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Actually, Rui's ideal lines were:

"You've come."

"Yes, I've come."

"You shouldn't have come."

"But I have already come."

"Come only to die."

"Men live to die anyway."

After a profound conversation, the two men became friends in foes, foes in friends…

And then his lover had a conflict with his foe's lover…

Too bad, Poison Dragon was Poison Dragon, and Gu Long was Gu Long.1

Rui's heart was pounding like a war drum inside his chest as he tried to draw near:

"Your Excellency had awoken, no wonder Athena said the preys around here ran short."

Didn't they say the poison dragon'd been sleeping for thousands of years, gotten sealed by Mozu's strongest demon and whatnot? How come he's already woken up? And why such a good thing has to fall into my head?

The dragon finished his barbecue, waving the empty skewer and asked:

"You must be a human, how strange, humans in Mozu. This barbecue tastes much better than demons these days, are there any left?"

The poison dragon casually disclosed the fate of those scouts sent out by General Alan. Rui only felt a chill ran down his spine, he tried to suppress his fear as he replied:

"Nothing's left, Your Excellency, if you want more, you can bring back some preys and I'll grill them for you."

"Aren't those preys? But tri-horned rhino tastes really bad though."

The man pointed to the four unconscious rhinos and then glanced at the three demonesses:

"If not, these will do. As for you, just submit to Pagliwu the Great, devote yourself to making barbecue for me, and I'll let you live."

A weak voice came up:


It was Athena, the violent swordswoman surely lived up to her t.i.tle as Dark Moon City's best swordswoman - sensing danger approaching, she surprisingly resisted the drowsy poison and quickly woke up - her body started changing. Her wheatish skin turned red, two small horns spouted out the top of her head, her eyes became crimson - exactly like the demonized form when she'd destroyed the Kongming Lock - her whole body was on fire, just that the flames seemed somewhat dull, as she could barely support herself standing using her great sword.

"Rui, take Alice and go! I'll stop him!"

Athena clenched her teeth and shouted, her aura intensified, her flames burned brighter.

"Stupid woman! Even if you burn all your life force away, you won't be able to stop Pagliwu the Great for even a single moment."

With contempt, the poison dragon just flicked his fingers towards the demoness swordswoman, and her great sword started getting corroded at a speed visible to the naked eyes. Merely moments later, with rust holes one after another appearing on the sword, it couldn't support her weight any longer and broke with a "crack!"

Athena, whose power at the same time got eaten away by the poison, fell down to the ground, her demonized form and flames gradually vanished, changing back to her human form. Had the poison dragon not wanted to leave her as food, she would've been a pile of bones by now.

"See that, human? Two choices, submit, or die!"

Pagliwu sneered:

"Pagliwu the Great must eat that little demon first, go prepare now."

Rui finally made his decision in his heart, and firmly shook his head:

"Not possible!"

If Alice really died here, Crown Princess Sia would undoubtedly use all her forces in her entire territory to take revenge. When that time came, the poison dragon could just wipe his b.u.t.t and leave, inheriting the unclean toilet would be none other than him. And it wasn't like Rui was cruel enough to watch the savage dragon eat the helpless little loli, anyway.

Hiding and shivering in the corner would only lead to death, then why shouldn't he push his luck now? It was the only way he could actually see the opportunity to survive. Frick this bulls.h.i.t reincarnation, this brother will fight it till the end!

Athena looked at Rui with great surprise. She didn't expect this human, who was, according to Alice, only interested in saving his own neck, could face such a fearful poison dragon, with such courage. Just this point alone made him so much better than Alan!

"You puny human, you dare reject my goodwill!"

The poison dragon's eyes shot out fierce beams, the skewer inside his hand suddenly turned to blue smoke,

"I'll eat you first, and then eat all of your women!"


Rui didn't have the time to explain the innocence of Alice and others, at this life-and-death moment, he had to keep his composure,

"Are you not a poison dragon? Let's make a bet, if you can poison me, I'll submit. But if not, you'll have to let us go."


Pagliwu narrowed his eyes at Rui; Rui suddenly felt the Super System slowly proceeding on it's activation again - 82.6%… 83.1%…

"Humph! You life's in my hands, why would I waste my time doing your boring bet?"

The poison dragon was quite sly himself, secretly using his poison while talking. After confirming it wasn't effective, he immediately shot down Rui's proposal,

"You lowly ant, I just need one finger to crush you to death."

Rui silently cursed this cunning dragon, promptly changed the topic; he pointed to Alice lying behind Athena:

"This girl is Princess Alice Lucifer of Fallen Angel Empire, if you dare hurt her, you'll receive the wrath of the entire Fallen Angel Empire."

"Lucifer Family, Fallen Angel Empire?"

Pagliwu scoffed:

"So what? Don't underestimate the power of Pagliwu the Great, even if Sakya Lucifer was still alive, he wouldn't be able to defeat me."

Sakya Lucifer was the second emperor of Fallen Angel Empire, extremely powerful, people honored him as The Wing of Demon G.o.d.

