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Hong Bai Qi felt really awkward, afraid that he would make a mistake in front of Hu BuWei, but if he were to speak for him, it would be the same as siding with the evildoer, from the clearly overcast Tang family side, during the most difficult period of time, TangWenZheng has spoken.

It was impossible for Tang Wengzheng to not say anything, if he continued not speaking, he still doesn't know what will be the overcast that his son's actions have committed, he softly spoke: "Elder Hu, elder Hong,Why not we sit down first to clarify this situation first." He was obviously the one being bullied, but he took the initiative to submit as the weak, this doesn't mean he was intimidated by Hu Buwei's difference in rank, he was only being provoked by the little boy with pa.s.sive words, overturning the gra.s.s pavilion, this kid was so stupid, he actually went to look for others to help.

Hong BaiQi had no say in this, so his eyes moved over to Hu BuWei.

Hu BuWei nodded his head and said: "Everyone that is an official, there's nothing that cannot be resolved, let go of all the anger, it's best to sit down and talk clearly." his meaning was clear, it is not necessary to mention the court today. Regardless of who is to blame. Tang WengZheng was the first to acknowledge to have a treaty, you just want to drag down my son in this mess, then I will not hesitate to investigate the crimes that your son has committed, until the moment I am in front of the emperor will your sons remarks still repeat itself, hei hei, even if you don’t die, your Tang family will still fade into nothing。

Judging from the outside, ten of Hu BuWei wasn't enough to compare to even one of Tang WengZheng, but after seeing the sinister cunningness, a hundred Tang WengZheng wasn't even comparable to even equal to one Hu BuWei. A child with smart and intelligent parents are better than ones that are stupid, like father like son, Hu XiaoTian's performance just now had proved his point.

Hu BuWei invited everyone to the front hall, the people not involved were already gone, Hu BuWei let Hu XiaoTian go change his clothes, and sent his wife to find the right dress for Tang QingXuan to wear, MuRong FeiYan of course naturally accompanied her.

All prior arrangements were cancelled, and everyone came together in the main hall. Because this was not a formal case, so there were not many restrictions and rules, Hu BuWei sat on the armchair on the left, Hu XiaoTian humbly stood behind him. The government's servant Hong BaQi sat on equal footing as him, MuRong FeiYang and another officer stood behind him.

As for Tang WengZheng, his position was initially unqualified and the two were of equal footing, for special reasons today, Hu BuWei treated him with extra courtesy, he was arranged to sit next to Hong BaiQi, and all four of Tang WengZheng's children stood behind him, Tang QingXuan had her clothes replaced, and her scattered hair was redone, at this moment, it was just a beautiful pair of eyes that swollen from crying, it was impossible that it would disappear in a while.

After the servants served tea, Hu BuWei who was holding a blue and white porcelain teacup, used the cover it gently swept over the edges twice, sipping from the edge of the teacup, he whispered: "Today's event, we are still questioning the situation to be clear, if the dog is indeed in the wrong, the law will not take sides! Will definitely give brother WengZheng a confession! " when he said this-he glanced at Hu XiaoTian, and puts the tea bowl down on the mahogany coffee table: "Evil creature, do you have anything you want to say?"

Hu BuWei just recently knew of his son’s talent to reverse black to white, that's why he posed the question, first impressions are always the strongest, he wanted to create as many chances as possible for his son.

Hu Buwei was fair and selfless on the surface, the true thoughts in his heart were bias, unfortunately-Hu XiaoTian did not appreciate it, he was fixated on Tang QingXuan, this Tang QingXuan that had changed her clothes was beautiful, in addition to her bad temper, this face that she was showing was not bad, zeze, compared to the Li's sister-in-law – it was many times stronger, her whole body was filled with the beauty of youth and health, really a messy meal ah!

Everyone found that the good for nothing was still staring at Tang QingXuan, at this the Tang Family was angry, Hu BuWei too was quite helpless, when did his son become so **? He coughed a little irritably.

Jing Zhao's officer Hong BaiQi said: "My dear what are you talking about ?" It was sensible but very inappropriate at the same time, Hong YanQi's exit was a little regrettable, wasn't this equal to him saying that he favoired Hu XiaoTian? At least, for now, this cargo was now a suspect, as the highest officer in jing zhao' prefecture, at least on the surface-the bowl of water should have a flat surface. [tln: fair does not favor either party]

In Hu BuWei's heart he already had Hong BaiQi on a leash, he said to Hu XiaoTian: " Do you understand elder Hong's words?"

Tang WengZheng watched this whole exchange, and sighed in his heart, although he was an officer of safety, today – our Tang family will really bite the dust, who was the one to make people into officers, officials one rank superior crush the inferior, he just told MuRong FeiYan to tell his daughter, to make sure that the innocence in her body as still there, so that the anger in his heart with be lessened by three points, as long as his daughter was not defiled by that evil, he will not pursue much.

Hu XiaoTian said: "This situation should be said by miss Tang to be said clearly, why not you start first!"

Hu BuWei could not help but secretly sigh, it is estimated that his son was just flashes of light, what a good life in this is to him, but he took the initiative to give first, to give up this opportunity to let Tang QingXuan speak first, it is unwise.

