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Before she could say anything else, the door was opened with a loud sound. Right after that, someone's worried voice could be heard. "Baby girl, I just heard that this evil Mu boy's thing is huge. Is your body okay? Did that evil hurt you or anything?"

He was short and skinny man. He was called technology master. His name was Takugawa Shintaro.

Mu Lan blinked. At first, she didn't understand what that person was talking about; when she understood, she was speechless; the next second, she wanted to curse Pedro for telling others about Mu Liang's body. Now everyone knew about Mu Liang's secret part. Jealousy was blooming in her heart.

The muscled man understood her feelings. He calmly asked the man who barged into the room, "Did Romano tell you that?"

The man came forward and replied, "Yes, Romano was curious about the evil Mu boy's body. Thus, he went to the room when Pedro was undressing him. He came back and drank beer. After he was fully drunk, he started to tell everything what he saw. In details. I don't understand why he praised that evil Mu boy, there is nothing to praise about. I was so scared when I heard that his thing is huge! I can't imagine what my baby girl went through after he forced her countless times."

Pulses bulged on Mu Lan's forehead. She was definitely p.i.s.sed. Jealousy, embarra.s.sment and anger overwhelmed her. "Do you guys nothing else to do except for bullying my man?"

"…" Takugawa Shintaro and the muscled man both froze on the spot. Both of them were caught in surprise as she said 'my man'.

Takugawa Shintaro broke the silence first. "Baby girl, why are talking like this? That evil Mu boy is an outsider. We are your true family. And such big thing of his was inside you…" He covered his own eyes as if he didn't want to think any further. "You must be in a lot of pain when he forced himself on you." He sounded like he was grieving.

Mu Lan's face was bright red at this moment. 'What are they thinking?' She spoke up, "First of all, he is not evil. He is the one who was with me while I was in coma; also, he gave me a new life. And secondly, I'm not in pain. I love doing it with him." She never thought that she had to explain it to others. Specially to some men.

Tokugawa Shintaro felt like his heart was breaking. He couldn't understand how she could love such thing inside her. Her body should be breaking. "Baby girl, you suffered a lot. Why do you have to fall for men? If you didn't fall in love and stay with us for the rest of your life, you didn't have to go through pain and sufferings." He caressed her head lovingly.

Mu Lan closed her eyes. She didn't know what else to say.

The muscled man saw her embarra.s.sment. He said, "Shut Romano's mouth and don't let him drink anymore. It will be better if he doesn't go near the Mu boy."

Tokugawa Shintaro wanted to stay beside his baby girl, however, he had to follow the leader's command. "I'm leaving." Then he said to Mu Lan, "Baby girl, have a good sleep. Your uncle will take good care of you."

Mu Lan wanted to say, 'Please leave.' But she controlled herself.

After he left, Mu Lan asked the muscled man, "Do you all have some kind of grudge against Liang?"

The muscled man chuckled. "He s.n.a.t.c.hed your heart. Though we are happy that there is someone who loves you and protects you, some of us are still a bit of jealous."

Mu Lan said, "Please don't let others disturb Liang. Did he wake up?"

He explained, "His injuries are worse than yours. Moreover, he lost too much blood. Right now, he is recovering. Pedro gave him an herb drink. It will help him to reproduce blood in his body. In this way, he doesn't need other's blood."

"I want to see him." She said.

He calmly said, "You will. But if you get up now, Pedro has to apply the medicine on your body again. Why don't you take a nap and in the meantime, your body will heal and then you can go to him?"

Mu Lan nodded. "I guess I will take a nap." She closed her eyes without delay. She wanted to recover as soon as possible.

The muscled man didn't disturb her anymore and gout out of the room. There was another person standing on the doorway. They both walked in the corridor silently.

The man asked, "How long will it take for her to recover completely?"

"Pedro said that it would take fifteen hours." The muscled man replied.

"Will the Mu boy live that long? Romano and Pedro tried their best to hold him till now. If he doesn't get the antidote…" The man couldn't finish his words.

"Then he will die. If his life force is that weak, then he doesn't deserve our little girl." The muscled man was resolute.

The man began to say, "We can use the medicine. He will-"

He was interrupted by the muscled man. "He is not one of us. He cannot use that medicine."

"Then we can give it to her. Her injures will heal ten time faster." The man suggested.

The muscled man stopped in his track. He looked at his companion. "No matter how much you complain, you really have a soft spot for the Mu boy, don't you?"

The man also stopped walking and frowned. "What are you talking about?" He would never admit that he got a soft spot for that evil Mu boy who s.n.a.t.c.hed their baby girl.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The muscled man started walking again. "Tell Pedro to give her the medicine."

The man smiled and turned around. "I will."

Five minutes later, Pedro injected a purple medicine in Mu Lan's body. "She will wake up in five hours. Prepare lots of food for her. Her stomach in empty."

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