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Chapter 307: Pinching A Bullet With Bare Hands

Delxun Forest was a forest located in South Asia. Unlike the other places, there was no surveillance set up here and a line of defense had been set up around the forest. Don't talk about surveillance, even a fly wouldn't be able to get in.

Three figures were walking on the only road within the forest. The head of the small group was a man wearing a crisp, snow-white shirt. His head was slightly lowered with a cold look on his face. The other young man was walking half a step behind him, not daring to look directly at him.

“It's only been a few years, but it doesn't seem like much has changed.” Yi Bing looked towards the young man beside Jiang Shuxuan, before turning back to look at the shadows of the surrounding trees with a sigh.

The last time he came here, it was also Jiang Shuxuan who had brought them over.

“Mr. Yi Bing has come here before?” The young man asked in surprise, before remembering Jiang Shuxuan's presence. “But it isn't like nothing has changed. The last time Master Baili came and repaired the formation outside the forest, don't you think the trees have grown much lusher compared to before, Mr. Yi Bing?”

Yi Bing: “…” It wasn't like he was idle to the point that he would observe whether the trees looked greener than last time, right?

“Master Baili's talent is truly extraordinary, being able to repair a formation that had been left behind by the ancient powers.” When they talked about formations, the young man's face lit up with worship and admiration. He was in charge of caring for the formations around the entire forest after all, and had done a lot of research on it. “However, Master Baili mentioned that the method he used to fix the formation was not something he invented. That's right, do you know who the 'Miss Gu' Master Baili was talking about, Mr. Yi Bing?”

Yi Bing nearly lost his footing when he heard that.

Miss Gu wasn't even here in person, and there were still admirers?

“The last time Master Baili was here, his stay was too short. I had a new understanding of formations after just a few days, and Master Baili said that most of the things he said was something Miss Gu had told him. If I had the chance, I'd really like to meet Miss Gu in person.” The young man sighed.

Jiang Shuxuan tilted his head slightly to glance back at the young man.

His eyes were as deep as the sea, and cold as the winter snow.

The young man felt a chill up his spine, shivering for an unknown reason.

“If you have the chance to come to the ancient martial arts world, you might be able to see her.” Yi Bing slowed down, moving to walk beside the young man who once again had a fearful look on his face as he looked forward. He patted his shoulder as he said, “I'm sure you'll be able to meet her.”

The young man nodded, then sighed. “Your ancient martial arts world has really been churning out a lot of talents. Those who have come to the forest in recent years have mostly been from there.”

The three of them finally reached the end of the path, where a large base was located. There was also a tower made entirely out of stones beside it. Every piece of stone was huge, and judging from the moss and plants growing on it, you could tell that the cave has existed for more than hundreds of years.

If there were anyone from the secular world present, especially archaeologists, they would definitely be amazed at how such a large stone structure had been built.

Jiang Shuxuan paused outside the stone entrance for a while, before raising his head to look at it properly.

Yi Bing stood outside the entrance, not following him in. He pulled out his phone, scrolling through the messages. “Big boss, Yi Tong said that Miss Gu has gone to Mingzhou.”

Jiang Shuxuan's footsteps halted, but he didn't turn back. The gaze in his eyes deepened slightly, and after a long while, he continued his walk inside.

When he stepped through the door, the scenery around him changed instantly.

It was a vast land full of snow, and at the end of it was a tall block of ice with harsh winds raging around it. Jiang Shuxuan only wore his usual thin, white shirt. The cold wind blew past him, but the expression on his face didn't change. His lips were still cherry blossom pink, and he walked on the snowy field slowly, his pace unhurried.

His face was indifferent, seemingly carved from marble. It was as though the surroundings didn't bother him a single bit.

“You're here.” The person who had been standing guard at the ice stood, looking at Jiang Shuxuan with a smile on his face.

Jiang Shuxuan stopped in front of him, lifting his chin slightly. “Dad.”

His tone was colder than the harsh winds that were blowing in here.

“From the day I knew Dubhe was coming, I knew it wouldn't be long before you came here.” Even though he had grown used to Jiang Shuxuan's indifferent expression, Jiang Han still sighed. His son clearly wasn't like this when he had gone home the last time. Thinking back to the text messages that he had exchanged with him, could it be possible that his son had been possessed by some spirit at that time?

