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I think you guys know how much of a street racing fan I am by now and quite sadly this is not a victory song, but this was one of my favourites in NFSU ❤ And it’s also cool enough for Gu Yan


The group of silver-spooned rich kids went quiet in an instant.

It would be too shameful for them to call the cops, they couldn’t do it. The was always a hidden rule between all of them during fights, and that was not to call the cops. What’s more, there were too many rich second or third generations in the capital, and they all still had a bit of background so the police didn’t dare to interfere too much either. Whether they did care or not, there was no right choice, so none of them liked to get themselves involved.

Zhang Qin was huffing on the ground, unable to muster any word. His face was twisted in pain, and the only thing he could feel at this moment was his painful organs that felt like they may have shifted in his body.

He regretted this all very much right now. Why did he have to be so stubborn? Did that Gu Yan brat get possessed by an alien or something? Not only did he not get worse after being driven out of their circle, he even came back stronger. Having driving skills like that was one thing, but he was even crazy in fights. One against seven or eight! Does he think he’s part of the special forces or something? d.a.m.n!

After the dust settled there, the other guys who were bustling about finally managed to open the car door, and carefully got w.a.n.g Duo out.

w.a.n.g Duo had some flesh wounds, but his bones were fine. He could still manage to stand with some support.

He looked coldly at the guys on the floor, and he spoke with a voice that was quiet, but left no room for doubt:”Let him go.”

The others quickly rushed over and retorted, saying we can’t do that, Young Master w.a.n.g, bro, no. He was way too much! They had to deal with him today! They have to let him know where he really stands!

w.a.n.g Duo frowned impatiently, and yelled:”Shut up!”

The place finally turned quiet.

“If you want to gamble, then you have to be willing to accept your loss.”w.a.n.g Duo swept them a glance, and finally looked deeply back at Gu Yan,”As per the agreement, you win, everything that happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore.”

Gu Yan looked at him, and curled up his lips,”That’s not enough.”

w.a.n.g Duo raised a brow.

“Did you destroy all that for nothing?”Gu Yan asked.

Hearing this, all the director wanted to do now was to cover that brat’s mouth! When things have already reached this stage, who else even cares about those cameras! They’re already being very nice if they’re letting you go! What are you trying to do, do you want to die an early death?! He could not wait to run over there and clear his relationship with Gu Yan, but there was simply no s.p.a.ce for him to even speak……

Zhang Qin was laying on the ground, and he stared at Gu Yan with shock.

Everyone there thought that Gu Yan had gone crazy.

They all turned to look at w.a.n.g Duo, waiting for w.a.n.g Duo to suddenly rise up in anger and murder Gu Yan in the next moment.

w.a.n.g Duo was also a little surprised……But he had already been ignoring the rules of the capital for a decade now. Even though he had done his fair share of ridiculous things, he was still followed their rules and kept his word. Humans cannot survive without trust and honesty, stabbing someone behind their backs was something w.a.n.g Duo would never ever do. Gu Yan’s request seems to be going over the line, but it was actually within the boundaries of reason. He won, so naturally, the loser should compensate for their losses.

w.a.n.g Duo paused for a moment:”I’ll send you all the losses suffered by the crew tomorrow.”

Pata pata, everyone’s eyes fell to the ground in an instant……

Gu Yan seemed to finally be satisfied. With his head raised and eyes looking down, he shot a glance to w.a.n.g Duo, then he turned around and left.

At this time, the sounds of the ambulance cars and the police had finally arrived.

Gu Yan went past the director and chuckled softly:”Let’s go, you’ll definitely get your share of the compensation as well.”

The director fixed his chin back up. Earlier, he thought they were done for. But who knew that w.a.n.g Duo would agree to it in such a carefree manner? He even let them go……

Seems like Gu Yan wasn’t that simple either.

By the time Gu Yan returned to the hotel, it was already very late.

Xu Ming hurried over early the next day to look for Gu Yan, and told him that Tong Tong did not return all night yesterday. He didn’t even know what time she left!

