being murdered in cold blood. However, she did not see who the murderer was because the face was indistinct.

Haida was shocked awake. She rubbed her waving chest, muttering the shahadah.[1] She wiped the perspiration on her neck and then looked at her husband who was sleeping soundly. She later checked on her children one by one. All of them were sleeping peacefully. Haida heaved a sigh of relief.

Even so, every night, the same dream would repeat itself, becoming clearer every time. For example, through her dream, Haida found out that the murder would occur during her first child's birthday. This was inferred from the various decorations such as balloons and a half-eaten cake which still had parts of her child's name written on it. This matter bothered Haida as she really was planning a birthday party with her husband next week. It affected Haida, albeit slightly, even though she took those dreams as mere coincidences and merely her mind playing tricks on her.

However, all of those changed in merely a blink of an eye. Haida had a dream of walking together with her family inside a shopping mall to buy the items needed for the birthday. At first, Haida didn't think much about the dream as usual, but the next day, Haida became scared and confused when every specific thing that happened in the dream truly happened in reality. Every small detail was similar. From the mall that they went to, the shops they visited up to the items they bought. Even the present that her husband chose for their child was exactly the same with what Haida saw in her dream the day before. How could this be when she did not tell anyone else about her dream?

Haida started panicking but she kept her emotions to herself. She did not want her family to worry. That's why she went on her days as usual.

That night, Haida had a dream again. This time, the dream was very long. It showed her activity from morning till night. In the morning, she went into her firstborn's room and wished him a happy birthday. Then, she and her husband did all the preparations for the party that was to be held in the evening. Haida prepared food while her husband placed all the decorations like balloons and a banner that had 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!' written on it. In the evening, guests that comprised of her child's friends and even her and her husband's acquaintances arrived. They celebrated the birthday happily and in high spirits. As night crawled, the guests started going back. Haida, her husband, and their four children lounged in front of the TV, feeling too tired until they fell asleep. Suddenly, Haida saw someone breaking into their home and killed her whole family that was sleeping on the sofa. One by one until all of them died, covered in blood. Haida shrieked. She woke up. Looking at the clock on the wall, it showed that the time had struck 6.30 in the morning. It was time to wake up. Today would be a long day. She needed to prepare for her child's birthday party.

After showering, Haida went in front of her child's room. Her plan was to wake the kid up and wish him happy birthday, but she merely stood there. For some reason, she hesitated. Who knows that maybe things would be similar to what happened in her dream? Haida tossed the thought far away. She entered the room. Her son was already awake but he was still sitting on the bed. He was wearing blue pyjamas. Similar to the one in Haida's dream. She started having an ominous feeling.

All day, one by one, things happened that made Haida feel restless. From the largest things to the finest details, everything that happened in her dream occurred in reality. Haida became agitated. Her heart was palpitating so much that she can't even focus on her son's birthday party. She was too afraid of the day going on. She did not want everyone to leave, leaving her family alone in the house. Haida was afraid that what she dreamt of this past month would become a reality. She was frightened.

The birthday party ended.  Everybody was gone. Haida's tired husband and children sat in front of the TV, lounging on the sofa. Haida could only observe them. She did not want to take her eyes away from them even for one second. Haida watched as her husband and children fell asleep one by one, possibly because they're exhausted having fun earlier. Afterwards, Haida stared at the front door. Anytime soon, someone would break in from that door and stab her family one by one with a knife. Killing them in front of her eyes. The people whom Haida loved the most in this world. Haida could not imagine her life without them. They were her life.

Haida was too afraid of losing them. She can't bear to. No matter what would happen, she would never let the lives of her beloved to fall in the hands of a cruel murderer just like in her dreams.

As such, Haida went to the kitchen. She pulled open a drawer and took out a sharp knife. Haida brought the knife to the TV room where her husband and children were sleeping, unconscious. She inhaled deeply. Then, without any hesitation, Haida stabbed her family one by one with the knife. Starting with her husband, her first son, until the final child. Haida stabbed them countless time to make sure that they were truly dead. Finished, Haida inhaled a deep breath. Now, no one could hurt her family. Haida sat, surrounded by the corpses of her family, smiling. She felt calm. Because the prediction in her dream won't ever come true.


Munir gaped. He did not expect the story to have that kind of ending. In his absentmindedness, a few village kids came to visit.

"a.s.salamualaik.u.m, big brother Munir! When did you come back?" asked a ten-year-old kid. He was holding a newspaper in his hand. It was probably just bought from the grocery shop.

"It's been a few days already. What are you guys doing here?" asked Munir while standing up and then sat on the veranda's stairs. [2]

"We have something to tell you but it's a bit weird…"


"Er… did you bring a kid back?"

"Yeah. He's around you guys' age. Seven-year-old. Why? You wanna play with him?"

"Eh, no… It's just that we saw him earlier."

"Where did you guys see him?"

The kids exchanged glances.

"Where did you guys see him? As far as I know, he didn't go anywhere earlier. He's been in his room all this time." said Munir, stern.

"Er… we saw him fly out the window. Then he went back inside."

"Huh? You're being ridiculous!"

"It's true… We saw him…"

"Enough! Stop spouting nonsense. Go back! Doing your homework would be better than spouting drivel. Get lost!" scolded Munir.

The kids went back in a rush, afraid of Munir who they knew was fierce. They were in such a hurry that one of them left a piece of newspaper on the stairs. Munir took it and read the headline on the front page.

'A woman was arrested after being suspected of murdering her husband and four children.'

Munir dropped the newspaper to the floor, shocked. He ma.s.saged his head that started to spin. He read the headline on the paper again, prodding the paper with his leg.

"Ah… just a coincidence…"

Munir went back to the veranda. He looked at the black novel that was laying there. If it was up to him, he really wanted to stop reading the novel. Even so, for some unknown reason, his heart was unwilling. It was asking Munir to continue reading the novel. The old book seemed to be calling for him. Munir sighed.

"It's not like me to stop things half-way. Since I've read it, might as well finish it." Munir decided.

He then grabbed his empty coffee cup and went to the kitchen to refill it. Then, he went to the same location and sat with the same position as before. Munir grabbed the novel.

"What stupid story is next…"

[1] Basic belief of the Islamic faith. Reciting it shows your faith in G.o.d despite experiencing bad things. In this case is also used as a one-step exorcism.

[2] Malaysia traditional village house. Veranda with stairs.

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