He turned his gaze from Jiang Shuxuan towards the icy mountain in front of them.

Jiang Shuxuan's gaze was also on it, until it landed on a girl who was enclosed by the ice. The pressure in the air dropped lower, if that was possible.

Jiang Han saw his state, and a wry smile stretched across his face. He looked up to the empty s.p.a.ce above them. “Your sister chose this place three years ago, and now you're also finally willing to breakthrough.”

“She's not my sister.” Jiang Shuxuan frowned, turning to look at Jiang Han.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Shuxuan was still more concerned about this point. Jiang Han didn't press any further, skipping over the topic. “After you sent me news of the turning point and calamity, Tengen also came. He mentioned that the calamity is ten years ahead of schedule.”

“Dubhe couldn't even foretell this, how is he any different?” Jiang Shuxuan turned again, an indifferent expression on his face.

“That's not necessarily true. Tengen's line is a line of servants left by the Greedy Wolf star. The things they know are definitely more than this half lineage Dubhe. Whatever Dubhe doesn't know, it's not necessary Tianyuan does.” Jiang Han shook his head as he explained.

Jiang Shuxuan wasn't interested in this matter, but he continued to stare into the vast field of snow. “I'm going to the Snow Prison.”

Although he knew that was the purpose Jiang Shuxuan had come, it was still a shock when he heard the words from the man himself. Jiang Han smiled bitterly. “The road of inheritance of one's line has always been harsh, unfeeling, and unloved. Shuxuan, I don't know what will become of you if you breakthrough.”

Jiang Shuxuan didn't reply, only looking down at his outstretched palm. The light that shone down from the snowy sky was piercing. If he didn't break through, then what would he have to protect her with?

Recalling the scene where Dubhe had forced Gu Xiqiao into a corner, red slowly bled into his onyx, black eyes.

“Shuxuan!” Jiang Han exclaimed in surprise. He was about to reach out to his son, but he disappeared before he could do anything.

At the same time, the entire vast of white was plunged into darkness. This was originally an empty s.p.a.ce, and there had never been a different vision in almost a thousand years. Having been guarding this place for almost ten years, this was the first time Jiang Han had seen such a change.

A man in a gray robe appeared beside Jiang Han while he was in shock, and the man looked in a direction in a daze. “The vision of the universe… he went in?”

“Yes, Master Tengen.” Jiang Han took a deep breath.

“Miss Mo Li is also about to wake up, isn't she?” Tengen looked towards the ice block in front of him. “I should also head out the day she wakes up.”

“Head out? You're going out, Master Tengen?” Jiang Han was shocked. From what he knew, there was only one descendent at a time for the Tengen clan, and they never left Delxun Forest. It has been that way for a thousand years, and now he was saying was going to leave? Did he know what he was saying?

A bright light flashed in Tengen's eyes. “I've felt Master's chi, more than once.”

Master? Wasn't that referring to the first of the Greedy Wolf star? But he… he's dead, wasn't he?!


Before Jiang Han had time to ask, the entire void s.p.a.ce was covered with a raging snowstorm.

In the dark s.p.a.ce, five different colored lights floated up slowly to the top of the s.p.a.ce. It was followed by five different colored clouds, together with a group of black dragon shaped clouds. The scene gave off a daunting feeling.

The two stood rooted to the spot, watching the scene unfold in front of them as they stood in a field of white, looking up at the dark sky. Tengen was more in a shock than Jiang Han as he exclaimed, “The Ice Emperor's five chi and the demon dragon. What an ominous sign!”

At the same time, all other parts of the world were also in various states of shock.

In America, it was a rare sunny day. The sunlight wasn't too strong, but the sky was unusually bright. The temperature was also bearable, and since it was a rare weather, many people took the chance to head to the parks with their families.

The child who was skating on ice stopped suddenly, reaching out to catch a six-sided crystal snowflake, his face filled with surprise. “What a beautiful snowflake!”

Journalists were rushing out and the big advertising screens were racing to report about the 'sunny snow day' spectacle.

In France, Death Valley… the highest temperature this place could reach was 134 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a place where it was always summer, and no other season. For the first time, snow fell.

