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Chapter 300: Samuel! The First Human Encounter in Demon Realm

Chen Rui first learned of the existence of humans in Demon Realm from Glorfin. The human population was very small here. Most of them were powerhouses who wanted to break through some kind of bottleneck. Therefore, they used secret methods to come to the Demon Realm for training.

Although the demons were defeated in the battle five hundred years ago, it was impossible for even the human world to deny the power of demons. Compared to the human world, Demon Realm’s powerhouses were more powerful. The environment was more dangerous, and it was more suitable for life and death breakthroughs. However, humans were the enemy of demons after all. A considerable amount of humans who were training in Demon Realm did not go back alive. But since they had the determination to come to Demon Realm, they must have disregarded their life and death.

There were also a handful of humans who chose to temporarily submit to demons at a price in order to train their strength more safely.

Isabella once said that there was a human powerhouse named Nero in the Fallen Angel Capital. He had a close relationship with Prince Obsidian. The most important thing was Nero had also mastered the method of returning to the human world.

Unexpectedly, there is such a human in Town Moling too!

In addition, Kanita’s motive also aroused Chen Rui’s interest. Kanita made a huge commotion during this trip just to catch a demonic beast.

An Incubus Beast.

The Incubus Beast was a powerful horse demonic beast. It was once believed to be evolved from the fallen holy unicorn of the human world. Its whole body was black, and the horse mane and tail were like the color of flame. Not only it ran speedily, it could float in the air and be immune to all mind control as well. Individuals with mutated bloodlines could also manipulate the lightning that could only be unleashed by the unicorns. The most powerful talent was [Terror], which could weaken the fighting power and fighting spirit of the other party. It was regarded as the most powerful ground mount in the Demon Realm.

Incubus Beasts were solitary demonic beasts and were extremely rare. They could evolve up to Demon Emperor level. This Incubus Beast was said to be a foal, appearing in Thunder Valley which was at the east of Town Moling. Kanita intended to catch the Incubus Beast as a birthday gift dedicated to his father, Josh.

Chen Rui was very curious about the Incubus Beast. But for now, Aldas’ sister must be rescued first.

The secret prison was the place where Kanita secretly detained important people. Even most of the people in this force did not know the specific place. Fortunately, Ivan was one of the little bosses who happened to be Kanita’s aide. Thus, Chen Rui obtained detailed information of the secret prison in a breeze.

The secret prison was located under a remote warehouse at the south of Town Moling. There were not many prisoners in it currently. Coincidentally, the minotaur Tieke, the person that the two teenagers wanted to find, was held there too. Tieke was inadvertently discovered by Kanita’s capable subordinate, Fontein. He felt that the Intermediate Demon had a certain use value because Tieke could use a weapon to kill a Higher Demon. Hence, he got Tieke from the border forces. Fontein did not have the time to report yet, and he followed Kanita to Thunder Valley.

Samuel encountered Kanita a few months ago. He even fought against a veteran under Kanita, Solana, and claimed victory effortlessly. After Kanita recruited him with all his effort, Samuel agreed to join Kanita temporarily.

It was said that Samuel was a human genius. He was young, and he was only one step away from Saint (Equivalent to the high-level strength of Demon Realm – Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord). This time, he came to Demon Realm with the secret method to break through to Saint.

Although Samuel joined the Kanita forces, he was not willing to take care of troublesome matters. He was only willing to be a sharp edge to fight against various powerhouses. The reason why Samuel served as warden was that Kanita told him that there were two Great Demon King-level prisoners in the secret prison. Samuel was not a fool, and he knew Kanita’s intention. However, he did not care as long as he could use all resources to become stronger.

With Ivan’s presence, it was fairly easy to enter the prison, but the key problem was that the prison’s magical cage was very special. Only the warden’s crystal key could unlock it. Otherwise, the prisoners inside would have life danger. Most of the magic circles that Chen Rui knew were related to control devices. The “unlocking” category was not his profession. The only way now was to get the crystal key from Samuel.

Samuel’s human ident.i.ty was kept secret from the outside world. Only Kanita’s aide, such as Solana and Snowden, knew about it. Samuel and Snowden had several contacts too, and their relationship was quite close. Coincidentally, Samuel liked to drink alcohol. Chen Rui swindled many fine wines when he was posing as the “trio-specialized” master in Crystal Valley. He planned to ask Snowden to treat Samuel to drink in order to understand this human’s background. If it was possible, he would think of a way to get the crystal key and save the people.

Things went very smoothly. Samuel did not refuse Snowden’s invitation. Soon, this human from the human world came to Snowden’s house. This was the first time Chen Rui saw a “similar kind” at Demon Realm.

Samuel was a lean young man with brown hair and blue eyes. His facial features were upright, and his gaze faintly exuded a domineering vibe.

“Sir Samuel.” Snowden poured wine for Samuel personally, “This is a new bottle of purple berry wine from Dark Shadow Empire. Please taste it, sir.”

Chen Rui camouflaged as a lich servant standing behind Snowden.

Race: human. Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: C+. Physique: C, Strength: C+, Spirit: C+, Agility: C+.

C+ was equivalent to the peak of the Great Demon King. This was the peak of Master in the human world.