Tang QingXuan bit her lips while saying: "Alright, say then say, today I was riding and stopped at CuiYun lake,  who was it that suddenly rushed up and stopped my path with four vicious servants, frightened my horse away, and threw me off it?"

Hu XiaoTian smiled at this little girl, what Tang XiaoTian said obviously not the truth, at that time it was clear just her horse running wild, disturbing pa.s.ser-bys, avoiding putting the blame on herself, she also drew her whip, now she was a little girl reversing black and white, and he did not reply, Hu XiaoTian also did not refute, and quietly listened to her.

Tang QingXuan said: "I unfortunately fell into the lake, the next thing……I……I don’t remember what happened after that……" her lips formed a flat line, eyes were a little red, two strings of tears rolled down her child-like face, even i cannot help but want to marry her, tear were the most effective weapons for a women, especially the beautiful tears, its power is really remarkable. Jing Zhao's officier Hong BaiQing also secretly scolded Hu XiaoTian in his heart, he was really brave, extremely shameless, he even dared to marry such a good woman.

Tang TieHan said: "My little sister doesn't remember, all I remember was, at that time when I heard that someone bullied my little sister, I then immediately took some men to come here, while waiting for me to the scene, and saw this shameless man……" at this he hesitated to continue on.

Hu XiaoTian mischievously smiled and said: "What did you see?"

Tang TieHan pointed his finger towards Hu XiaoTian and said: "This shameless person had four wicked servants around, and put my sister on his lap, and……"

"And what?" Hu XiaoTian questionably asked.

Tang TieHan was embarra.s.sed to remember the scene, a big black face became purple.Tang QingXuan was in a coma at that time, he couldn't exactly what happened at that time, listening to big brother, was immediately embarra.s.sed, he was so shy that he couldn't find a place to look at. She used a hand and pulled down her big brother, signaled him to stop talking, it was really embarra.s.sing.

Tang TieHan said: "I'm just shy!"

Hu XiaoTian said: "Then nothing was seen , you were just trying to maliciously injured me"

Tang TieHan ranted on: "I saw it all, you put my younger sister's head between your legs……"when is sentence come out, their were immediately surprises.

Tang WenZheng's old face became a purple eggplant,although he suffered at the expense of his daughter, but when he heard this- he felt that like hanging his head in embarra.s.sment, his own sons were more than just fools, just how can such words be publicly spoken, Tang QingXuan sadly cried, quietly fainted behind, MuRong FeiYang with nimble fingers, grabbed and holdded her up, Tang QingXuan was so angry that she pa.s.sed out. Eyes closed, not moving a muscle.

However MuRong FeiYang saw throught Tang QingXuan's breath, Tang QingXuan han't really fainted, it might be that Tang TieHan's remarks really made her embra.s.sed, so she could only use a halo, to hide from others eyes.  

Tang WenZheng slammed the table, at this time of weakness, do you guys still take me-Tang WenZheng as a sick cat, he bellowed:" It’s too deceptive !" He arched his hands: "The Two elders, you have to make a decision for little girl ah !"

Hu BuWei in his heart scolded silently, letting you make the decision, doesn't that mean you want to be my son? However- the development of things gave him a headache, this has clearly benefited him, however, his son gave his hands to the Tang family, who knows what kind of medicine this stupid kid sells?

Hu XiaoTian said: "What does putting her head in my pants mean?"

Tang TieHan said: "You ask me, i also want to ask you!"

Hu XiaoTian said: "Let me ask you, when Tang QingXuan fell in the water, she did not understand the nature of water, what kind of person do u think saved her?"

Tang TieHan hesitated: "Eh……this I didn't see it!"

Hu XiaoTian said: "you're so wicked and so honest, you didn't see it, many people at the scene saw it, my four followers clearly saw it." he rushed to face Hong Baiqi, looked him in the eye and said: "Elder Hong, the younger generation wants to pa.s.s my four men to testify!"

One tang's family big three Tang TieXin said: "of course your followers will speak for you, their testimony is definitely not true! " Tang TieHan and Tang TieCheng said at the same time: "That's right! "

Hu XiaoTian turned to the three Tang brothers: "Just now you testified for Tang QingXuan, did you not think I could have protested a few words? According to your reasoning, my followers will speak for me, then you guys who speak for your sister must also be the same-you spoke for her, then what you have said is definitely not true, it was all rubbish! "


At this, Tang TieHan who was anxious and sweating: "Elder, everything I said was the truth! "

Hong BaiQi gently caressed over his three strands of bread, and whispered: "There is truth in young master Hu's words, since you can testify for miss Tang, why can't his followers testify for him? Right or wrong, true or false, the officer has a clear demarcation.'

Hu BuWei saw that his son had begun making a counter attack, the sharpness of the words on the mind was a surprise to him, looking at the Tang's family three sons, he was scared and confused at the same time at his son, the wisdom of these three children did not even match up to son, Hu BuWei was secretly proud in his heart, simply waiting without a word, he must see, just how far his sons talent would go.***********walk through a forgotten collection!

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