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Book 2 Chapter 20.5 - A Mountain Between

The ice-coldness in Su's body gradually retreated and he gradually recovered his mobility. When he lowered his head and looked at his body, he found that death prison had left behind a thin streak of blood on his body, only cutting through a bit of skin. 

Persephone had unknowingly when arrived next to Su. Her ashy green eyes revealed a complicated expression as she gazed into the direction where Madeline departed. 

Droplets of blood continuously trickled outwards from her two hands. A few of them landed by Su's feet, splashing out a warm blossom of blood before helplessly landing on the floor again to be completely absorbed by the ice cold rocks. 

"Your injury…" Su diverted his attention from Madeline's quiet appearance and abrupt departure and looked at Persephone's body. 

It was because she had lost too much blood. Persephone's face was also abnormally pale. When she heard Su's question, she erupted with a brilliant smile and said, "I'm fine. A bit of medicine will stop the bleeding. It was just during the battle that it couldn't be treated."

Persephone's smile seemed a bit weak and unnatural, making Su feel a bit uneasy, as if he had made a mistake somewhere. 

After the fierce battle, the medical kit he had on him had long been lost who knew where. Meanwhile, Persephone's clothes were a mess, and she who cared quite a bit about her appearance would never appear in front of her subordinates like this. Fortunately, Persephone's strength was quite great herself. The effects of death prison slowly faded, and the blood flow on her arm gradually stopped. 

Persephone's outfit was in tatters, and large amounts of her snow white skin was revealed. Her impressive figure wasn't something that clothes could hide to begin with, and right now, it was  on the verge of exposing everything. However, she didn't seem to have any intention of hiding anything as she confidently swayed back and forth in front of Su's face, as if she didn't mind Su seeing things that shouldn't be seen. 

Su had to admit that Persephone's destructive power was astonishing. Only through quite a bit of struggle did he successfully divert his attention from her body to her pale face and blood dyed hair. However, some of Su's abilities didn't seem as obedient and secretly activated a few times, even successfully overwhelming his will. 

When she felt the changes in Su's gaze, Persephone revealed a warm smile and said, "I'm fine. In fact, you should be more worried about Madeline. Her injuries are worse than mine."

"She…" Su frowned slightly, not knowing what was proper to say. He found that after these seven years, he truly did not know much about Madeline. That was why his understanding and memories ended when she was still a little girl. 

Persephone wanted to say something, but she ultimately sighed and said, "Perhaps things are not like how we think they are."

"Perhaps? But she…" Su still didn't know what to say. His chest tightened, and then suddenly, his vision darkened. His body's weakness and lack of nutrients now thoroughly swallowed up his consciousness. He swayed back and forth and then slowly dropped onto the ground. 

Persephone was startled. She hurriedly propped up Su and then immediately felt how heated up his body was. Even though she sensed that Su was exceedingly weak and tired, as well as the fact that his body's vitality was flourishing with astonishing vigor, Persephone still couldn't suppress her worry. She quickly contacted Helen and sent Su's data over. Only when she received a similar reply as what she herself deduced did she calm down. 

When the Helen in the screen saw how Persephone looked, she adjusted her gla.s.ses and said calmly, "When he wakes up in a bit, it will be when his will and reasoning is at its weakest. That is to say, it will be your best opportunity, so devour him!"

Persephone showed a rare fl.u.s.teredness and immediately retorted, "I… If I wanted to devour someone, it would be such a simple task. Would I need to wait for this type of opportunity?"

"You do need it." Helen's reply was cold, harsh, and unquestionable. 

Persephone suddenly found it hard to look Helen in the eyes. She calmed herself down, and then she looked into Helen's eyes and said, "My dear Helen, you moved your gla.s.ses again. 

"I am aware. However, moving my gla.s.ses does not always mean that I am lying." Helen calmly replied before cutting off communications, leaving Persephone in a daze by herself with Su. 

Only after hesitating for a while did Persephone undo a b.u.t.ton from her shirt and reveal a syringe that was only a few millimeters in size and shoot it into Su's neck. 

The darkness seemed to last eternally. There were countless flames raging within the darkness, burning so greatly that it was hard for others to breathe. Inside the burning pain was a bit of coldness that felt like the oasis of a desert, an oasis that thirsty wanderer would pay any price to obtain. Just as the scorched thirst and suffering reached its critical point, Su woke up. 

The world Su woke up to was far better than the one he experienced when he was asleep. First of all, what appeared first in his field of view was Persephone's face that would make anyone feel a violent urge that was hard to suppress. He then felt that the place where his head rested on was extremely soft, yet it possessed an astonishing flexibility. Su immediately realized the place where his head rested on were Persephone's legs. 

His wandering eyes took in the surrounding scenery. What he saw was a cavern where the wind didn't enter. The temperature inside the cave was quite high and extremely cozy. However, there were no chemical flames providing warmth, and instead Persephone's own body that raised its temperature to help Su sleep more comfortably. 

Su raised his head and tried to sit up, but the unexpected lack of reaction made him turn his head towards Persephone who was currently in a daze and thinking about who knows what. She unexpectedly didn't avoid him or show any type of reaction. Su couldn't help but hug her; this was a type of subconscious reaction. The moment large amounts of skin made contact, Su's body seemed to carry out large amounts of explosions under her body's temperature and softness, and the flames of desire seemed to burn through all of his reasoning. 

Su suddenly became as hard as steel. He tightly embraced Persephone, and then her lips were sealed! Persephone released a moan, and then her body began to burn with even more heat and became more flexible. Her lips naturally couldn't stop Su's powerful invasion. 

This time, all of the firepower within Su's body erupted! His breathing erupted like a heavy volcano. His right hand suddenly reached outwards into Persephone's clothes, finding to his surprise that he couldn't completely hold them even after expanding his five fingers to their limit!

Just at this moment when things were going to reach their climax, the temperature in the cave quickly decreased and Persephone's body became incomparably chilly. Su's desire was like a flame covered in ice and snow, quickly going away. 

Persephone leaned backwards and removed her lips from Su's probing. She stared into Su's deep and green left eye and softly said, "Su, don't be like that. Now isn't the time."

The flames within the depths of Su's eyes returned to a pure sea. He slowly released Persephone and stood up. Then, he helped Persephone up as well. 

Persephone put on her clothes while muttering to herself, "It's still better for her to not lose so unfairly, sigh…"

"What?" Su didn't hear what she said clearly.

"Nothing." Persephone softly breathed outwards. She revealed a warm and gentle smile before saying, "Go, get my clothes from my subordinates for me. You don't want others to see me like the way I am right now, right?"

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