Rui inquired further:

"Stop talking big, if you've woken up already, why are you still here in this d.a.m.ned place where you've slept for thousands of years? Not to mention lacking food? These symbols and chains on your body, they must be some kind of seal! I already knew that four hundred years ago, Mozu's strongest demon Emperor Byakuya used his Light-Dark Seal on -"

The poison dragon furrowed his brows:

"Light-Dark Seal? No wonder…"

Rui saw the dragon hesitating; he boldly asked:

"Let me guess, Your Excellency's power must still be sealed? Or is it your movement? Or both? If your power didn't get weakened, of course no one would dare bother you, but once the news about your seal gets spread, I believe many dragon slayers will be willing to come here, don't you think so?"

Pagliwu's expression changed, and he angrily said:

"d.a.m.n human, you dare threaten Pagliwu the Great! I'll turn you to ash!"

Rui could see that Pagliwu was only trying to act tough, he must've hit some of the dragon's weak points; Rui gradually calmed down:

"You should understand already, I basically am not afraid of your poison. If the power inside me awaken…"

Not waiting for Rui to finish his Grandmaster Wukong hoax, Pagliwu suddenly showed an extremely shocked expression, he shouted:

"Wait, human, you just said what were on me again? Symbols? Chains?"


Rui pointed at the faintly glowing symbols surrounding Pagliwu's body:

"They're also moving around, chained together like circles."

Pagliwu became unusually excited:

"What are those symbols like? What do they mean?"

Rui shook his head and turned to Athena:

"Athena, you see, are these Light-Dark Lock's special sealing writings? I can't read them."

"What symbols? I don't see any."

Athena widened her eyes in confusion; in her eyes, there were certainly nothing of the sort on Pagliwu's body.

But they are right there, Rui felt incredibly strange. He wrote some of the symbols onto the ground with the iron skewer:

"Like this, isn't it Light-Dark Lock?"

Initially, Pagliwu was still suspicious of Rui. But after he saw the symbols Rui drew, his doubt disappeared completely as he exclaimed with excitement:

"Light-Dark Lock, my foot! This is Ancient Runes! Of course it's this thing!"

Ancient Runes! Turned out on the poison dragon's body was another, even more powerful seal!

Pagliwu gripped his fists tightly, he appeared anxious as he mumbled to himself:

"But only that woman can read Ancient Runes. Had I known this, that year I wouldn't have…"

Rui noticed Pagliwu's unstable mood, and quietly gave Athena a hand signal. She quickly understood his intent as she slowly approached Alice, planning on taking the opportunity to slip away.


Pagliwu found out about her escaping attempt. An overwhelmingly heavy aura filled the air, making Rui's legs turn to jelly. Rui could not handle this horrifying pressure and promptly fell on his b.u.t.t to the ground. Fortunately, the symbols started rotating and the pressure quickly vanished without a trace.

"Since you've discovered my secret, you think you can leave? Today you all will have to die here!"

Chen Rui could see those Ancient Runes suppressing Pagliwu's power was very effective, an idea coming to his mind, and he said:

"Today we coming to Blue Wave Lake, the Crown Princess and General Alan all know about it. If you kill us, the matter will become serious, things won't end up well for you either. So let’s make a deal, you let us go, and we'll help you unlock the seal."

Pagliwu stopped his actions and asked back:

"What ability do you have to lift the seal of Ancient Runes?"

Because he knew nothing about Ancient Runes, Rui didn't dare to use Grandmaster Wukong to deceive the dragon. He thought for a moment, and said:

"Alice is the Little Princess of Fallen Angel Empire, we can find the empire's experts in Ancient Runes and Light-Dark Lock to help you."

"I’m afraid at that time coming back will be the so-called dragon slayers!"

Pagliwu sneered:

"Light-Dark Lock is nothing, the Ancient Runes is the real deal here. Its teaching was lost two thousand years ago, not to mention this seal was done by "that person". Except for one certain conceited woman, there's n.o.body in the entire Mozu can lift this seal."

Rui was not a fool, he'd confirmed this poison dragon no longer wanted to eat him, but instead wanted to use him to unlock the seal - if not, the dragon wouldn't have talked this much. He became even more a.s.sured.

"Good, we'll go find that conceited woman for you, how about that?"

Pagliwu looked Rui up and down for a while, until all Rui's hair stood straight up, his tone finally softened:

"You sure you can help me?"

After getting an affirmative reply from Rui, Pagliwu mused:

"In order to prevent you from deceiving me, we must establish a Master and Servant Contract."

Contract was a fantastic spiritual rule of this world, requiring both parties to be willing to take part. Violating the Contract would result in severe backlash and punishment. The penalty for breaching the Master and Servant Contract was terribly harsh, if the servant dared betray the master, it would result in immediate death.

Rui slightly hesitated, before throwing Pagliwu a look full of righteousness and shook his head:

"No need, helping people in need is what men must do. I will not use this favor to bind you from chasing your wings of liberty. You don't need to repay me anything!"

Only until the very end of the line did Pagliwu understand Rui's words. He couldn't help wanting to bite this human as he growled:

"I'm the master! You're the servant! d.a.m.n you, this is not a favor, this is a transaction!"

Only with mutual value came a transaction, Chen Rui calmly smiled:

"Since it's a transaction, both sides need to show some goodwill, no? Then, let's talk business."

A Taiwanese novelist, his real name is Xiong Yaohua. A lot of his novels contain the dialogue "You've come, I've come" and a novel has the "friends in foes, foes in friends" plot above. Gu Long literally meant Ancient Dragon, which was why he was compared to Poison Dragon. ↩

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