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Ninth Prince, Will You Die If You Don’t Spout Nonsense?

The matriarch had just brought her cup of tea to her mouth and was about to take a sip. Hearing what the servant had said, the tea that had been sipped was immediately spat out, nearly causing her to choke.

“Th-the ninth prince? Wh-what has he c-come for?” The ninth prince suddenly came to visit. The tongues of everyone in the Feng family became tied, as they began to stutter.

Even Kang Yi became a bit nervous. She could not help but glance at Feng Yu Heng, thinking to herself that it was no wonder she was so calm earlier. It was the calm before the storm!

“Elder madam.” Seeing that everyone in the room was surprised but did not react, the servant became anxious, hurriedly reminded everyone: “The ninth prince is waiting in the front yard.”

It was Feng Yu Heng that stood up first and said: “Why not invite his Highness to sit in the hall? It’s a cold day, so why is he waiting in the front yard?”

The servant trembled then pondered before replying: “I don’t know if his Highness has gone to the hall, but when his Highness just arrived in the manor, his Highness said that he would be going to the front yard.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Did his Highness say what he has come for?”

The servant responded: “He said… he came to vent second young miss’ anger.”


The matriarch’s hands trembled and caused a cup of tea to fall.

Vent the second young miss’ anger? Didn’t Feng Yu Heng already vent it on her own? She had whipped Ru Jia to that degree, yet it was not enough? What sort of trouble had Prince Yu come to cause?

The matriarch was thinking along those lines, but she did not dare say such a thing. Kang Yi took the initiative to go and help her up then said: “His Highness came to visit, so we should go and see him!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “Mother is right.”

The Feng family nervously walked to the front yard and immediately saw Xuan Tian Ming surrounded by a group of people in the middle of the yard. That person still wore a set of purple robes and sat in his wheelchair. It seemed that the golden mask on his face was new, as it was even shinier than the one before. Behind him stood a group of imperial bodyguards, and they all carried some large boxes, placing them in the middle of the yard. All of them looked very serious and daunting.

The matriarch and Kang Yi both stepped forward, leading everyone in the Feng manor to bow and kneel. Kang Yi was clearly not very accustomed to performing this ceremony. Ever since the current emperor of Qian Zhou rose to his position, she never had to salute anyone. Even on the first day of the new year, when she met the Emperor, she did not perform the ceremony of kneeling.

But now, her status was different. She was the wife of the Feng family. Since the matriarch had kneeled, it would be improper if she did not, thus she also kneeled along with the matriarch.

With everyone kneeling, it seemed as though Xuan Tian Ming did not even notice, as he waved to Feng Yu Heng and called her over. He then had her turn around a few times before saying: “Not bad, you didn’t get hurt.”

Upon hearing this, Kang Yi’s forehead became covered in dark lines. Feng Yu Heng was beating someone, understand? It was clearly a flogging, so how could she get hurt?

Just as she began to frown, Xuan Tian Ming finally began to pay attention to the people of the Feng family, as he said: “This prince heard that during Prime minister Feng’s wedding yesterday, our Heng Heng became quite angry?” He said this while wringing the whip in his hand. The cold sound of his voice caused them to shiver. “Elder madam Feng,” He began calling out names, scaring the matriarch into collapsing in a heap, “Can you tell this prince who it was that bullied our Heng Heng?”

The matriarch had long since been scared stiff. How could she possibly still be able to speak. She could only kneel there and tremble.

Feng Yu Heng glared at Xuan Tian Ming a little then helplessly said: “Grandmother is already so old. What are you scaring her for?” She then looked at Kang Yi and scratched her chin, “Ask someone else.” After saying this, she took the initiative to walk over and help the matriarch up, “Grandmother, quickly get up. This matter is unrelated to you. There is no need to be afraid.”

After the matriarch stood up, she looked at Feng Yu Heng blankly and wanted to ask, if she did not need to be afraid, who did? Was it Kang Yi?

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