A tanned skin young man who was cautiously holding a bowl reached out to pick up a snowflake, his hand trembling. “This… is this snow?”

In such a hot place, the snowflake stayed in shape for only a few seconds before melting into the ground.

In Mingzhou, a place which was spring all year round, the streets were crowded with tourists. These people stopped walking suddenly, raising their head, mystified. A group of youngsters started taking pictures suddenly, and the internet was blown up.

In this era of the internet, where everything was globally accessible, news about snow falling around the entire world went viral in a short time.

“F*ck! Forget about snow in France, look at the satellite pictures, it's snowing even in Death Valley!”

“This is scientifically impossible! Snowflakes can't possibly retain their shape while in such high temperature!”

“Oh my word! Weren't they talking about global warming, and how the earth is getting hotter? What is happening?”

“Ahhhh, this is my first time seeing snow! I'm so excited!”

In a small courtyard in the bustling area of Mingzhou, four people raised their heads to look up at the snow falling from the sky.

The one called Mr. Yan looked to be deep in thought.

“Young Master?” The girl looked startled.

Wei Chenxi was about to say something, but the phone in his pocket began to ring. He pulled it out, exclaiming in shock after hearing something from the other end. “What? You can't find it?”

“Mr. Wei, you scared me!” The girl glared at him.

Wei Chenxi scratched the back of his head, bashful. “Sorry, Miss Wei Xi. My men just informed me that they couldn't find anything on the girl at the airport.”

“Even you can't find anything?” The girl was surprised once again. “Isn't the Wei family the largest in Mingzhou?” Their forces covered almost the entire Mingzhou, and with so many eyes, they still couldn't find her?

“Miss Wei Xi, pray don't repeat those words again outside. If they were heard by those above, my family would be out of luck.” Wei Chenxi smiled sadly.

“How meaningless.” Wei Xi's lips curled up slightly, but she remained silent.

Two blocks away from the busy streets, Tianxing Hotel.

“Beauty Qiao, it's snowing.” Jiji pushed open the window, feeling puzzled. “Hang on, I've checked the weather. The average temperature of Mingzhou is about twenty degrees, how can it be snowing?”

Gu Xiqiao had just folded the blankets on the bed, and she turned to see the snowflakes falling. She was taken aback at the sight, her eyes widening slightly.

Not hearing a reply from Gu Xiqiao for a long while, Jiji turned around to look at her. A crystal clear tear was sliding down from the corner of her eyes. “Why are you crying, Beauty Qiao?”

“I'm crying?” Gu Xiqiao lifted her hands to rub the corner of her eyes, startled to feel the liquid. “Jiji, somehow, I feel a little sad.”

The snow fall only lasted for five minutes.

Five minutes later, everything returned to normal. If it weren't for the water marks on the floor, most people would think that it had just been an illusion.

Once the snowflakes faded, Gu Xiqiao finally breathed a sigh of relief. She had felt like her heart was being torn during that few minutes, and it hurt so very badly.

“Beauty Qiao, there's someone checking on the surveillance at the airport.” Jiji drew the curtains closed and said suddenly. “Do I need to block it?”

“The airport?” Gu Xiqiao narrowed her eyes and thought about it, before nodding her head. “Go ahead.”

Jiji went to the table once it got the instruction, pulling out the computer from its chest and began to get busy.

Hua Youlin had been sprawled over the table, doing his homework. When Jiji came over, he was immediately shuffled over to the side by the robot. Jiji turned to look at him. “Little Hua, you finally have a chance to play, why are you still doing your homework?”

Hua Youlin looked at that blinding flowery shirt that Jiji insisted on wearing, his lips twitching. He shoved his books back into his bag, and crawled onto his bed to watch TV.

Gu Xiqiao chose this moment to stand up. “Little Hua, let's go down for a bit.”

Hua Youlin's hands paused, and he turned to her in surprise. “We're going out?”

“You've been distracted since we reached, haven't you? Did you think I wouldn't notice?” Gu Xiqiao smiled faintly at the boy.

Hua Youlin scratched his head, embarra.s.sed at being caught.

At Mingzhou Skybridge, a young boy looking to be the age of thirteen or fourteen stood at the end of the bridge, holding a broken guitar, playing and singing. There was a broken bowl in front of him, and someone would occasionally throw some coins in it, making a 'clang' sound as it did. There were only a few people who stopped to watch.

