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Chapter 354: Meeting Makoto Miki Again

“That's big trouble!” General Bai said. “It's the holiday season now and there aren't many guards stationed in the prison. I'm back in my hometown too!”

“They must have thought of that. That's why they're making their move now,” Tang Hao said.

“These Dongying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are cunning!” General Bai said angrily. “No, this won't do! If they manage to break him out of prison, then it'll be a great embarra.s.sment.

“I'll inform the prison now so that they can strengthen their defenses. I'll dispatch the military there too.”

“That's not going to be enough. They won't breach the prison by brute force. They'll definitely be infiltrating the prison with the ninja cultivators. The military won't be able to stop them,” Tang Hao said.

“So what should we do? There are a lot of people in the Agency, but once the holidays are here, they've become uncontactable. I don't think most of them would be able to make it even if I manage to contact them.”

Tang Hao furrowed his brows. “How about this. I'll try to contact Mao Mountain. I have quite a good relationship with them, and Mao Mountain is relatively close to Provincial City.”

“Alright, I'll leave this to them then. Qian Ji should be there enjoying his holidays too!” General Bai laughed.

After the call ended, Tang Hao gave a call to Taoist Master Qian Ji.

The call was picked up after a long time.

“Heeeeeeey, who is it?”

Over the phone, Taoist Master Qian Ji's voice was lazy and dragged out. Then, he yelped in pain. “Ow ow ow! Lighter, please! Are you trying to kill me, Miss?”

“Sorry!” A feminine voice was heard in the background.

Tang Hao was speechless.

'What is Taoist Master Qian Ji doing?'

“It's me!” Tang Hao said.

Taoist Master Qian Ji was taken aback. “Oh, so it's Lil Bro Tang! Happy Lunar New Year, riches and prosperity to all of us! Where are you now? Having fun somewhere?”

“I'm not having fun!” Tang Hao said exasperatedly.

“Hey, Lil Bro Tang, why are you so angry during Lunar New Year? Why, did you get dumped? That's good news! I can introduce some hotties to you.”

“That's not good news! Wait… I'm not dumped!” Tang Hao was helpless.

“So why are you so angry?”

“I'm calling you because of serious business, Taoist Master. Do you remember the Miki Group that I asked you before?”

“Oh, I remember!” Taoist Master Qian Ji said. Then, he screamed again. “Ow ow ow! Are you trying to murder me, Miss?”

Then, chuckles and laughter could be heard in the background.

“You're too weak, First Senior Brother!”

“Haha, that won't do, First Senior Brother!”

“Go away! Don't laugh at my pain, you rascals!” Taoist Master Qian Ji cursed.

'What the h.e.l.l? What are these people doing? Did they go to a ma.s.sage parlor in a group?' Tang Hao rolled his eyes.

“Miki Group is back in Huaxia. They've brought with them a bunch of ninja cultivators to break someone out of prison!”

“What? A prison break?” Taoist Master Qian Ji immediately jumped. “These Dongying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are too brazen!”

“What? The Dongying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are here?” The people around him started shouting indignantly.

“They're here to break someone out from prison!” Taoist Master Qian Ji shouted.

“F*ck! These Dongying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds dare to step into Huaxia again? They must have a death wish!”

“F*ck these Dongying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

The other Taoist masters were worked up.

“Silence! Silence! I'm talking to Lil Bro Tang here!” Taoist Master Qian Ji reprimanded them. The noise around him died down.

“There shouldn't be as many of them this time. You don't have to bring too many people with you, maybe about ten of the more powerful ones, and meet me at Provincial City. Then, send maybe another ten to Westridge.”

“Understood!” Taoist Master Qian Ji replied instantly.

“Enough of this ma.s.sage, my Junior Brothers! Let's go and kick some Dongying b.u.t.t!” Taoist Master Qian Ji yelled.

A loud cheer could be heard in the background.

The ma.s.seuses were dumbfounded when they saw all that happen. They thought that they had been servicing a bunch of old lunatics.

After the call, Tang Hao returned to Dragonrock Village, picked up Sis Xiangyi, and returned home.

About three hours later, he arrived at Octagon Alley in Provincial City and met up with the group of Taoist masters.

There were fifteen people in total, and they were all familiar faces. They soon warmed up to each other after chatting for a bit.

“Those Dongying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have gone overboard! I just want to spend my holidays in peace. We ought to teach them a lesson,” Taoist Master Qian Ji said angrily.

“Right! Right! Kill 'em all!” The Taoist masters replied.

Tang Hao thought for a while and looked at the sky. “How about this. We'll go to the prison and transfer the person out. If a fight breaks out there, innocent people will be harmed.”

“Good idea!” Taoist Master Qian Ji immediately agreed to it.

“Ol' Bai has already informed the prison authorities. We'll just have to go over and pick the guy up.”

Tang Hao drove his car and went to the prison in the countryside with the other Taoist masters.

Security was tight in front of the prison. Several military trucks were parked there. General Bai's people must have arrived first.

Tang Hao and Taoist Master Qian Ji showed their identification doc.u.ments. They were brought into the prison.

After pa.s.sing many security checkpoints, they arrived at the most interior section of the prison. They saw Makoto Miki in a cell.

Makoto Miki had lost a lot of weight. His cheeks and eye sockets were sunken and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked like a skeleton.

Evidently, he had been suffering ever since he was captured.

The historical grudge between Huaxia and Dongying was long and bitter. A criminal like him would not be treated well in a Huaxia prison.

Tang Hao heard that Dongying had sent many official diplomatic requests to have Makoto Miki extradited, but they were all rejected.

That must be why the Miki family would want to break him out of prison.

“Haha! My people must be here for me! You all are dead now!”

Makoto Miki laughed maniacally as he was dragged out of the cell by two prison wardens.

“You're all finished, Huaxia pigs! Hahaha!” Makoto Miki looked more crazed than ever.

Then, he noticed Tang Hao, who was standing not far away.

He was immediately dumbstruck. His face contorted horribly as though he had seen something horrific.

“Demon! You demon… Why is he here? Quick, lock me up again! I don't want to leave! Please, I beg you, lock me back inside!”

Makoto Miki fell on his knees and resisted. He was crying and screaming.

“F*ck me! What did you do to him, Lil Bro Tang? He's like a different person!” Taoist Master Qian Ji was shocked.

“Nothing, I only killed some people,” Tang Hao said impa.s.sively, “No, they are not people. They're animals!”

Then, he slowly walked over to the crying man.

“You. Stand up. I'll count to three. I'll kill you if you don't!” Tang Hao towered over him with his hands behind him. His tone of voice was chilling.

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