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Chapter 771: Chapter 771 The Place Where the Lord’s Flag Is Heading

In order to welcome the arrival of Chu Yunsheng, the vampires in Los Angeles prepared a grand banquet at their headquarters. At the moment, there were floods everywhere around the world, the seven stars were also about to hit the earth, and the people around the world were struggling to flee from the disaster, but those vampires actually held an extravagant banquet. Probably only those ancient vampires would do something like this.

Some people had also raised objections, suggesting to save money, reduce expenses, and use limited resources for the new world that the undead king had predicted; however, after all, such voices were too few and too weak, and they were condemned and mocked by most people as soon as they were raised.

For vampires who were accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle, they definitely would not handle the most important event in the history of vampires hastily and carelessly.

The return of the undead king was of great significance. It would not only wash away the false accusations that they had been corrupted for thousands of years, but would also inform the world of their orthodoxy and perseverance. It would help them to clear their names and obtain the core rights of vampires. Therefore, it must be unprecedentedly grand and solemn.

To this end, they not only invited some high-ranking government officials who secretly communicated with vampires, as well as top-secret US military officials, but also changed the “invitation” to “notice” and sent them to other “rebellious” vampire families in Los Angeles.

“Notice” or “invitation”; which one should be used was the most intense debate in the vampire headquarters before the banquet began. As for the trivial matter of whether they should be saving food instead of wasting food, its proposals had never even been brought to the table.

After Buterne reported to Chu Yunsheng about the news she had just received from the headquarters, she became a little absent-minded.

At the party that night, she was not drunk. But she still couldn’t figure out why she could not stay awake. This morning, after Chu Yunsheng woke her up, she realized that she had slept through the entire evening without even realizing it.

Because of this, she felt very anxious.

In the past, the most intuitive and deepest impression Chu Yunsheng gave her was only the powerful strength and ruthlessness. But it still hadn’t reached an extent that would make her soul tremble. However, what happened in the last two days was completely different. The true power of the beings that were at the level of the undead king shocked her like never before. Whether it was the fearsome being that had been painted on many religious paintings or the suffocating woman who came last night.

She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that the woman wanted her to see her. However, with just one quick glance, her soul almost came out of her body. It was as if what she saw was not a woman, but the world after death.

She didn’t know what happened afterward. After waking up, Chu Yunsheng was still there, but the woman disappeared. There were no signs of fighting, and there was no sign of Chu Yunsheng being injured. Maybe, she was seeing things, or maybe she just wasn’t qualified to know about it.

“Buterne?” Looking at the dense crowd coming forward to greet him, Chu Yunsheng changed his sitting position on the horseback, turned around, and said, “You want to ask me something?”

Buterne hurriedly came back to her senses. Although she wanted to know, she did not dare to ask Chu Yunsheng any questions.

“It’s okay, I will tell you when I have time in the future. Those things are not important at the moment.” Chu Yunsheng turned around, pointed to the seventeen blood hors.e.m.e.n behind him, and said, “But from now on, they can’t partic.i.p.ate in any entertainment activities, they must be trained twenty-four hours a day non-stop, you are no exception.”

Then, he turned to look at vampires from the headquarters, tightened the reins, and said, “Ask them to stop all this nonsense and focus on doing what they should be doing. Seven days later, they need to get all preparations for this departure done. I just need elite troops, not whining babies. Whoever dares to slow us down, kick them out and ask them to follow the government.”

After speaking, he shouted, and suddenly accelerated with the seventeen blood riders, pa.s.sing through the crowd.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know if Buterne saw what happened last night, but he knew that if any of those two deities didn’t want her to see, there was no way she would stay awake.

It seemed to be a display of their spiritual power, but actually, from the experience Chu Yunsheng had with the guardian, he could tell that it was more like a kind of “protection”. He did not know what would happen to the lives above the Cardinal Source Gate in this situation? But as the “ordinary people” below Cardinal Source Gate, he had a personal experience. In the communication field of deities, if ordinary people were not “hypnotized”, they would either become idiots or be killed.