“Oh.”Gu Yan made a single sound as if nothing happened.

Xu Ming was mad with worry. He had not the slightest idea when Tong Tong left, he just knew that she was a little girl no more than a few years old, and had the look of an angel. What was he going to do if she got kidnapped and sold for money! His eyes were wide with worry:”What do we do? We should call the police!”

“It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, the police won’t file a case.”Gu Yan laughed.

Seeing that Gu Yan still had the mood to laugh, Xu Ming really could not help himself in this time of anxiety. He pointed a finger at him and said:”You! How could you not even be worried at all! Are you even human?!”

“I’m not.”Gu Yan said in a serious manner.

Xu Ming was so angry he nearly smashed the table. Since he wasn’t going to do anything, Xu Ming took it upon himself to go out and look for her.

Gu Yan was drinking his morning tea in a relaxed and carefree manner. He was not at all worried that anything would happen to Tong Tong, he didn’t even have any plans to seek out her position. If she really was a demon that could end up in trouble so easily, then she might as well just die out there.

However, before Xu Ming could even return, Tong Tong herself had already come back.

Carefully, she took off her dirty shoes and hopped into the room with her bare feet. As soon as she saw Gu Yan, she instantly put on a respectful appearance in front of Gu Yan:”My lord, you’ve returned.”

Gu Yan dropped his eyes down to look at her, and without any expression, he asked,”Where were you?”

Tong Tong revealed a sweet smile and responded proudly,”I went to find a new underling for my lord!”Following that, she called out behind her,”What are you waiting for? Come in and greet our lord!”

Only now did Gu Yan realize that someone was standing behind Tong Tong. After probing with his sensors, he immediately discovered that it was also a demon.

From the looks of it, this was an adult man who wore a hooded jacket that covered half its face. The parts that were exposed were still covered with a mask and a pair of sungla.s.ses. Both its hands were gloved and on its feet were a pair of tall boots. His whole body was covered in a very reserved manner, not a single inch of its skin was exposed to the elements.

Tong Tong looked intently at Gu Yan, her face looked as if she was saying ‘I’m so useful, right? Quickly praise me!’

Gu Yan gave her a cold look, but he remained silent.

Tong Tong’s face paled instantly as if she did not know what she had done to offend Gu Yan. After thinking about it, she turned back to say to the man:”How dare you not get on your knees in front of our lord! Are you looking to die?”Saying that, she revealed her sharp fangs, and her eyes had also turned red. Fiercely, she continued,”Take off your hood as well!”

After she was done speaking, Tong Tong turned back with a fawning smile to Gu Yan:”He’s just a low-tier monster, so he’s a little stupid, please pardon him, my lord.”

Only then did Gu Yan let out a soft hum,”Get up.”

“Thank you, my lord.”Tong Tong finally sighed in relief as if a burden had been lifted off her.

“Don’t make any rash moves in the future.”Gu Yan gave her a look. He did not speak with a stern tone, but being looked at in such a way still gave Tong Tong the chills. She quickly nodded.

With stiff movements, the man took a few steps forward and knelt down in front of Gu Yan.

He slowly reached over to pull down its hood, revealing a spa.r.s.ely populated head of hair that looked as if it had been infected with favus. The entire thing looked extremely disgusting. Then, he took off its sungla.s.ses and its mask before slowly raising its head.

Beneath all of that was a horrifying face. Not a single inch of decent skin was left on its body, with most of it festered or bruised. The mixture of yellow, red, black, and purple was extremely terrifying. Both its eyes were swollen , and a pair of dull, murky yellow-brown coloured eyes could be seen beneath its heavy lids……How could this be called a person? He was simply a disgusting monster that looked as if its entire body was rife with deadly viruses. It really was no wonder why he had to wrap himself up like he did.

Still kneeling on the ground, he raised its head to look at Gu Yan with its turbid eyes. With an expression of devotion, a shattered and hoa.r.s.e voice spoke,”My lord, I will help you bring your nightmares into this world, and I am willing to die a million deaths for your cause.”