Suddenly, a shadow fell upon Shao Ge. He raised his head immediately, feeling joy in his heart. Was there finally somebody who understood his soul song?

He was met with a fair, jade-like face. It was someone who looked to be the same age as him, and the person was smiling brightly at him.

“Do you have business with me?” Shao Ge asked, dumbfounded. He studied the boy in front of him, his dressing, the golden tortoise that hung in the front, he looked like some young master from a rich family. What a nutcase, aren't you afraid of getting robbed with that kind of carefree att.i.tude?

Hua Youlin grinned wider. “Shao Shao, you don't recognize me anymore!”

“You…” His parents had died a long time ago, and there was only one other person in his memory that called him by that name. Shao Ge's eyes lit up. “Hua Youlin?!”

“Yes, it's me.” Hua Youlin sat down on the ground. “I thought you wouldn't be here, but I can't believe that you still are.”

“I don't have anywhere else to go.” Shao Ge placed the guitar down on the ground, chatting with Hua Youlin.

When Hua Youlin had been chased out by Hua Jingya, Shao Ge had been the one to rescue him. Later, when he could no longer stay in Mingzhou, Hua Youlin sneaked onto a truck and finally got into the Imperial Capital.

“Why are there so many luxury cars around?” Hua Youlin looked at the luxurious cars parked in the area nearby, and was surprised to see so many people with extraordinary ident.i.ties coming down.

It wasn't like this was a flourishing area or anything either.

Shao Ge raised his hand, pointing towards a direction. “They're all here to see him.”

Hua Youlin followed the direction of his finger, catching sight of a large group not far from them. He didn't know who was in the middle of them, but he could hear screams from girls and the sound of the cameras clicking, so it was probably some big star.

Hearing his words, Shao Ge shook his head. “A star? No, that's a master.”

“A master?” Hua Youlin was flabbergasted. With such a huge commotion, he thought for sure it had to be some celebrity instead.

“Don't underestimate people, that guy gives a lot of valuable advice. Practically no one in Mingzhou dares to offend him, and he's also handsome. He always comes here on this day every month to do fortune telling.” Shao Ge stood up, packing away his guitar. “Let's go, I'll treat you to a meal.”

Hua Youlin turned to look back at the fortune teller, curiosity in his eyes.

The place Shao Ge took him to eat was in a deep alley, and the food was tasty. They had also eaten here two years ago.

“My sister should be done with her Mala soup by now, I'll take you there…” After eating, the two walked out as they chatted.

Faint gunshot sounds and voices could suddenly be heard in front of them, and the two looked up, seeing a bunch of people. The knives in their hands were glowing under the dim street lights.

“It's Mr. Yan!” Shao Ge shouted suddenly.

He didn't control the volume of his voice as he was startled, and it attracted the bunch of people in front of him.

“You know him?” Hua Youlin touched the golden tortoise that hung around his neck. His strength had increased a lot under Yao Jiamu's tutelage, and he knew he could deal with a bunch of ordinary people.

Shao Ge nodded his head. “It's that master we saw just now. When I was being bullied by some fuerdai [1]last year, he's the one who saved me!”

The group of gangsters had already noticed Shao Ge and Hua Youlin, and the leader waved his hand. “Hurry up and grab them. Don't attract attention from the police.”

“Just take me, don't involve innocent bystanders.” The well-mannered man was usually sensible, but seeing these people moving to touch innocent people, he was inevitably angry. His beautiful facial features were flushed red, probably from anger.

“Mr. Yan, if you're willing to listen to us, then naturally we won't make things difficult for you.” The leader of the gangsters said, smiling sinisterly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds came from behind him, and the man turned his head with a triumphant expression on his face. He was instead met with a delicate-looking boy who had his men piled on the ground. He was also currently sitting on said pile, dusting his hands off. “They're so weak compared to Brother Jiamu.”

The leader swallowed heavily, seeing that things were not going the way he expected, he started to panic inside.

Hua Youlin raised his head, giving him a cheeky smile. He raised a fist, and the man was sent sprawling on the ground.