“This bottle of wine is barely considered good,” Samuel nodded, “Demon Realm still has the wine delayed effect, but the taste is generally not good.”

Snowden laughed, “If sir said so, I am really looking forward to tasting the wine made by the human world.”

“Then it depends on whether you have this life or not.” A faint white light glowed in Samuel’s hands and circled the wine gla.s.s. “You are very smart to not play tricks on the wine.”

“What does sir mean? I only have good intentions to invite sir to wine tasting.” Snowden frowned.

Samuel laughed out loud. His eyes scanned the surroundings like lightning, “Let the irrelevant people leave first.”

Snowden groaned a little, and asked the maids and servants to retreat. As Chen Rui was about to leave, Samuel said, “That lich, stay.”

Chen Rui’s heart moved, and he looked at Snowden. Snowden nodded, and Chen Rui returned behind him.

After all the servants left, Samuel said, “I don’t like pretentious people. Tell me, what is the purpose of bringing me here?”

Snowden frowned more tightly, “Samuel Sir, have you misunderstood something?”

“With this person here, you are not qualified to speak.” Samuel’s eyes fell on Chen Rui. “My innate pair of [Truth Eyes] can detect the existence of a Saint powerhouse. Your strength should be Great Demon King level.”

“Truth Eyes?” Chen Rui didn’t expect the [True Breath Holding] which he used to hide the Demon Overlord power was detected by this human. The world is so big that nothing is really surprising. Just like Catherine’s strongest [War Puppet] met Manu’s bizarre territory, [Breath Holding] finally encountered a nemesis like the [Truth Eyes].

Since it was exposed by the other party, there was no need to continue pretending. Chen Rui restored the appearance of “Richard” and released the Great Demon King level breath.

“Interesting demon. Your transfiguration skill is more advanced than the old guy in the Rogue Union.” Samuel’s eyes lit up, “You should be the person behind Snowden. I have trained Holy Magic since I was a child. I have already sensed something wrong with Snowden earlier. It seems like his mind is controlled by the power of darkness. As expected…”

Transfiguration and Rogue Union should be something in the human world, but Chen Rui was very surprised because Samuel’s ability could actually see through the puppetry performed by G.o.d-Eating Mask!

“Don’t worry, Kanita doesn’t know about it. Your Demon Realm battle has nothing to do with me. I only care about what I need.” Samuel stared at Chen Rui, “That is to advance to a Saint powerhouse and become stronger! Understand?”

“Understood,” Chen Rui nodded. “But I think Sir Samuel has misunderstood. I invited sir to come because I want two people who are in the secret prison. I’m not planning to recruit you into some force or anything like that.”

“The two Demon Kings in the prison? I see.” Samuel took a sip of wine calmly. “The two guys are not very powerful. I’m not interested anymore, but you… As long as you can beat me, you can take away anyone as you wish!”

Chen Rui didn’t explain his goal was other prisoners. The original plan to steal the crystal key had failed. From Samuel’s tone, this battle was inevitable. Chen Rui nodded and said, “Let’s change another place. I don’t want to destroy Snowden’s yard.”

“No need,” Samuel took out a strange cube. “This item is called Horadric [1]. It’s a s.p.a.ce battlefield. If we fight inside this, it won’t affect the outside. This item can withstand the battle of early stage Saint, which is your Demon Realm’s Demon Emperor-level power. But I don’t like to withhold my power, so you must have the awareness of death.”

Horadric… Cube? Chen Rui was stunned and secretly thought, Are you sure that it is a s.p.a.ce battlefield instead of an alchemy synthesis prop?

The cube glowed, and then a gleaming gate appeared. Samuel glanced at him and walked toward the gate.

“Unless you reach the peak strength of Saint, don’t do pointless things like trying to destroy the Horadric. Also, it’s not too late for you to run away now, but I will divulge Snowden’s matters.”

Chen Rui smiled slightly and didn’t explain. He followed Samuel straight into the gleaming gate.

Although the name Horadric Cube was a bit misleading for a cross-over person, Samuel was right. This was really a vast s.p.a.ce.

“What environment are you good at fighting in?” Samuel’s figure appeared in front of him. “Abyss volcano? Dark swamp? Or the valley of undead breath?”

Chen Rui was a little surprised in his heart. The function of this environmental change is already similar to the training ground of the Super System. It seems that Horadric… Uh, the battlefield cube is really an amazing alchemy work. It’s probably a legendary grade quality at least, or even a quasi-artifact.

“Anything.” Any environment was the same for Chen Rui; even in harsh environments like deep sea and surfy sea.

This answer surprised Samuel, and he smiled disdainfully, “I think you haven’t understood your opponent’s strength yet. I said, you need to have the awareness of death.”

“According to the level of human strength, you have reached the peak of Master,” Chen Rui grinned, “Your spirit and strength are very strong, so you must be practicing both martial arts and magic. Your speed is quite good, but… in terms of stamina, you’re relatively weaker. Am I right?”

If the previous [Truth Eyes] surprised Chen Rui, then [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] greatly shocked Samuel now. His green pupil suddenly shrank, and his face was replaced with dignity, “Dragon Bright Empire Silver Knight, Samuel. Kemplot is your name.”

It should be [Fake Eyes] ?. He didn’t even notice Chen Rui was a human too.

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