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Story 2 Floating How about we fly?

12.01 AM sharp. Dated 1/1/2000. Every baby that was born at that specific moment was healthy and energetic. Thank G.o.d…

However, something happened on 1/1/2016. A teenager aged 16 suddenly started floating in Shah Alam. Yes, floating. One foot-high above the floor. Then, there were other teens that experienced the same event. They suddenly gained the ability to float. All of them were 16-year-old teenagers born on 1/1/2000. From time to time, more teens were discovered suffering this anomaly.  To the point that statistics showed that everyone in the country born on that date experienced the same thing. They could all float once their age reached 16.

Though the whole country was shaken at the beginning, after a few months, people gradually got used to it. Especially when seeing that it wasn't something harmful to them. It's just that there were a few isolated cases where some of the minors were injured.

Some fell after floating for a few feet, breaking their legs. There was a case where a boy did not realise that he was floating under a ceiling fan. He sustained heavy injuries as his head hit the spinning fan.

Regardless, on the whole, nothing major happened. All those teenagers were healthy and normal. In fact, they were ecstatic with their new ability. They felt like a superhero, similar to the ones in comics and TV. Not to mention, with every pa.s.sing moment, their ability was strengthening.

They could float higher each day.

Scenes of youngsters flying in the air were relatively common now. They would play around and laugh among themselves. Some even stopped riding the school bus or any kind of vehicle and chose to float and fly to school.

Parents who were initially worried that their children would be affected by the phenomenon breathed out a relieved sigh, seeing that their children were controlling themselves. Their children did not rebel or complain about the situation. In fact, they were happy and proud. Too happy and too proud.  It was to a point that anger and opposition came from a few parties that deemed the matter as something abnormal. Something that shouldn't happen to normal humans. Something that should be controlled and contained before it was too late.

Even so, it was probably already too late. A peaceful situation became chaotic once a teenager went missing. The parents reported that the male teenager was playing as usual. He made himself float in the garden but something strange happened that day. The teenager floated higher than usual. Normally, the highest he could go was ten feet, but on that day, he floated higher. Higher and higher till he was launched straight into the sky, never descending until today. Even after a week.

Later, many similar cases happened. Those 'special' teenagers started going missing one by one. They floated high in the sky without the ability to control how high they could go. They never returned. Search and rescue squads were formed to find them. Malaysia's Airforce was deployed to find the missing youngsters. The results, however, was none.

The public started panicking. Parents of these special children took drastic actions and put them under house arrest. Some extreme ones even chained their children's legs to the floor. However, they learnt something terrifying afterwards. Those teenagers went missing regardless of what was done. Though confined and chained, they still floated, going through the house roof. The chains binding them were broken. With no way of restraining them, when the time came, they would fly to the sky as fast as lightning, never returning. Until the last of them was gone…

Three months later…

A man went back home in a panic. He grabbed his wife in the kitchen and pulled her to the TV area. They turned on the TV as according to the man, the whole world was shaken about a certain news that might be related to their child that went missing three months ago. Similar to teenagers his age, he floated to the sky and did not return. A voice of a woman speaking in a serious and thrilling tone came from the TV to report about what was happening.

Breaking news! The body of a Malaysian teenager was found in Paris at 8.00 AM local time. The teenager was reported seen falling from the sky. According to the coroner report done on him, the teenager's body was crushed, possibly because of falling from a high alt.i.tude. We are still waiting for further investigations to identify the teenager's ident.i.ty.

The pair of husband and wife cried in their panic. They were afraid that the same thing would happen to their child as well. Then, they saw the reporter on the TV screen suddenly stopped talking. She was listening to the communication piece on her ear. Perhaps, an update of news had arrived. The woman's professional face suddenly turned grim, as if afraid. Her eyes started watering. In tears, the woman continued her report…

We just received a new report. More Malaysian teenagers are falling from the sky in various places in the world. There are a few in Europe and USA. Other cases reported in Asia and Middle East countries. Five cases reported happening in j.a.pan while seven in Iran. For now, it's a.s.sumed that these teenagers who fell from the sky are those missing teenagers from three months ago. We just received a video from a witness in Africa. Viewers are advised to watch the following video at their own discretion due to gruesome images.

A video recording was aired. The terrifying video showed hundreds of teenagers falling from the sky. Their bloodied and broken bodies were piled in a few open areas.

We will continue reporting from time to time regarding this horrendous tragedy that around the world people have started calling as the ‘hujan ma.n.u.sia’ phenomenon. Or Human Rain. We will return with the latest report…


Munir touched his neck that had goose b.u.mps on it, feeling horrified of the story. He closed the novel. He felt that his action of confiscating the novel from Adib was the correct decision. Munir looked at his side again. Again, his coffee was untouched. He sighed and stood up to go to the kitchen and reheat his coffee, again.

Before that, he took a glance into Adib's room. Strange. The kid wasn't there. Munir looked around the house and even asked Ramlah. He still couldn't find the kid. Munir scratched his head. Suddenly, he heard a loud crash in the room, as if something fell down. Munir rushed there to take a look. He found Adib sitting on the floor, ma.s.saging his legs.

"Hmm… what's wrong? Where did you go to earlier, Adib?" asked Munir while looking at Adib's swollen legs. It looked like a sprain.

Adib replied by pointing towards the ceiling.

"Tell me properly. Where did you go? When I looked earlier, you weren't in the room…"

"I flew…" replied Adib casually. He was still rubbing his legs.

"Nonsense. You must've been influenced by the novel… That's why I took it away from you."

Adib was silent.

"Enough. Follow me. We'll ask mom to put some ointment on your legs. "

Adib followed without arguing.

While Ramlah was ma.s.saging Adib’s feet with some oil, Munir returned to the veranda. He sat cross-legged there to continue his reading. This time, he immediately downed the hot coffee. He even ate a few mouthfuls of chips. He knew. Once he started reading, he won't stop.

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