Shao Ge: “…” He was just gone for two years, how did his friend become Superman in that short period of time?

“Little kid, you're amazing!” Wei Xi, who was beside Mr. Yan was looking at Hua Youlin with a face full of admiration.

“Don't freeze here, hurry up and leave.” Hua Youlin got serious after beating up those people, and he touched the golden tortoise on his neck unconsciously. “I can feel a foreboding energy heading this way.”

Hua Youlin's display of strength had convinced them that he knew what he was doing, and they didn't doubt his words. Just as they were about to leave, an eerier voice suddenly came from behind them. “Planning to leave?”

Hua Youlin turned immediately, seeing a bulky man in black with a scar on his face. He raised his hand, but before he could move, he fell to the ground unconscious.

When Mr. Yan opened his eyes, he was met with a cell filled with torture instruments. The cell was large, with two rows of bright lamps lighting the place as though it was daylight. The instruments on display were surrounded by white candles, the dim light from it casting shadows on the items, making a chill creep up your spine when you looked at them.

He raised a hand to his lips as he coughed, his pale face even whiter and looking almost transparent. Although he looked sickly and was being held prisoner, the expression on his face was calm, which made people amazed at how calm he was in this state.

The heavy door was pushed open, and a middle-aged man with a scar on his face walked in. Seeing the indifferent expression on Mr. Yan's face, he rubbed his hands together. “As expected from the one with a mouth like gold. I wonder if you foretold that you would be captured?”

“What about the other three that were with me?” Mr. Yan raised his head to look at the scarred man, a cold glint in his eyes which made people want to hide when they looked into his eyes.

“Don't be in such a hurry, Mr. Yan.” The man raised his hand, and the men in black behind him left the room immediately.

After a while, Hua Youlin and the other two were brought in.

“Young Master!” Wei Xi called out when she saw him, feeling relieved when she saw that he was unharmed.

“The Wei family has managed to crawl up to their current position in just a short few years, and the people think that Wei Chenxi is a majestic and far-sighted person. Who would have known there was a military advisor behind the scenes? The one who brought the Wei family up to where they are now, Mr. Yan, you're the one who did it, aren't you?” The scarred man looked at him with a mad glint flashing in his eyes.

Mr. Yan looked back at him, not the slightest hint of fear at the revelation. He was still calm, and his eyes were observing the surroundings without moving.

His calmness caused the scarred man to tremble slightly, and he raised his hand, grabbing the nearest person's neck. “Mr. Yan, give me your word that you will help me take over Mingzhou. Otherwise, not only will I kill him, I'll kill one off each day from now.”

Hua Youlin's face was flushed as he was held by his neck, a pinched look on his face. He glared at the scarred man, his eyes narrowed.

Yao Jiamu had once said that with his strength, even people at Chi Induction level wouldn't be able to hurt him. How was he being suppressed by this ordinary person?!

“Mr. Yan… don't… promise him…” Hua Youlin struggled to choke out. “This is… not a… good person! Don't… worry. Sister Gu… is coming… soon!”

Hua Youlin tried to give Mr. Yan the most rea.s.suring look he could while being held by the neck.

“Let them go.” Mr. Yan looked at the three who had been caught with him, his eyes soothing and calm, an image of perfect tranquility. “I'll promise you whatever you say.”

With a bang, the man let go of Hua Youlin. “Mr. Yan is interesting indeed!”

He roared with laughter as he left the cell, the heavy door slamming shut behind him.

“Young Master, you really promised…” Wei Xi looked at Mr. Yan. her entire frame was shaking.

Mr. Yan shook his head. “It's just a temporary measure. Chenxi and the others will be here soon enough.”

Wen Xi felt a.s.sured hearing those words. The Wei family had a lot of power in her eyes, and the young master could do anything that he set out to do. The anxiety and fear she felt washed away in an instant after she remembered this.

Mr. Yan lowered his head, concealing his worries. If it were in the past, he wouldn't be worried at all. But today… he could feel an unusual energy in the air, and that scarred man just now… he couldn't read anything from him at all. This had not happened to him before.

He couldn't even predict what would happen next.

“Don't worry you two, Mr. Wei will come for us soon.” Wei Xi patted the two boys' shoulders, a look of confidence on her face.