If there was no cube as an intermediary, no black energy, and the Wuzi fragments to protect his zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce, just a word from the guardian was enough to make his zero-dimensional shatter and obliterate his consciousness.

Perhaps when a deity reached a certain level, they could possess magical means of communicating with weaker beings without harming them. For example the weaker methods like dreams, or the stronger method such as sending voices into people’s minds like the one the Sixth Sequence used. But that was only Chu Yunsheng’s conjecture, and it was the communication method aimed solely at low-level creatures. In the communication field between deities, the low-level creatures who entered by mistake would have almost no possibility of surviving.

He still clearly remembered that he once tried to come out of the zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce through one of the nerve-like lines. But when he reached a place where the line was distorted, he was completely disorientated. If it weren’t for a strange voice that suddenly sent him back, he probably would have already become an idiot now.

Chu Yunsheng knew very little information about Deity. For him, an ordinary man who had never really broken through Yuan Tian stage four, it was the level that he did not think he would be able to reach. The ancient book left by the senior pract.i.tioner should have a detailed explanation of Deity, but he had no chance to see it, and what he could understand now was only the bits and pieces he heard from the scattered places.

For example, Dark already had the strength of Primal Deity. It was just that he didn’t know how strong it was now. The heir of the Seven Divine Nails that the Guardian and the Sixth Sequence mentioned was a Top Deity, which was the most powerful Deity he had heard so far. The human-shaped silhouette on the island that once trapped him most likely had the strength of a Deity as well. But he didn’t know what kind of Deity it was. Then there was the Deity that possessed Lao w.a.n.g’s body without harming him, and the Deity that slaughtered the Tzolk’in beings.

Then there was an even stranger deity, which was the one he was going to receive from the Guardian. He didn’t know if the creators of the Guardian wanted to restrict the Guardian or not, the Deityhood that they gave to the Guardian was in a solid state, which meant that its level would never increase.

But it was precisely because it was in a solid state that its Deity was transplantable; of course, it would be at the cost of death.

This was what the Guardian told him. It told him not to waste his time to try to increase the level of deityhood because it had tried it before, and its level would not increase.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t think that far. He needed this fake deityhood not to become a deity, but to ensure that he could safely pa.s.s through the s.p.a.ce tunnel.

The higher the energy level, the stronger the strength, and the higher the chance that he would die when pa.s.sing through the s.p.a.ce tunnel. This was the knowledge that he learned a long time ago. He was sure that the principle of the s.p.a.ce tunnel constructed by the Guardian would be the same.

A few days later, the news of the new world and the s.p.a.ce tunnel was spread across the entire world through various methods by the Guardian.

At this time, the Lucky Chris stopped at Arizona with his millions of refugees, no longer wanting to move toward the west. Instead, they began to collect supplies from everywhere, preparing for the new world. If the news about the new worlds was true, this was their only chance to get all the necessary supplies they needed.

The ambitious Andrew re-a.s.sembled thousands of his subordinates to guard his base- a warehouse they had occupied, and discussed the credibility of the rumors with a few partners all night.

All the governments around the world began to organize the ma.s.s planetary migration.

On the day when the s.p.a.ce tunnel was opened.

The seventeen blood hors.e.m.e.n put on the heavy armor built by the headquarters using American high-tech, lined up in two rows behind Chu Yunsheng, and slowly moved to the gathering ground. Behind them, three hundred half transformed blood hors.e.m.e.n, all in uniform black armor, were holding the ancient flags of the vampires, marching in line.

After the flags, there was an even larger procession of vehicles, carrying a lot of supplies, and other people. Wen Luo and other vampires were also in those vehicles.

At the very end, there were densely packed Los Angeles citizens and refugees from all over the world. The numbers were so large that no one knew how many were there.

Looking at the endless crowd of people behind him, Chu Yunsheng frowned. Buterne seemed to want to explain something, but when she opened her mouth, Chu Yunsheng had already turned around again and rode the horse forward.

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