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"Hey kid, don't move. I'm applying medicine. Mother nature drew art on your body. You are still alive only because you got elixir in your body. Lucky you!" Someone said.

When she heard a man talking, she finally noticed that she was naked. Luckily her lower part was covered.

"I-I'm naked." She commented. Her voice was rough and hoa.r.s.e.

"Of course you are naked, or how am I supposed to take care of you? And one more thing, don't talk. After I take care of your back, I'll give you water." He said.

Mu Lan nodded. Suddenly she remembered that Mu Liang was shot. "How is he?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He already knew who she was talking about. "Ah! Didn't I tell you not to talk? I treated him first. You can go and look for him after you recover. Till then, stay in the bed; and don't talk." He finished applying medicine and got up. He brought a water bottle with pipe so that she didn't have any problem drinking while she was laying on her stomach.

Seeing the color of the water was light green, Mu Lan smelt the water. "The smell of the water is odd."

"I mixed herb so that you recover quickly." He said.

'Here goes nothing.' Thinking that she drank the water while stopping her breathing. She twisted her face as she tasted the water. After drinking the whole bottle of water, she asked, "Can I puke?"

He controlled his laughter and strictly said, "Nope. Digest it."

"Uhh." She touched her stomach. "This won't go well." To distract herself, she asked, "What's your name?"

"Right now you are in front of the most amazing doctor called Pedro de Beauharnais who can cure any disease of any kind of thing whether it is human or animal in the world." The man gave his whole ident.i.ty in one sentence.

Mu Lan blinked. "Pedro de what? Sorry I didn't hear the rest."

"Pedro de Beauharnais, Beauharnais. I'm from Brazil. You can call me Pedro just like before. Just because you lost your memory, doesn't mean that our relationship has changed." He said.

Mu Lan smiled. "Glad to know." She looked around the room. It definitely looked like a hospital room. "Which hospital I'm in?"

"This is my bedroom kid and you are in my bed." Pedro said.

"…" Mu Lan lost her words. She thought, 'If it was before, I would never believe that there is someone whose bedroom is more like a patient's room; and more importantly, why am I in his bed?'

As she was talking to herself, the muscled man came inside the room. "Glad to see you are awake."

"You were there to save us. I must say, every one of you is so kind. You always come to help us when we need your help. Thank you so much." She was really glad that they came at the most crucial moment to save the Mu couple.

It was true that if they helped her and Mu Liang from the very beginning, they wouldn't have to suffer. But it was also true that just because they liked her, it didn't mean that whenever she was in danger, they would come to help her. She didn't want to take their love for granted. They were not her bodyguards and definitely not bound to save her a.s.s whenever she screwed herself. She never told anyone to save her. They wanted to protect her, so it was their wish when they wanted to give her a hand. She was already grateful to them that they saved her and Mu Liang's life more than once after they went to Saudi Arabia.

Pedro rubbed his cheek. "Now I truly believe that you lost your memory. With the elixir in your body, there is no way that you suffer from amnesia. So, I thought that you were pretending to lead a normal life. Since you became so polite and graceful like a n.o.ble lady, now I trust you. After all, your personality can only be changed after you become someone different. The cause of your amnesia must be psychological."

Mu Lan raised an eyebrow. "Can't I pretend to change my personality without amnesia?"

Pedro laughed. "Good one. You can try to fool the person who raised you. I can tell you the result right now. You will fail."

"So confident." She commented. "And if I didn't lose my memory, why would I do?"

"You would definitely kick us and would make ruckus about why we didn't help you from the very beginning." Pedro truthfully answered. "It would happen if you were waiting for to be rescued. If not, then you would destroy our house and would throw tantrum why we went there to save you. Of course, with your power, you definitely didn't need our help."

"For real?" She wanted to look at the two men's expressions but couldn't. She continued, "By the way, can I sit? I don't want to talk to you people like that. My heart is hurting."

Pedro said, "Then you can shut up and take some rest. I don't want to bandage your injury because I want it to cool down in the air. Your injuries will heal faster this way."

Then, she remembered that she was still naked. "Okay. But I'm hungry."

"Bear with it for now." Pedro left after saying that.

The muscled man patted her head. "Just stay still. If it's hard for you, you can take a nap. When you wake up, you will see that your body healed completely."

"Who took off my clothes?" This questing was bothering her head for a while.

The muscled man hid his smile and said, "It was Pedro."

"Don't let Liang know." She didn't know what Mu Liang would do to Padre if he knew that another man saw her body.

The muscled man replied, "Rest a.s.sured. Padre also saw his body."

"What?" She couldn't tell why there was a hint of jealousy in her heart. She didn't like that other men saw her man's body.

Before she could say anything else, the door was opened with a loud sound. Right after that, someone's worried voice could be heard. "Baby girl, I just heard that this evil Mu boy's thing is huge. Is your body okay? Did that evil hurt you or anything?"

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