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Translator's note: I'll try to translate all the Chinese object names according to their meanings from now on. Note that some signature names (Huarong, Kongming, etc) might not be translated. Some of the names appeared in the last few chapters have been changed accordingly:

Yin Yu Forest → Cloudy Rain Forest Hua Guo Mountain → Flower Fruit Mountain Shui Lian Cave → Water Curtain Cave Jin Gu Cudgel → Golden Hoop Cudgel Yao Chi Peach → Jade Lagoon Peach An Yue City → Dark Moon City Duo Tian Shi Empire → Fallen Angel Empire

Now to the new chapter.

Originally, after she went back, the careful little loli immediately recalled that the human did say he coud see "one or two things", and Huarong Road was only one of them. So the day before yesterday, she sent Jiya to the lab, telling Chen Rui to make another "interesting" gift.

Chen Rui under the eaves could only lower his head; he made another toy with the help of Aldaz. Today Alice came to see that gift, bringing along her best friend Athena.

"Pieces of wood again, what will they turn into this time?"

Alice curiously looked at these different pieces of wood.

"Little Princess, watch this."

Chen Rui put the wooden pieces on the table and began to a.s.semble them skillfully. Not long after that, the wooden pieces combined into a beautiful three-dimensional heart shape; but the more amazing thing is that they fitted together perfectly, just like the heart was whole from the beginning.

Alice exclaimed, and carefully took the heart. Clearly a pile of wooden pieces, who knew that after being a.s.sembled, could become so firm and solid. If she did not see with her own eyes, Alice even thought Chen Rui glued these wooden pieces together. Athena also came over, her expression was full of surprise. Likewise, Jiya charming eyes were filled with curiosity.

"This thing is called Kongming Lock, made of Black Flame Wood; its hardness can be compared to metal, very st.u.r.dy."

A trace of memory flashed through Chen Rui’s eyes; this Kongming Lock was also known as Love Lock, its structure was actually very complex. He was very familiar with this thing, because this was his first gift received on Valentine’s Day. But, just like many university love stories, although he put a lot of efforts, it did not end with a happy ending.

When Aldaz first saw Kongming Lock, he was amazed to no end, and immediately signed: If I was a Crafting Master instead of a Potion Master, this seamless a.s.sembling technique would certainly induce great enlightenment.

Alice liked this kind of small toy the most; she lovingly played with the lock and asked:

"Can this Kongming Lock be opened again?"

"Of course, the most interesting thing lies in its disa.s.sembling; with Little Princess’s wisdom, you will definitely think of a way."

Actually Chen Rui did not tell her everything in his mind: Kongming Lock is very complex, without guidance breaking it apart will be difficult. Let her slowly figure it out on her own, I can focus on the System’s activation.

Alice cautiously fiddled with the lock, fearing that it would break. But Kongming Lock’s stucture was very compact, she still did not found the key piece to disa.s.semble it after quite a while. Athena at the side could not wait to try, said:

"Little Princess, let me try."

Alice pretended not to hear Athena, and continued to play; Athena after calling a few times, quickly changed her strategy:

"The Jade Dragon Fruits at the Blue Wave Lake were probably ripe enough, I was thinking of bringing you along…"

Her line was not even finished, a tender white hand holding the Kongming Lock already appeared in front of Athena.

Chen Rui just felt something flashed, the Kongming Lock disappeared. It inexplicably went to Athena’s hand. While she was tinkering with it, she proudly said:

"Although I do want to bring you along, last time Sia Her Highness found out you went to the Cloudy Rain Forest; she specifically ordered me, not to bring you outside again. So, hehe…"

The tender white hand clenched into a fist, but instantly released. Alice showed her pure smile, her two adorable dimples came out; of course it was the angelic smile when Chen Rui first saw her.

Chen Rui knew misfortune would fall on someone. Luckily, the target this time was Athena instead of him.

"Athena Wales, daughter of the empire’s First General George Wales, Dark Moon City’s strongest swordswoman, do you have the ability to solve this Kongming Lock?"

The little loli retrieved her smile and displayed a serious expression, somewhat befitting a princess's power and aura.

Athena heard her father’s name, her blood boiled up, and she quickly replied:

"Of course!"

"Then bet on the reputation of the Wales Family, that you can solve this Kongming Lock in one hour!"

Alice's following words revealed her real objective:

"If you fail to do so, then you must take your best friend Alice Lucifer to the Blue Wave Lake. However dangerous it might be, you will protect her. Can you do that?"

Athena was surprised for a moment, immediately shaking her head and said:

"That’s not good, Sia Her Highness already said—"

"So, members of the Wales Family don’t do what they said, do they?"

Alice expressed her disappointment, and gently shook her head:

"Forget it, isn’t it just a small Kongming Lock?"

Matters related to her family’s honor lit Athena's heroic spirit up. Moreover, that human a.s.sembled the lock very quickly, disa.s.sembling it should not be that hard, right? She loudly said:

"Good! Athena Wales accepts this challenge! Disa.s.sembling this small wooden thing basically doesn’t need one hour!"

Alice grinned with her lips closed, her sly eyes looked just like a fox's; even Jiya could not help but sign, just like that time when they went to Cloudy Rain Forest, poor Athena just made the same mistake again.

Time slowly pa.s.sed; Chen Rui sat at the table flipping Aldaz's "Basics of Medicinal Herbs"; Alice played with the Mozu version of Huarong Road, the chess Aldaz took much effort to make could not escape her demon hand; Jiya sat by Alice’s side, and occasionally gave some small ideas; pitiful Aldaz master could only draw circles in the corner1.