Gu Yan’s pupils shrunk. With a crack, he had turned the armrest he had been clutching into a thousand shards of sc.r.a.p!

A sharp surge of pain suddenly hit his forehead, and his vision blurred. A strong feeling of grief and helplessness overtook his heart……It felt as if some sort of pain or sorrow that had carved itself into his bones finally could not hold itself in anymore, and broke out violently. It wanted to mess up his mind, leaving him no routes of escape.

It was like the scene of a b.l.o.o.d.y sea filled with thousands of corpses suddenly appeared before him. He stood on top of the city’s walls, and beneath him was a mountain made up of nothing but bodies. There were those he knew among them, but also those he did not. There were the old and the weak; women and children; and also strong, young men. Both civilians and brothers in battle alike……They should have been alive and well……He wanted them to live, but he had no other choice but to kill them with his own hands. Because of that terrifying……contagious plague.

That city he had spent so much protecting had now turned into a h.e.l.lscape in the blink of an eye……

No……It was actually no plague at all. It was a demonic poison, a curse.

But he was powerless. The only way he could stop it was to kill……Kill all those that have been infected, he had to destroy the roots of evil right then and there!

His hands were covered in the bloods of all his compatriots, but why was he still alive at the very end?

Wasn’t he the one most unworthy to live?

“My lord! My lord! What happened?”Tong Tong’s shouts finally woke Gu Yan from the nightmare.

Gu Yan lowered his head and saw Tong Tong’s worried and fearful face. He was unable to control his own breathing earlier, and that might have scared this pitiful little demon silly. Gu Yan had to stiffen his face so as not to make himself appear overly grim.

That plague demon seemed to not have noticed anything, he was still kneeling quietly where he was.

The only meaning of its existence was to bring death to the human world. Its very death would serve to become the start of the humans’ nightmares. A plague demon was no more than a low-tier creature in the demon world, but for humans, they were something far more terrifying than an existence such as a high-tier demonic being. Because their entire bodies were covered in poison, and only a small bit of this poison had to be transferred onto a human being for them to turn into a demon themselves with no possible cure. Once turned, they would become beings who knew nothing but to kill, and those who were bitten or scratched by them would also lose all manner of their reason, and start to crave the flesh and blood of other humans. It was easy for them to raze an entire city with just one touch.

This was something far more terrifying than some simple epidemic.

But what just flashed into his mind a while ago? After Gu Yan came back to his senses, he found it a little hard to focus back on it.

It felt just like flashes of light, but he wasn’t able to catch anything.

Still, it did not feel very good. Perhaps this was the consequence of coming too close to a plague demon.

When he was at wit’s end, a plague demon was in fact a pretty good weapon to use against the humans. There was nothing a human could do about it, because no matter what way they chose to kill him, the poisonous mist would still spread out. The only way to deal with it was to kill off all the infected humans. It was just a mere low-tier monster, but it would always manage to make the humans pay out in hefty sacrifices.

Gu Yan did not think that it was currently a good time to mobilize this plague demon. An infected human tastes just like food that had been dropped into sand, they taste extremely disgusting.

If possible, he would prefer to be able to open the channels between the two worlds without much struggle. When that time comes, everything will be theirs, there would be no need to use something like a plague demon. They were just as disgusting as a bunch of rats from the sewers, and they would even contaminate their food.

Gu Yan looked at the man with disgust, and said to Tong Tong:”And this is the only thing you found?”

Tong Tong realized that Gu Yan was unhappy, so she started to tremble,”I……I just happened to notice him, and figured that letting it run around like this wasn’t the best idea either, so I might as well bring it back. Maybe it might even be of use to my lord……”

Gu Yan closed his eyes and spoke with an indifferent tone,”In that case, you better not go out anymore. Just stay here and look after him.”

Am I allowed to link NFS songs everytime w.a.n.g Duo shows up or are you guys going to beat me up

also I’m not tempted to tl street racing bl… Or just write one bc I have several street racing inspired ocs lol

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