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Chapter 774: Chapter 774 What Is Deity

What exactly is Deity?

How many levels are there above the Deity realm?

How does it feel to become a Deity?

Why is becoming a Deity able to solve the danger of the collapse of the zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce caused by directly impacting the Original Conscious Core before cultivating the Life Force?

These problems had troubled Chu Yunsheng for a long time, and they were the secrets he once wanted to know the most.

But now, it was no longer important.

Deityhood was a cage, an invisible cage. This was what Chu Yunsheng learned after he got the deityhood. This was also what the Guardian realized after it gave the deityhood out.

After Chu Yunsheng got the deityhood, he saw the dreary smile of despair on the Guardian’s face as its vast and forlorn figure gradually merged with the earth.

He could not bring himself to hate it anymore because the Earth was the Guardian, and the Guardian was the Earth.

It was not a lowly program, but the earth that was locked in a cage. It was not Father, but the greatest Mother who gave birth to all human beings.

After he got the deityhood, he also saw the pictures and heard the sound that was stored in the cage.

In those pictures, her limbs were cruelly chopped off and her eyes were gouged out. All her internal organs were replaced with various b.l.o.o.d.y testing tubes. Her body was chained up, and her consciousness was erased, she was treated like an animal that was waiting to be slaughtered.

But even so, the people who locked her in the cage still did not think that it was enough. They used deityhood, this cage, to lock her and then used the energy remaining at the beginning of the universe to torture her. Even billions of years after they were gone, the cage still didn’t stop torturing her for a single second.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know why she deserved to be treated so cruelly!

However, despite her being treated like this, it still couldn’t reduce her motherly love for humans and other life on earth. Although she was trapped in the s.p.a.ce-time pit and locked in the cage, she tried everything she could to protect her children without any regrets.

In order to prevent her children from seeing her “ugly” and “horrible” b.l.o.o.d.y appearance, and in order to prevent her children from feeling inferior, she left all the pain to herself and turned into a glorious image Chu Yunsheng once saw.

Nevertheless, she didn’t expect that even this small detail was also predicted by her enemy. She thought by turning into a glorious image of Guardian would give her children hope, but it turned out that this was exactly what her enemy wanted, because this look was her enemy’s look. The sad thing was that she only learned about this after she gave out the deityhood.

Chu Yunsheng knew why there was despair in her smile. She did everything possible to send her children out of the cage. But in the future, when her children encounter their true enemies, they would mistake them for her, and treat them as their guardians and their benefactors…

There was nothing more cruel and despicable in the world than this!

She may have noticed that something was wrong hundreds of millions of years ago. That was why she tried to eavesdrop on the conversation between the senior pract.i.tioner and the owner of the Seven Divine Nails. After all, those two people could see the information she could not see. But she was only able to learn this information until today, the day she died.

She didn’t want humans to avenge her. She only hoped that her children who escaped from the Earth could live safely. Therefore, she only told all seven eras to avoid their enemies in the future. Chu Yunsheng knew this better than anyone, because “Guardian” had never mentioned it to him.

But she still didn’t expect that every move of hers had already been predicted by other people.

Therefore, when she looked at Chu Yunsheng for the last time, there was helplessness, bitterness, and perhaps, some pleas in her eyes.

She had hurt Chu Yunsheng too much. The death of everyone he cared about more or less had her involvement. She didn’t even dare to ask him for forgiveness, let alone asking him to help her. Not to mention that this help would definitely make everyone in the seventh era think that he had lost his mind. So she felt hopeless and helpless.

In the end, she seemed to want to say “I’m sorry” to Chu Yunsheng, not only because of what she had done to him in the past but also mistakenly putting Chu Yunsheng in a new cage. However, she was dying. She didn’t even have the energy to say a single word.

But Chu Yunsheng understood what she wanted to say. He grabbed a handful of soil, looked back at her, and said softly with a smile, “Don’t worry.”

She seemed to have heard it, so she smiled…


When Chu Yunsheng stepped into the s.p.a.ce tunnel, the transfer of the deityhood was finally completed. At the same time, the mother of mankind, the earth, also died!

The painful constraints imposed by the s.p.a.ce tunnel on him disappeared in an instant. Because at this time, he was locked into the zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce by the deity cage.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn’t know anything about the deityhood, he had a weapon that the Guardian didn’t have – black energy. It was a type of energy that could even penetrate the membrane of s.p.a.ce, so how could he not penetrate a deity cage?

