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After the next three days, Chen Rui finally put his mind to rest. The dark dungeon room was cleaned and tidied; there was even a sheet of hay covering the ground; he had three meals a day and of course, everything was done by Sally according to Aldaz’s orders.

"Chen Rui, master has called for you!"

Chen Rui being good food turned into Sally having to serve Chen Rui; The little imp’s mood could not be any worse. Looking at the figure haughtily leaving, the imp stomped his feet and ground his teeth:

"d.a.m.n human! There’ll be a day Sally the great will eat your meat and drink your blood!"

Just that, Sally the great right now could only obediently clean the dungeon room - that d.a.m.n human’s living s.p.a.ce.

"Chen Rui, quickly come!"

Seeing Chen Rui walking in, Aldaz became spirited. Although at the start of the interrogation, this human called himself Arthur, his name now was Chen Rui; but the dark elven master did not care about such minor details.

Aldaz now had been completely convinced and no longer doubted the authenticity of Wukong grandmaster; the intent to dissect the human had been thrown into the clouds.

A trivial tool not worth mentioning already has such a magical charm; what about divine medicine and divine artifact that can go against G.o.ds? When he thought about this, the dark elf could not help but feel excited.

"Look at this."

Chen Rui took a look; originally a puzzle made in a hurry had been modified by the dark elf, becoming a fine handicraft; just that Cao Cao became very handsome, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei turned into standard scythe demon, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao also changed their appearance; clearly this was Huarong Road the Mozu version.

Staying with Aldaz and Sally for a few days, Chen Rui understood more about Mozu. He currently was in An Yue City, a territory of Duo Tian Shi Empire, whose lord was Alice’s big sister, Crown Princess Sia Lucifer.

Mozu has several common demon races: scythe demon, horn demon, va.s.sal demon, succubus, imp.

Each demon race has their own distinct characteristics:

Scythe demon, also known as havoc demon, is the highest-cla.s.s demon besides the royal families; they are innately powerful warrior, good at using various types of weapon, can choose to train spiritually or physically, or even both. The bloodlines of some havoc demons can be mutated, giving them even more strength. Standard havoc demon’s limit is High-level Demon, mutant ones can break through the bottleneck to achieve higher level.

Horn demon has strong body and does not fear death, is the best vanguard to strike through enemy lines; some can become blacksmith who is skilled in forging. Standard horn demon’s limit is Middle-level Demon.

Va.s.sal demon has frail body, strong magic power; talented ones have the ability to command demon beast. Standard va.s.sal demon’s limit is Middle-level demon.

Succubus is a female-only demon race; they have innate spiritual capability and talent in bewitching others, sucking others’ souls and seizing others’ spectre. The rate that they give birth to baby girls is extremely high, and as long as the newborn is female, she is surely a succubus. Standard succubus’s limit is Middle-level Demon.

As for Sally the great this kind of imps, they are the lowest-cla.s.s demon in the demon hierarchy, are basically cannon fodder in the battlefield. Strong imps have the ability to create illusion to confuse enemies, a few mutated ones can turn into scythe demon.

Dark elf and dark goblin belongs to the dependent race category, but also cannot be left out of the Mozu family. Dark elves are good at concealing, a.s.sa.s.sinating and poison using; Aldaz this kind of individual who is an expert in Potionology is an extremely exceptional case. Some dark elves who have excellent talent in magic can become very powerful Dark Mage.

Although dark goblins are short and ugly, and do not have fighting power, they have astonishing creativity, excel in handicraft and inventing; some remarkable individuals can become Alchemy Master1.

Because Mozu’s twin moons have special energy, there are no hybrid species in Mozu; if the parents are of different races, the newborn will randomly inherit only one of the parents’ bloodlines.

In addition, in Mozu exist several other powerful living creatures, such as elementals, evil eyes, fallen dragons which were expelled from the human world, and various types of demon beast; every place is full of danger.

Compared to human, demon’s starting strength is much more powerful, but their potential is very limited. Each humans have different potentials, but their starting points are roughly the same. Demons are not like that; the difference in power level between demons after birth is more obvious, but most have upper limits after reaching to a certain point; breaking through those barriers is extremely difficult.

In other words, demon’s starting point is better than human, their lifespans are also better than humans’, but their potential are worse than humans’. Higher-cla.s.s demons have larger growing s.p.a.ce.

Sia and Alice belong to a royal family in Mozu; usually, royals have similar power level to first-cla.s.s humans, have unlimited potential, have innate dominance over ordinary demons in combat and, most importantly, have special abilities in their bloodlines, displaying terrifying power.

Perhaps because they feared the royal family, Aldaz and Sally did not talk much about the two princesses or Duo Tian Shi Empire.

"These characters’ appearances are no good; strong people in the prehistoric era are not like these; beautification and processing must be correct according to the history."

Chen Rui bluntly criticized the Mozu version of Huarong Road, totally forgetting that both history and original had been modified by him in his own mess. Just the matter related to Sun Wukong the Great Grandmaster was enough to make Wu Chengen shed tears in his afterlife.

Aldaz accepted the criticism and smiled embarra.s.sedly:

"I was just excited at the time; next time I’ll make one as you said. This trial I pa.s.sed with only 209 steps, much stronger than the previous one."

Chen Rui gently shook his head and signed:

"Not enough, Wukong master that year only took 81 steps to finish; and according to his estimation, there might be even better solutions2."

