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Descent of the Phoenix - 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 632

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Her words to refute and comfort him disappeared into nothing.

LiuYue silently sighed. Her head leaned closely against Xuanyuan Che's body. She lightly nodded and softly said, "Yes, I am an idiot."

She was so stupid that when it came to someone she loved, she was willing to carry all the burdens by herself no matter what.

She was so stupid that she didn't want to see someone she loved be in difficulties. She took on all the dangers and criticisms and faced them alone.

Yes, she was stupid. She had never been so stupid.

She had never thought that she would be so stupid one day.

However, she gladly endured the hardships and was wholeheartedly willing to be so stupid. What could she do?

Hearing LiuYue admit it, Xuanyuan Che instantly had mixed feelings. His left hand trembled as he lifted LiuYue's collar from her nape. That red shougongsha [cinnabar gecko mark, proof of virginity] was so eye-catching and bright that the arm around LiuYue hugged her tighter.

LiuYue's body was hugged tightly by Xuanyuan Che. He was using more strength; her body was starting to hurt. It seemed her wounds opened a little. But LiuYue didn't move. She simply let Xuanyuan Che hug her.

"You can't be so stupid in the future," Xuanyuan Che clenched his teeth as he said to the LiuYue in his arms.

He put a finger over LiuYue's lips that were about to speak. Xuanyuan Che's red eyes looked deeply at the LiuYue in his arms. "I know what you're worried about. I also know why you ran so far alone here. Yes, this is an opportunity. An opportunity to bring down Dark Island.

"But never forget that we are together. We are together. You must have me where you are. I must have you where I am. We must face all the unknown and known dangers together. Not one person taking on all the risks and risking one's life alone.

"I rather die under the hands of my enemy than live alone far, far away. Do you understand?"

The soft words at the end turned solemn. Xuanyuan Che's red eyes almost stared a hole into LiuYue.

He knew he would be in terrible danger.

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