As soon as he entered the zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce, he gathered Wuzi fragments to form his human body, flew up to the bottom of the black energy vortex, and began to attack the cage outside the vortex at high frequency.

If he could not penetrate the cage with a single attack, then he would attack twice; if twice did not work, then he would try again and again until he could penetrate the cage…

There was no concept of time in the zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce. Everything depended on his own feelings. When Chu Yunsheng got tired, he would rest; when he regained his energy, he would immediately continue to attack.

The entire zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce was shaking and restless under his sword energy bombardment as if it might collapse at any time.

Not knowing how long it had pa.s.sed, when Chu Yunsheng’s attack reached the most intense moment. He suddenly heard a familiar voice. “Little Thing, stop, this is a good thing. You are going to ruin it.”

Then Chu Yunsheng saw a silhouette. As soon as he saw this silhouette, he blurted it out in shock, “You, you are not dead!”


In the universe, atoms of the fundamental elements were the same in nature, no matter how many they were light-years apart.

Hydrogen atoms were widely distributed in all corners of the universe, while oxygen atoms were rare. When the two were combined, they would become the basis of human existence—water.

And water molecules at low temperatures, whether they were on the Earth, or on the moon, or on some other planets, were pretty much the same. They were shaped by the forces within atoms and the forces between molecules.

Therefore, the snow on the tall mountains and mountainside was basically the same as the snow on earth. Even if they were affected by dark energy, their only differences were their shapes and sizes. It meant that if there was an avalanche, people would be buried and killed.

Before the country with the largest population on the earth pa.s.sed through the s.p.a.ce tunnel, it grouped its people into tens of thousands of large and small camps and numbered them accordingly. Among them, No. 187 camp, which was the camp that crossed the s.p.a.ce tunnel much earlier than the majority of people, was made of many of the upper-cla.s.s people. However, when they came out of the s.p.a.ce tunnel, they did not have the same good luck they had on earth. They actually fell on the mountainside that was covered in deep snow.

Everyone who came out of the exit rolled down the steep mountainside like raindrops. Due to the irreversibility of the tunnel, the people who came out had no way to inform the people who hadn’t come out to be ready, or simply choose other tunnels.

Although the manpower and material resources of the No. 187 camp were not as good as the first 100 camps, it was still sufficient and excellent. The search and rescue professionals who came out of the tunnel first with the soldiers gradually gained a firm foothold, and very soon, they began to rescue other people who were buried by heavy snow.

Because experts had considered the temperature problem in advance, there were plenty of things to keep out the cold and heat. The search and rescue personnel had no time to appreciate the beauty of the new world. They hurriedly put on cold protective clothing, then a red and yellow coat and vest, and start saving people

The soldiers, organized by officers in small groups of three or more, fanned out to keep watch and find the best place to make their temporary encampment.

They were the only people who had time to take a look at the new world. In terms of the scientific teams, they were all busy looking for scattered instruments, a.s.sembling, debugging, and measuring atmospheric environmental data at the fastest speed to prevent chronic poisoning and other accidents.

“Quick, there’s one more here!” Zhou Daqian, a search and rescue officer in the red uniform, smashed open a ball of snow and pulled out a child from below. The teammates in the yellow clothes immediately carried the unconscious child away.

Zhou Daqian looked at the engineering staff on the mountainside that was busy building a temporary landing platform for the people who would come out next, feeling very anxious.

His wife and child were part of the fifth batch that was going to enter the s.p.a.ce tunnel. If they could not build the landing platform before the fifth batch entered the s.p.a.ce tunnel, it would be very dangerous for his wife and kid.

The people at the exit were still rushing out “ignorantly”. The solid pile built by the engineering staff was knocked over in a blink of an eye. Endless people and materials tumbled down from the mountainside. If they couldn’t find a way to build a platform soon, not only his child would suffer, but the entire No. 187 camp would suffer heavy losses.

He wanted to go to help those engineers. At least, he could help those people who had come out to move out of the way. However, before he could move a few steps forward, he saw a naked man suddenly fall down from the sky.

Fortunately, he evaded in time, so the naked man only fell into the snow next to him.

“f.u.c.k me, why is this man naked!” Zhou Daqian looked around and waved to his teammates, “Hey! Here, yes, here, come here, there is one more here. He is still alive.”

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