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What happened next was even more frightening , three soldiers armed with a.s.sault rifles were keep shooting the monster. through the binoculars chu can barely see that there seem be dim red lights flickered around the monster every time when bullets. .h.i.t it. Only few of bullets. .h.i.t its leg,but it did not hurt the monster but only provoke the monster becoming more aggressive.
After a loud shrill roar  it ran towards the soldiers who were still shooting it,  it was fast, fast then chu can ever imagine,  you can only describe that speed as teleport.

Just shortly after it ran towards the soldiers, chu noticed where the monster was before there is a body looks like a human, it has dismember into three pieces, all the red and white internal organ were spread on top of destroyed car. Chu felts sudden of sickness, almost about to throw up. 

The monster caught two soldiers who did not even have time to run away,  one on each claws, they were struggling but it does not seem to help, the monster slowly close the claws cut them into half. 
Those two soldiers did not die immediately, one of them use his hands crawling on the ground trying to get away with his half body. Blood are everywhere. But the monster is not satisfied, it puts one of its food on the back of that soldier, the razor sharp foot easily penetrate the soldier and sticks him onto the ground. Then comes another roar, this time is different it is with pleasure. the monster moves its claws back and forth. it is like the celebration of victory.

Is this h.e.l.l or earth, am i crazy now ? am i hallucinating now ? is this what the book is saying “we will be doomed” chu can not stop shaking his body and keeps thinking. Then it suddenly stops, he holds his breath, the face has completely turned pale, sweat is running down from this head. He is scared to make any sound, all he could hear is his heart beat.
It was The b.l.o.o.d.y monster.  instead of chasing the last soldier who ran away.  it is staring at his building right now.
“WTF Why is it looking at here, is it looking at me, go chase that guy who shot you, i did not do anything to you…... ” chu’s head fill with those thoughts, he is begging the monster to leave. But then he heard noise coming from downstairs, he take a quick peek through the hole, A woman wearing a white down jacket trying to climb up the building, the downstairs  neighbor already got their windows and balcony blocked with metal reinforcement bars
it just happens to provide the support for this woman to climb up. 

Although chu lives on the 6th floor and the women just reached the second floor. but he did not doubt that this women could climb up to the top floor.  Under the extreme situation human will often reveal some crazy power to do some crazy things. 

Chu was alarmed, he knew the monster want to come to get this women, he also knew that vicious animals are not easily give up on the preys,with the powerful claws and corrosive ability it has,  it can easily climb up to 12 floor, what if it climb up to sixth floor or get into the building from any floor, no matter in which scenario, it is not difficult for the monster to break into his flats.
while chu is thinking for the solutions in panic, the monster start to slowly approach the building, four razor sharp legs easily pierced into the building wall steadily climb up stairs. Chu guess all the people in this building are scared to death right now, including the neighbour lives upstairs who he met quite often.

The whole world suddenly seemed to become silent, the women is desperately trying to climb up higher and higher, she does not even

have time to call for help . the monster just one floor below her, chu believes that if monster jumps it can easily catches this women with claws, she will be dead for sure.

The monster opens its claws,  it probably run out of patience, wants to end this boring hunting game as soon as possible.  When It just about to grab the women, the book which was quietly sat on the bed for the whole time, suddenly glows a dazzling colorful light,chu’s spirits in 4th dimension instantly experience unprecedented power coming from evvery where, the world yuan qi seemed to be tossed around in the whole s.p.a.ce. 

That monster must have felt the power too, it made a loud scream, in its scream chu can sense the sadness and little bit terror.  Then it surprises him that the monster quickly climb down the building flee into the darkness and disappear from everyone's sight, it only took it few second even faster than when it attacked the soldiers. 
Chu quickly grab the book and hold it tightly, the book has return to normal  but left chu with surprise and so many questions. The women was saved by the people who live on the third floor, when the danger was eliminated, she was stuck on 3rd floor, she was exhausted and could not climb up nor get down. When she was finally got saved and got into the building, she started to crying out loud that everyone in the building could hear it.

Chu put back the metal plate seals the windows, he just noticed that his back is wet. The death was very close to him, if the book did not glow, not only the women will die, everyone in this building including him will be dead, so he made up his mind, from now on, no matter where he goes, book will stay with him, even taking a dump in the toilet he will still take it with him.

The neighbour lives upstairs told him that someone s.h.i.t themselves on that day, but it definitely was not him, the women 3rd floor saved come from a rich family, on that day her boyfriend got permission from army that allows them to go outside the protection zone, so she came out with her boyfriend to have some fun. But when they were on the way back, that  tragic happened, her boyfriend died on the scene immediately, she was traumatised.

After that incident, the whole housing estate became quieter, army took the destroyed car away also the liquid that monster left behind, some people were being asked about the description of the monster. Later on one more tank and armor vehicle were deployed and stationed on street where incident was happened  

The later on few days, it was not like what chu was worried about. And it also was not like what book was predicted monster will flood into this world. What happened was just like a nightmare.  That monster did not come back, but neighbour lives upstairs said they have discovered the monsters in other area as well. Military used heavy machine gun on those monsters but not until their lost dozen of soldiers did they just killed of them.

Chu is very nervous right now, a sense of powerlessness has been hit him so hard, if it was not his book, he already went crazy.

Practice!  Practice! I have to make storage yuan fu, then  make six armor yuan fu. Chu has been constantly practising day and night .although there is no such thing as day after sun is gone. 

He spend 8 days recovered all the yuan qi,  finally at this time it is was success. When chu finally saw the fu was glowing the golden light, he was almost shout it out. He had spend 30 days to prepare for this moment,he could not bear another failure..

It was a wonderful and a little bit bizarre experience; chu was reciting incantations with his mouth,and making “the sword  Hand Gestures” 1  with his hands and fingers, the yuan qi started to circulate inside yuan fu, yuan fu shoots out a orange light, whatever the light reached and it does not attached to the ground or wall will be lifted in the air, if chu reciting the incantations to store . the stuff will be shrinked and fly towards fu become a strange symbol on the storage fu. When he stored everything he has in the yuan fu, he then change the incantations. the storage yuan fu  become a beam of light project towards chu’s arm, become patten on his arm, then the incantation is completed.     
Through the spirits in the fourth dimensions, he clearly sense that the yuan qi is very active around the pattern on his arm, he can also sense all the stuff that stores in the storage yuan fu. He is excited for few days and play it around couple of times to test its abilities.

Few days later, gunshot start again.

The Sword Gesture (剑指)
Sword Gesture is used for casting spells, draw talismans on the air and water, consecrating / empowering talismans

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