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Part 3

Lian Hong was unsatisfied with her grandfather’s efforts to help her find information about her father’s enemies. She really wanted to get out of Ciok-taijin’s building to find her own great enemies, but her mother always prevented her, and she herself did not feel pity to her mother.

That day, her grandfather came to her room with a grim face.

“Lian Hong, I tell you frankly that our investigators have obtained information about Leng Kok Hosiang, one of your father’s great enemies. He is the monk who once came hurting me and then was defeated by your suhu.”

Blend Lian Hong’s beautiful face hearing this statement. “Where is he, Kong-kong? Where is the d.a.m.ned b*stard?”

Her grandfather sighed. “Lian Hong, you must know that it’s not only you who wants to see the bald head break down. Me myself, who had been hit by his vicious beating, want him to die. If it wasn’t for your suhu that time, of course I was dead now. However, he is now a very important man so it is difficult for us to continue this revenge effort. He is now in this kingdom’s capital, my granddaughter.”

Lian Hong jumped from her chair. “Let me look for him, Kong-kong!” Quickly this girl then prepared, wrapped her sword around her waist and took her red shawl.

“Hold on, Lian Hong. Besides being a very dangerous, high-skilled monk, you also need to know that he is now an important person. If we disturb him, we will deal with the emperor.”

The little lady became stunned and surprised. “What do you mean, Kong-kong?”

“He came as a rebel messenger in the south and bring a special message from the rebel leader for the emperor. Thus, his position is very important, and certainly not to be disturbed.”

“After all, I have to investigate the situations, Kong-kong. If necessary, I’ll attack him out of town.”

“Okay, but be careful, please don’t make any attacks inside the city. All of us will get harm if this happens.”

They then negotiated. Hearing that the monk was staying at Gan-siupi’s house building (n.o.bleman of she-Gan) and was accepted as a grand guest, then packed Lian Hong to visit the Gan-siupi building. She had known both Gan-hujin (Mrs. Gan) and Gan Siocia (Miss Gan) well, so it’s easy for her to visit the building. Shortly after, Lian Hong had boarded a closed train towards the house building of the Gan-siupi.

When the train arrived on the busy road, she heard the driver sitting in the front said slowly.

“Ouch, how beautiful and brave she is!”

Lian Hong was interesting then exposed the silk cloth covering the train. Surprised she seeing the person who her driver praised. It turned out that the person was a beautiful, so owesome little lady walking and looking towards the train. The girl was none other than Hwe-thian Mo-li Nyo Siang Lan.

Lian Hong quickly closed the train’s ‘muili’, but Siang Lan’s sharp eyes had seen it. Hwe-thian Mo-li was also surprised and wondered at the same time. Unmistakably, the little lady on the train might be Lian Hong, the dancer girl who claimed to be her suhu’s daughter. But why was she now dressing so luxurious and riding a train that was clearly the vehicle of the n.o.bles? “I must know carefully whether she is the true Lian Hong or someone else looks like her.”

With a very curious heart, Siang Lan then followed the train. Meanwhile, Lian Hong who was inside the train lurking from the crevices of muili as well and smiled amusedly at Siang Lan following her train.

She praised the sharpness of Hwe-thian Mo-li’s eyes. But Hwe-thian Mo-li may not know who she really was. If she jumped out of the train to see that dashing girl, as she so desired as well, of course it would attrack everyone’s attention at how the granddaughter of Ciok-taijin made friends with a kang-ouw girl.

Even though her heart was curious, and according to her eyesight, she was sure that the n.o.ble girl on the train was Ong Lian Hong, the daughter of her suhu, but her thoughts did not justify this suspicion. How could her suhu’s daughter was a n.o.ble girl? Wasn’t Lian Hong just a dancer girl? Thus while following the train, Siang Lan endlessly thought.

When the train stopped in front of a large house building, the n.o.ble princess descended and guards of the building saluted her. Siang Lan felt more curious. She then took a small pebble. Unknowningly to anyone, she then pulled the small pebble towards the neck of the n.o.ble princess.

She did this to test the princess. If she wasn’t Lian Hong, of course the pebble would hit her neck and she screamed in pain. However, with an accidental, undeliberate movement, the n.o.ble princess tilted her head, and the stroke was only hitting the empty s.p.a.ce.

Siang Lan became very excited. The girl might be Lian Hong. But seeing how Lian Hong did not care about it, she was still curious and immediately approached the princess before entering the building. She lurked at Lian Hong while exerting energy in both hands. In this way she then attacked Lian Hong with the wind of her punch while saying, “Siocia, forgive me if I’ve bothered you. Have we ever met and known each other?”

The guards of course became surprised to see a mighty girl with a sword in her waist greeting the granddaughter of Ciok-taijin. Lian Hong became confused. She then quickly returned paying attention to Siang Lan as she mobilized her power to resist the wind of the blow, then said.

“Maybe we’ve just met each other in dream. There is no way we’ve ever met. Hope you don’t bother me.” After saying that, she then entered the building without looking anymore.

Seeing how the n.o.ble princess could resist her blow, Hwe-thian Mo-li increasingly convinced that the girl was certainly the dancer girl who had succeeded in killing Liok Kong. She then remembered, at that time the girl did not want to be honest about herself, as if keeping something secret. And understood she now why her suhu also kept his family secretly.

Remembering this, she did not want to press and immediately leave, continuing her investigation of her great enemy, Leng Kok Hosiang. But she never thought that the monk was in the same building that Lian Hong entered.

Servants welcomed Lian Hong in the building. In the living room, this girl saw Gan-siupi talking to a monk and pounded her heart recognizing the monk. He was Leng Kong Hosiang who once attacked her kong-kong.

Seeing her arrival, the n.o.bleman then stood up and smiled at her. Lian Hong hurriedly saluted. A pair of Leng Kok Hosiang’s eyes glowed seeing this amazingly beautiful girl. He felt as if he saw an angel coming down from heaven.

It seemed like he had forgotten Lian Hong because at that time this girl was still a child. However, Leng Kok Hosiang still knew politeness and did not want to ask anything, only secretly remembered the beauty of her face in his rotten heart.

Meanwhile, while holding back her heart as seeing this great enemy, Lian Hong hurriedly got into the back room to meet Gan-hujin and Gan-Siocia. Gan-siocia who knew her well, then hugged and persuaded her to spend the night there.

Lian Hong pretended to reject at the beginning, but finally accepted the offer. Then a servant was ordered to go to the Ciok-taijin’s house building to inform that Ciok-siocia would spend the night in the Gan-siupi house building. Indeed, for outsiders, Lian Hong was always called Ciok-siocia (Miss Ciok) because her grandfather did not want her to use the family name.of Ong.

That night as everyone in the Gan-siupi’s house building had slept comfortably, two people in the house building were still not sleeping yet. They were Lian Hong and Leng Kok Hosiang.

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