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When I walked out from the shed, Gu Xiao An was still sleeping meanwhile Xiao Qi had woken up but still lay motionlessly on the ground allowing An An to treat it as a cushion.

I laughed when I saw this then I walked over and squatted down to pat Xiao Qi’s head. Xiao Qi barked softly one time, sticking out its tongue and happiness could be seen from its eyes.

At this time, a pair of male shoes appeared in front of me. I raised my head up and saw Jay standing neither too close nor far, smilingly asking me: “Finished shooting?”

“Yes, Fu Jun Yan’s perception is very good. One shot pa.s.sed.”

He nodded his head and looked at An An, “Just now I accompanied him, this little guy woke up for a while and said want to drink water, in the end he went back to sleep again.”

I only noticed the cup in his hand after hearing what he said. I nodded my head to express my grat.i.tude, then I got up to take An An’s bag that was hanging on the back of the chair. I took out the milk bottle from inside the bag then reached out my hand to take the cup from Jay.

I realised that it was a cup of cold water when I touched the cup so I smiled awkwardly and withdrew my hand to put the milk bottle back into the bag.

Jay was a bit shocked when he saw what I did but he didn’t get angry about it, only asked me: “What’s wrong?”

“An An still very young so his digestive system is still not so good, it’s not very good to drink too much cold water, need to drink more warm water.” Brushing away his kindness, I felt a bit embarra.s.sed for saying that.

He was in doubt upon hearing what I said but he still nodded his head then withdrew back his hand and kind-heartedly said: “Xiao Ai, I didn’t have warm water over there, let me go asked Mei Jie to boil water for An An.”

I felt that it was not necessary so I shook my head and stretched out my hand to stop him from turning around and said: “No need so troublesome, Jay. I have a film shooting tonight so I’m going to bring An An back home. We have warm water at home.”

He stopped his movement and nodded his head reluctantly but then suddenly he asked me: “Xiao Ai, I heard about the car accident, did you adopt An An?”

I subconsciously lowered down my head to look at An An if he was still sleeping because only then I dare to say out. I waved my hand to confirmed one more time that An An was still sleeping then I said softly: “The one who adopted An An was my father. I don’t have enough qualifications to adopt and become his mother but I can become his sister.”

When Jay saw what I did, he felt that the question he asked was rather abrupt so he smiled at me awkwardly and said: ” You will be a good sister.”

I didn’t say anything but then I heard him continue: “Xiao Ai, it’s your first time shooting a film and you don’t have an a.s.sistant or a manager. One person joined the crew and bring a child along. I’ve discussed with Mei Jie and our company very optimistic about you. Do you want to sign the same management company as me? A lot of things will be easier if you have a manager. The company will send at least one a.s.sistant to help you take care of the child and you won’t be so tired. What do you think?”

“I’m not tired and for the time being I didn’t want to sign to any management company. Jay, thank you for your kind attention and thank Mei Jie on my behalf.”

I smiled and saw some disappointment appeared in his eyes then I heard him asking: “Xiao Ai, why did you call me on that day?”

Adults are different from children. An An will cry when he hurts, hug me and throw some tantrums. However adults can’t do that, adults have responsibility, have to hide to cry, have to act tough when feeling sad or afraid.

And so as Gu Bao Bei. She will avoid the whole world to cry sorrowfully, yet she’s not afraid of being seen by Jay … perhaps out of habit, she always thinks of him during sadness, not afraid to let him see her most miserable moment, not afraid to …..

I didn’t say a word and after covering up my emotions then I took the courage to look at him seriously for the first time and said: “Oh, I’m so sorry, I was so terrified that I accidentally pressed on your number. Jay, I’m really sorry.”

Upon hearing it, Jay’s eyes drooped. But then An An was woken up when he wanted to say something. That little fellow who was leaning on Xiao Qi’s back rubbed his eyes and when he saw me standing next to him, he immediately hugged my legs and sweetly talked to me: “Jie Jie! Carry An An!”

Xiao Qi also joined in with a bark and shook its tail, then sticked out its tongue to lick its own paws.

I secretly felt relieved, happily took the blanket that was used by An An, and picked up the blanket that was spread out on the floor, put the blankets on the chair, hung An An’s bag and then I reached my hand out to carry An An.

Jay hurriedly stopped me when he saw I was bending my body as I wanted to pick up the blankets on the chair. He grabbed the blankets and put all the blankets into his embrace, the abrupt action was somehow a bit embarra.s.sing. He also felt it that way so he scratched his head and said: “You bring An An back home, I’ll help you return the blankets.”

Then he turned his head and lowered his voice to ask An An: “An An, aren’t you thirsty?”

When he asked this, the little fellow in my embrace straightened up his body, stared at Jay while puffing his cheek. I was stunned when I saw this att.i.tude. Then the little fellow turned his head to look at me. Like a puppy, his little head rubbed against my neck and acted like a spoiled child: “Jie Jie! Jie Jie! An An want to drink milk!”

“An An have to wait, I’ll make milk for you when we reach home.” I stroked the little fellow’s head. This time round I cannot be bothered about Jay anymore. I nodded my head to him and carried An An to go home. Xiao Qi also followed me from behind, shaking his tail and run forward. And from time to time, it will turned around to look back at me and An An, as if it knew we’re going home and can’t wait for it.

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