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Is the Feng Family So Poor That They Do Not Give You Meat?

The matriarch was at a bit of a loss and anxiously looked at Kang Yi. Kang Yi, however, had recovered her normal state, gracefully walking forward and personally helping the two Cheng sisters up, “Younger sisters, quickly get up. Since you have entered the Feng family, from this day forward, we will be family.”

The Cheng sisters were helped up then took half a step back. They then bowed once more: “This concubine pays respects to madam.”

Kang Yi smiled calmly and kindly, “Good, younger sisters are young and beautiful, and you are also well-educated and sensible. With you two at husband’s side taking care of him, elder madam and I will be able to feel at ease.”

Seeing that Kang Yi had expressed her opinion, the matriarch quickly said: “That’s right! Being able to have the two…” She was a little confused over what to call the two. She could call them princesses, but they were not princesses. But if they were not considered princesses, they were still the Empress’ nieces that had been raised in the imperial palace for ten years, so what should they be called?

The more elegant one was the elder sister, Cheng Jun Man. Seeing that the matriarch was hesitating, she put on an elegant smile and said: “Jun Man and younger sister Jun Mei are concubines. We do not have the standing to call elder madam mother, but in our hearts, we will be very close with elder madam. If elder madam does not dislike it, please call us by our names.”

Cheng Jun Man spoke very slowly, and her voice was very beautiful. Because she had been raised in the imperial palace, she also had the same n.o.ble temperament as Kang Yi, but she was younger than Kang Yi, and it seemed that she had a calm and harmonic aura. This gave people a positive feeling, even the matriarch was no exception- “Good, good! Jun Man, Jun Mei.”

“Hahaha!” Xuan Tian Ming began laughing, “The Feng family is enjoying successive fortunes. If elder madam is this happy, this prince will have an easy time reporting to father Emperor.”

Feng Yu Heng leaned against the wheelchair and also began smiling, “Her Highness the Empress is a great person. Since you are her nieces, you definitely will not be lacking.” She suddenly became very happy and even began bouncing. Grabbing Xuan Tian Ming’s hand, she said: “Xuan Tian Ming, this is too great! They are her Highness’ relatives, so they definitely will not bully me!”

Xuan Tian Ming dotingly pinched her cheeks, “Right, they definitely will not bully you.” He then pinched her a little more, “How have you become even thinner? Is the Feng family so poor that they cannot afford to allow you to eat meat? Didn’t I give you a bunch of money? Do you not know how to spend it?”

“I was already in charge of my own food.” Feng Yu Heng reminded him, “I live in Tong Sheng pavilion. The food I eat and the things I use are all bought using the money you gave me. Oh right, there is also the salary from being a county princess.”

“Hm?” Xuan Tian Ming felt that something was off, “You don’t eat with them, but they don’t give you money?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “They haven’t.”

“This is a wrongdoing on your party!” Xuan Tian Ming suddenly looked to the people of the Feng family, “You can’t choose to not give it to her because she doesn’t ask for it. They are all daughters of the Feng family, and Heng Heng is also the daughter of the first wife. We don’t ask that you give her more than the daughters of concubines, but at least give her the same. But why…”

“Your Highness.” Kang Yi quickly said: “Your Highness is mistaken. Although this humble woman just entered the manor, I also heard mother speak about it yesterday. Mother said that although county princess does not eat with us, her portion has been saved as money that can be given to county princess to use at any time.”

“Oh.” Xuan Tuan Ming nodded, “If that’s the case, then that’s good.” He then no longer looked at her and turned to Feng Yu Heng: “You also need to be more attentive. Don’t just smile stupidly at whoever you meet. Don’t get cheated without knowing about it. Alright, I should be returning. If you have any problems, come to the Yu Palace to find me.”

“Fine.” Feng Yu Heng nodded then personally pushed Xuan Tian Ming out of the manor.

Only after everyone saw Xuan Tian Ming get in the carriage did they all let out a sigh of relief. The matriarch was leaning on granny Zhao, completely unable to exert any strength. But she still remembered to order Fen Dai and everyone else present: “Quickly! Quickly help Han shi back and invite a doctor to examine the fetus. Quickly!”

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