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Chapter 772: Chapter 772 Put It On

Translator: Doggotranslation

Chu Yun rode the horse all the way to a cliff before the sea.

Before the cliff, the ocean was turbulent like boiling water. Many bubbles the size of a house rose from the ocean and burst in the air.

Countless dead bodies of marine life floated back and forth in the undulating waves caused by bubbles, and some were even wrapped in bubbles. Under the huge gravitational pull of the seven planets that were approaching the earth, the bubbles slowly rose up, reflecting the colorful sunlight, forming the unprecedented scenery of doomsday.

Even Chu Yunsheng, who had seen many “bizarre phenomena”, was shocked by what he saw with his eyes. If the end of the world he had experienced in the Sixth Era was oppressive and dark, then what happened in the Sixth Era was magnificent and spectacular scenery.

He adjusted his body and tried to control the nervous retreating horse. However, the blood horse could not fully feel the weight of his heavy armor. Due to the gravitational pull of the seven stars in the sky, the weight of him and the seventeen blood hors.e.m.e.n became much lighter.

On the way to the cliff, he even saw a piglet being lifted in the air.

The gravitational pull of seven stars not only made people feel weightless, but it even caused people’s blood to surge to their heads. In the past two days alone, countless people had died because of the surge of human blood into the head, causing a ma.s.sive increase in pressure on blood vessels in the brain.

The Guardian once said that half of the lives on earth would die before reaching the new world and before even pa.s.sing through the s.p.a.ce tunnel.

Now it seemed that it was not an exaggeration at all. In fact, it might even be an optimistic estimate.

Even if they could safely pa.s.s through the s.p.a.ce tunnel and reach the new world, many people would still die in the new world. After all, the new world was not heaven, it was a new environment with endless unknown dangers.

Chu Yunsheng got off the nervous horse, stuck his sword on the cliff, and then tied the horse to the sword. He sat on the ground, opened his visor, and waited quietly while facing the sea.

After everyone arrived, he turned around and said to the three maids who were responsible for taking off his armor, “I need you to take off my armor now.”

The three maids hurried forward to take off Chu Yunsheng’s armor.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. But since Chu Yunsheng didn’t say anything in advance, they could only wait for Chu Yunsheng to explain to them later.

About ten minutes later, the three maids skillfully removed the armor completely and combined them beside Chu Yunsheng.

Just when everyone thought that Chu Yunsheng was going to explain what he was doing, he did something that shocked everyone. “You, put it on.” He pointed at Ashe and said.

Those words were like a bolt out of the blue, causing everyone to be stunned.

The armor itself didn’t have much value to those vampires. What was important was what it represented. Because not many people had seen Chu Yunsheng’s real appearance before, so if Ashe put on the armor, except for the people present, the rest of the vampires that were far away from them at the moment would only treat Ashe as their real lord.

Buterne really didn’t understand what her lord was thinking. If he was looking for a stand-in, why would he choose Ashe? Besides, on the yacht that night, didn’t the relationship between her lord and Ashe deteriorated? How did she regain the trust of her lord again?

Ashe also didn’t understand what was going on. She hurriedly knelt down, not daring to put the armor on at all. It was not that she was worried about the side effect of putting on the armor, but that once it was exposed that it was her who was wearing the armor, the rest of the vampires would definitely want to kill her.

. . .

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