Aldaz knew that reducing even one step required a sophisticated computation process; the first time he solved Huarong Road, he was overwhelm by ecstasy and forgot how many steps he used; the second time he took more than 300 steps; when he saw Chen Rui only spend a little more than 100 steps, he could not help but feel admiration towards Chen Rui; as for Wukong master’s record, he could only imagine in his dream.

"Actually, ‘Hengdao Lima’3 is just one arrangement of Huarong Road, there are several others; but Huarong Road was just a pastime for the Great Grandmaster; don’t spend too much time on it."

Aldaz was now obsessed with Huarong Road; Chen Rui intentionally said that, clearly to play cat and mouse4 with Aldaz; and sure enough, the dark elf shook his head incessantly:

"Great Grandmaster is Great Grandmaster; even if it was only a pastime for him, it still has enormous research value."

"But your research in Potionology must not be idle in light of this,"

Chen Rui casually exposed his real intention:

"How about this, I’ll continue to help you test potions, the more poisonous the better; if you can break Wukong master’s blessing, then your Potionology can reach a higher level."

Test potions? Of course it’s to accelerate the Super System’s activation process!

Chen Rui was very clear: Huarong Road was only a short-term solution, only when he possessed strong power could he flee from Mozu to protect his life; and the mysterious System was his only hope.

The dark elf revealed an astonished expression:

"Aren’t you afraid that your life can be in danger if the blessing is broken?"

"Wukong master had tried various medicinal herbs on himself to have a better understanding of them; several times was he almost die because of poison, but he did not give up. He was able to make divine medicine like "Yao Chi Peach" not only because of his outstanding talent, but also, more importantly, because of his persevere and dedication."

Chen Rui this time added Chen Nong’s halo on top of Wukong’s body.

"Try herbs on himself?"

Aldaz was full of reverence and emotionally signed:

"No wonder he could oppose the G.o.ds! It seems like besides knowledge, there are many things I need to learn from him…"

Chen Rui saw Aldaz’s fanatical expression, fearing that this guy would actually try out medicine like Chen Nong, hastily said:

"During these days, I had been slowly feeling some information from the Great Grandmaster’s soul, and was touched deeply. I have made up my mind to inherit his legacy, but unfortunately I have no Potionology foundation and cannot understand these profound knowledge. Master, are you willing to help me? Even though I’m a human?"

"I’m willing to! From now on, I will teach you the basics of Potionology!"

As a dark elf, Aldaz was not an honest kind of person; but he was also a genuine Potion Master, and this time he was actually moved, almost enough to vow that he would become Chen Rui’s sworn brother.

"Thank you, master! No matter how difficult this path becomes in the future, I’ll keep moving forward!"

Chen Rui saw Aldaz excited appearance, knew that he did not have to worry about his little life for the time being, and could take the opportunity to learn some knowledge about Potionology. After all, having more knowledge doesn’t cause any harm to the body.

As Aldaz took out "Basics of Medicinal Herbs" and was about to start his educational training, Princess Alice came; besides Jiya, there was another strange short-haired girl going with her.

This young girl was beautiful: violet hair, red pupils, light wheatish skin, symmetrical body shape, a heroic spirit that could be faintly felt between her brows, a little revealing leather armor, and a giant sword behind her back, everything emitted a wild charm.

Although the new girl was also a beautiful one, Chen Rui still had a psychological shadow from the mischievous little loli and the essence-sucking succubus; just looking at female demons made him subconsciously afraid, especially the ones Alice brought.

"Athena, this is the human I told you about, he’s very interesting."

Alice intimately held Athena’s arms; if not for Athena attractive body and beautiful face, he even thought that they were lovers.

"Aldaz master, greeting."

Athena was not as casual as Alice, performed etiquette towards Aldaz. However, this politeness was only for the dark elf, her eyes looking at Chen Rui were similar to those that look at animals at the zoo.

Chen Rui, feeling like a caged animal waiting to be visited, looked at Aldaz for help.

Who knew the dark elf was that unreliable? He just pretended not to see anything, and secretly hid the Mozu version of Huarong Road into his sleeve. Athena is okay, but Princess Alice is a notoriously mischievous little demon known by the entire An Yue City; the new chess cannot be taken away again.

Although Aldaz’s movement was very subtle, it could not hide from Alice’s eagle eyes; Alice widened her eyes and stared at Aldaz’s sleeve, her small head also moved slowly following the sleeve; this action was awfully obvious, even Athena shifted her attention over.

"Master, what’s hidden in your sleeve, can you let me see it?"

"Nothing, it’s just a Huarong Road I made recently."

Aldaz felt that the situation was not good, hurriedly changed the topic:

"Oh right, Chen Rui, where’s the gift you promised Alice Her Highness?"

And of course, Alice’s attention turned to Chen Rui, her big sparkling eyes full of hope fell on him:

"Brother human, someone is waiting for your gift, you know."

This sweet-sounding "brother" rang a bell inside Chen Rui’s head; he immediately thought about his bitter experience three days ago, almost jumped up and cried: The same trick will not work twice against a transmigrant! Your acting is too flashy!

But the resentment could only be kept inside his heart, seeing her pure and expectant expression, Chen Rui quickly took out one thing.

Meaning Crafting Master or Potion Master. ↩ Actualy 81 is the best number of steps one could take. Chen Rui was just messing around with Aldaz. ↩ Literally meant "slash the blade horizontally and spur the horse". ↩ In order to catch, one must first let loose. ↩

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