Hua Youlin looked up at Wei Xi. “Who is Mr. Wei?”

Wei Xi glanced at Mr. Yan at those words, and seeing that he didn't object, she revealed Wei Chenxi's ident.i.ty. The Wei family was currently the largest powerhouse in Mingzhou.

“That Mr. Wei can't save us, let's just wait for Sister Gu to come.” Hua Youlin shook his head. The scarred man was not an ordinary person, and a regular person would be unable to do anything towards him.

Wei Xi opened her mouth to argue, but the door was opened before she could get any words out.

The scarred man's eyes were blood red. “An army has gathered outside. You lied to me, Mr. Yan! Take him away!”

Two men came from behind him. “What about the other three?”

“Kill them all.” He said, his voice cold and unfeeling.

The scarred man licked his lips and raised the black muzzle in his hands, aiming it at Hua Youlin, slowly pulling the trigger!

His slow actions made the person who was facing the gun feel the terror of being so close to death.



Wei Xi and Shao Ge shouted in horror at the same time.

The scarred man smiled coldly. “No one on the streets has dared to offend me before. Just go and die.”


Mr.Yan's hand shot out to grab Hua Youlin out of the way as the gunfire sounded, while Wen Xi and Shao Ge could only watch with wide eyes.

A cold wind suddenly blew in the room, and all hundred over candles were snuffed out suddenly.




The light bulbs around them exploded one after another, a burst of green smoke covering the area. The whole cell became dim, but they could still see the bullet from the scarred man's gun hovering mid-air. It had stopped half a meter from Hua Youlin's eyebrows, and everything seemed like it had frozen in time.

Outside the cell, a thin, slender figure slowly walked towards them.

As she got closer, the image of her face gradually became clearer. The hard look made her face seem like it had been carved from marble as it glowed slightly under the dim light, and she wore a light colored coat on the outside. Her gaze was sharp and clear, and the air around her seemed to freeze as she walked.

She came to a halt beside Hua Youlin, reaching up with two slender fingers to pick the bullet out of the air. Her voice was crisp and clear when she spoke, “Type 51, 7.62mm caliber pistol bullet. A bullet typically used in military arms.”

The moment she spoke, everyone snapped out of their daze.

“Sister Gu.” Hua Youlin had seen this sort of scene many times, and he was the first to recover. He dusted off the imaginary dirt on him, his eyes bright as he looked up at the girl. “You came!”

Wei Xi and Shao Ge turned to regard Gu Xiqiao with horror in their eyes when they heard Hua Youlin's words!

They had heard Hua Youlin go on and on about this 'Sister Gu' of his, and had thought that Hua Youlin was just some sis-con and worshipping the girl blindly. But they didn't expect his Sister Gu to be even stronger than Hua Youlin!

She… she was holding a bullet in her hands for heaven's sake!

The picture of Gu Xiqiao pinching the bullet with her bare hands was something they couldn't get out of their minds, no matter how much they tried to. The scene kept replaying in their minds, haunting their thoughts.

The two men who were standing behind the scarred man had watched as Gu Xiqiao plucked the bullet out of mid-air, the light bulbs shattering and candles being snuffed out right before she appeared, and their legs shook violently in fear. “G-G-G-Ghost!”

They fell to the ground on their b.u.t.ts, still shivering. The floor was soon covered in a puddle of yellow liquid seeping out from their pants.

Though they have killed many people, they would still inevitably be afraid of things like spirits and ghosts.

Gu Xiqiao raised her hand to touch her ears. “Shut up!”

Once the two words were out, the two men on the floor seemed to have their acupoints pressed, as they sat on the ground motionless, only staring wide eyed at Gu Xiqiao. They seemed to have fainted, only their eyes were as clear as day, and there was obvious fear in them.

“Who are you?” The scarred man didn't know where Gu Xiqiao came from, and there was astonishment in his eyes. He already knew that his own strength and power were out of this world, how could a more mysterious girl suddenly turn up? “How dare you interfere in our gang matters!”

Gu Xiqiao threw the bullet that she was holding to the side, turning slightly to look at the scarred man in the face. Her tone was cold and calm when she spoke, “Just a puppet. If you're willing to appear in person, perhaps we could still talk.”

[1] second generation rich

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