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Chapter 773: Chapter 773 Goodbye, Earth!

“You all must be thinking that I’m crazy, right?” Chu Yunsheng looked at the slowly changing and distorted s.p.a.ce tunnel on the seash.o.r.e in the distance and said, “I know what I am doing. This tunnel may be safe for you all to pa.s.s, but it is not safe for me.”

“My lord? Why is that?” Buterne was shocked. No one knew about this matter except the Guardian, and Chu Yunsheng also didn’t say it until today.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said, “It’s actually not very bad. I’ve borrowed something from someone I know, and that thing should be able to protect me.”

“That person! ?” Buterne and Ashe blurted out at the same time. The fear that the Guardian gave them had penetrated into their souls.

Ba Yi was not on the yacht at the time, so he didn’t know what was going on.

Chu Yunsheng nodded and said, “Yes, but even with that thing, I can’t guarantee that I will be with you after pa.s.sing through the s.p.a.ce tunnel because of strong interference. And even if I happened to be with you, I may be very weak and may not be able to wear this armor again. Therefore, no matter if I’m with you or not, I need someone to wear this armor. Otherwise, you know what would happen better than me. I don’t need to tell you about the consequences of the internal chaos of vampires. I just want to remind you that in the new world, without this set of armor and those flags that represent the undead king, we will all die very quickly. ”

“My lord, I am not qualified to wear your armor. I think it is better for…” Seeing that Chu Yunsheng was determined, Ashe wanted to recommend other people to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng interrupted her. He pointed at the armor and said, “I know you don’t want it, but no one else can wear it apart from you. The blood recognized by this set of armor is currently flowing inside your body. You are the only choice I have.”

Ashe naturally understood what Chu Yunsheng was saying. After the blood transfusion that night, regardless of whether she had betrayed the oath before or not, she already had such qualifications. This was also something that Buterne didn’t want to see.

Chu Yunsheng continued, “Don’t worry, the side effects of wearing the armor have been removed by me. After removing the armor, there will not be any problems like before. After we cross the s.p.a.ce tunnel, if I am not with you, you have to wear this armor until I reunite with you. If you are exposed, Buterne can prove that it was me who ordered you to put on this armor. They will not be able to do anything to you.”

He then turned his gaze to Buterne. Under his gaze, Buterne had to accept it even though she was extremely unwilling to.

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will land in a different place. This is just a preventive measure.”

“My lord, if you, if you landed in a different place, how would we be able to find you? And…” Seeing that there was no way to change Chu Yunsheng’s decision, Buterne thought for a second and asked another question that she was worried about, “And, if you are not with us, who should we listen to?”

Chu Yunsheng said lightly, “You will be the main decision-maker, and Ashe will be your a.s.sistant. In major matters, everyone will take orders from both of you. However, considering the luxury lifestyle the vampires used to live in, if I let you take charge of the supplies we have prepared, you would probably waste it all after we arrived at the new world. So Miss Wen will be responsible for the logistics and supplies. In addition, considering the shortcomings of the vampires, if you encounter the problems such as sunlight, you need Ba Yi’s a.s.sistance, especially at dangerous times. I hope you four will work together to lead this force.”

Ba Yi couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “Why don’t we work with the government and the military? I heard that you have turned down their cooperation proposal.”

Chu Yunsheng looked at the others and found that they all had the same doubts.

“We will cooperate when it is necessary. But that is not now. At the moment, we just need to let them know that we are a powerful independent force. Also, all of you need to remember, unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t show our power in front of normal people.” Chu Yunsheng said solemnly.

“Why?” Wen Luo, who had been listening quietly, couldn’t help asking.

Chu Yunsheng was silent for a moment. After thinking about it, he eventually decided to tell them, “Because I have an agreement with that person. He gives me what I need, and I will stay hidden from the public. But personally, I also don’t like to get involved with their business.”

Wen Luo, Buterne, and Ashe all gasped in shock at the same time. Chu Yunshneg could even have an agreement with the being that was worshiped by people all around the world. Just the thought of it would make them shiver in fear.

Ba Yi was not there at the time, so he didn’t know what they were talking about, but from the reactions of other people around him, he could still guess something.

“Now you know the reason, Ashe, put on the armor.” Chu Yunsheng turned around, facing the sea, and said.

In the eyes of everyone, Ashe hesitated. But eventually, she still put on the armor with the help of three maids. “Now go and wait for the tunnel to open completely with the rest of the people. I want to be alone for a while.” Feeling that everyone was still waiting for his instruction after Ashe put on the armor, Chu Yunsheng said with his back to them…

After everyone left, Chu Yunsheng sat on the cliff facing the wind. While stroking the cheek of the nervous horse, he gazed at the end of the horizon. Over there, there was a land where many of his old acquaintances were buried.

There were Xiaohai who was killed by a Green-sh.e.l.led insect, Jiang Ye who was the first teammate he buried, Commander Du who he hated and admired, and a little girl called Meng Meng, who was saved by him and later killed by him. There were also Ke Qian’er who killed Elder Purple and his other insect brothers, Dumb Insect… There were his parents, his family, his girlfriend, his daughter; his love, his hate, and his everything…

The wind ruffled his hair, but it could not dry his tears.

No one knew how long it had been, the s.p.a.ce channel at the foot of the cliff suddenly opened. It radiated light like water waves, connecting another world tens of thousands of light-years away.

Facing the sea, Chu Yunsheng shouted to the opposite side of the sea, “I’m leaving! Did you hear me? I’m leaving now!”

His voice hit huge bubbles and bounced back like echoes from across the sea, “I’m leaving! Did you hear me? I’m leaving now!…”

Chu Yunsheng shouted, “I heard it!”

From the sea, “I heard it!”

Chu Yunsheng, “How are you over there?”

From the sea, “How are you over there?”

Chu Yunsheng, “I’m fine…”

From the sea, “I’m fine…”

Chu Yunsheng, “I will miss you.”

From the sea, “I will miss you.”

Chu Yunsheng burst into tears and shouted, “I’m leaving.”

From the sea, “I’m leaving…”

The light of the setting sun was dazzling. Chu Yunsheng mounted the horse and rode away from the cliff, leaving the view of his back to the sea. Numerous beautiful and sparkling bubbles “watched” his back disappear behind the cliff as they slowly flew into the sky, turning into teardrops of the sea…

The boiling ocean, the rising earth, the colorful fire under the seven stars, and the bright light of the setting Sun, Chu Yunsheng seemed to understand something all of sudden after he received the deityhood. He grabbed a handful of earth from the ground and looked back at the world behind him for the last time. Then he turned around and stepped into the s.p.a.ce tunnel…

Goodbye, Earth!

Goodbye, Guardian of Mankind!

On a planet three thousand light-years away. At the far north end of the continent, a gate suddenly opened on a mountainside, and countless creatures from another world fell down like raindrops…

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