Kongming Lock still maintained its original state; hotheaded Athena now was full of sweat, like this "small wooden thing" was heavier than the big sword behind her back.

Seeing Athena was about to explode, Alice suddenly called out:

"Time’s almost up!"

This line completely lit up the swordswoman's fuse; Athena’s eyes faintly became like fire, her skin turned red, her head grew two curved horns, her whole body sent out a formidable imposing aura, and she ground her teeth:

"Honor of the Wales Family cannot be shamed by such a thing…"


Kongming Lock started showing some rifts on the its surface; right after that the Black Flame Wooden Lock, which was as hard as metal, was torn to pieces.

Everyone looked at the pile of broken wooden pieces dumbfoundedly. Aldaz tremblingly pointed at Athena, he was speechlessly angry. Surely in his mind, the master already added her into his blacklist of the laboratory - this is a blasphemy against the Great Grandmaster's priceless wisdom!

Chen Rui only felt a chill go down his spine: Mars is too dangerous, must quickly go back to Earth!

Athena after violently solving the Kongming Lock, realized what she did, and immediately returned to her original form; she knew the consequences she had just caused under the impulse. Alice’s eyes sparkled with tears, her voice choked with emotion:

"Athena, this is someone's favorite gift…"

"Alice, I’m sorry, I…"

Athena helplessly explained; but no matter how she explained, Kongming Lock was already turned to dust, and could not be restored.

Alice sobbed and sorrowfully lowered her head; her fragile body shivered lightly, like she was trying to hold back from crying out loud. Athena knew she was rash, and guiltily said:

"Don’t be sad, Little Princess. Let’s go to the Blue Wave Lake."

Alice looked up, with her reddened eyes, she shook her head:

"No, because of the previous Cloudy Rain Forest matter, you got reprimanded by big sister. I don’t want to involve you."

Obviously cannot wait to go, but she still plays cat and mouse! Chen Rui had to re-evaluated this mischievous little loli as he watched this comedy scene.

"Little Princess needs not worry, you are Athena’s best friend, a little punishment is nothing!"

Athena beat her chest; her magnificent watermelons went up and down. She righteously said:

"Let alone the Blue Wave Lake, even if it’s the West Jewel Mountain Cave, I’ll protect you!"

"This is what you said! In addition to the Blue Wave Lake, you’ll have to take me with you to the West Jewel Mountain Cave!"

Alice finally stopped sobbing and smiled; Athena faintly felt that something was not right, but she did not know exactly what it actually was. She bent down and carefully picked up the broken pieces of Black Flame Wood.

Alice was eager to go to the Blue Wave Lake; she urged:

"What are you doing? Athena, let’s go to the Blue Wave Lake now."

"Wait a moment, I wonder if these broken pieces could be fixed."

"That's simple,"

Alice absentmindedly said:

"Kongming Lock was originally made by Chen Rui; just let him make another one."

Athena’s fingers stopped in midair, the broken pieces scattered on the ground. Alice instantly knew she slipped out, hurriedly added:

"My dear sister Athena, Wales Family's members really know how to keep their words."

Athena dejectedly stood up; Chen Rui could not help but give this swordswoman an a.s.sessment: big b.o.o.bs no brain. Alice said to him:

"Chen Rui, I specially allow you to accompany us."

Chen Rui quickly shook his head. Going out with beauties must be really fun and exciting, he normally would not hesitate. But these three beauties were, a mischievous one, an essence-sucking one, and a violent one; he was afraid that coming back in one piece would be difficult.

"You want to decline this princess’s goodwill?"

Alice snorted with dissatisfaction.

"Chen Rui, you haven’t been to Mozu for long. Since Little Princess has such good intention, you should go with her."

Aldaz suddenly opened his mouth:

"When you come back, remember to continue reading the 'Basics of Medicinal Herbs', tomorrow I'll teach you the most basic method to distinguish medicines."

Aldaz's words shocked the three ladies. This line obviously implied that Chen Rui had become his actual disciple, instead of a test subject!

Aldaz was one of only a few Potion Masters in the entire Mozu, even the Crown Princess Sia treated him with courtesy. Who would have thought that he would take in a human as his apprentice! And that was his only official apprentice!

Although a Potion Master's disciple was not counted as anything by Alice and Athena, for Chen Rui, this t.i.tle was no different from a life-saving amulet, giving him a normal status to live in Mozu. Otherwise with his human ident.i.ty, he would be killed the moment he set one foot out of the laboratory.

Not bad! Reliable enough. My acting was not in vain. Chen Rui gratefully looked at Aldaz, bit the bullet and nodded.

This time Alice did not make Chen Rui go in circles; she led him straight out.

Chen Rui now knew that this backyard was actually the outer courtyard of Dark Moon City's Royal Palace; the inner courtyard was where the two princesses lived, the guards there were extremely tight. Last time it was his good luck that he b.u.mped into Alice. If he had met the guards instead, he would not have been here anymore.

Towards the legendary Mozu with human-eating demons everywhere, Chen Rui was somewhat curious. What does the real Mozu look like?

A funny phrase meaning that Aldaz had nothing to do. ↩ An image of Kongming Lock A video of a.s.sembling it: Link There are many types of Kongming Lock nowadays so this might be the heart-shape Kongming Lock Chen Rui made

The next chapter will  probably be delayed for quite a while since I have a school report I need to write. I’ll make it up by increasing the rate of the release after the report.

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