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Chu Yunsheng has turned off the computer, he estimated that the situation will get worse, but he has no desire or time to understand this, now what he must do is practice according to what in the ancient book say, first of all, he must learn to make a sign.  in fact, since he has understood 300 characters, knows that can manufacture Yuan fu/Yuan sign,   he also specially defers to the ancient book to manufacture several Yuan fu for this reason, but has not become effective, Later, he would have been interested to know.


Since the morning sun disappeared, he suddenly discovered that he manufactured in that pile useless Yuan fu, actually after the ancient book in said that the system symbol succeeded the ray to be the same, Shot from Yuan Fu Rune body Lu written symbols, exudes a glittering golden light, then contracted suddenly, that Yuanfu was similar to has the life to be the same, floated the midair, where was hanging, until Chu Yunsheng took back it.


Chu Yunsheng conjecture disappearance of the sun in the morning cause the start that the so-called ten thousand laws have straightened up, this Yuan fu obtained some mystical strength activation, suddenly you can use.


He carefully read the ancient book system sign rule, finally come to understand the original letter for the first letter of the yuan fu is the pa.s.sage that guides the world (heaven n earth) rule, is a necessary path to the ancient books, said world vitality into Yuan Fu body, so the descriptors are first time must be to make a sign people use strength to certain rules to integrate into one, such of character after the completion, the first to break the laws of heaven and earth and resonate channel activation yuan Fu body.


But that accidentally activated Yuan fu, has surpa.s.sed Chu Yunsheng the understanding, because he did not have what world vitality to inject into the first symbol, the reason can be activated, he estimated is that late ancient book illumination time, that Yuan fu was treated as the bookmark to clamp by Chu Yunsheng in the ancient book, possibly was the ancient book transformed his false Yuan fu through some inconceivable way.


Chu Yunsheng does not know when the ancient book will shine next time, transforming Yuan fu using the ancient book illumination obviously is not very reliable, therefore he decided to practice the world vitality first.


The ancient books become between heaven and earth the most primordial energy, in the past for five thousand years ago, even by a mysterious law excluded from around the entire solar system. That is to say this for 5000 years, earth did not have any strength injection, according to the ancient saying called sky rail is closed


At Morning after the sun disappears, the change of Yuan fu, making Chu Yunsheng the intuition think that should the day axle in boundless approaching, perhaps leaked a small amount of world vitality into the earth, he was therefore peaceful in the evening, said the means practice vitality according to the ancient book.


In this stage ancient book said calls to practice breathing exercises simply, in said non-attribute the vitality the world that builds up introduces oneself in vivo for own vitality.


this process has the biggest difficulty to introduce in vivo, is also the most difficult one, the vitality between world colorless tasteless also invisible, the human normal five senses five think are unable to feel the sensation.


The simplest way is through the help of a called heaven and earth (world) Yuan Fu, directly to the vitality of the Yuan Fu ingested, then use the presence of general erosion of the body’s vitality of G.o.d-consciousness, open the four-dimensional G.o.d consciousness, Chu Yunsheng understanding is the so-called sixth sense and communication so as to achieve the knowledge of G.o.d and the outer earth vitality resonance.


Chu Yunsheng this Yuan fu, Yuanfu of that only activation has not been used to urge the round of G.o.d fire to fire Yuanfu, this simplest also means used inadequately, difficult only to use the most primitive means obviously, in the law according to ancient book decided that meditation in heart, Constantly by law to adjust the thought of G.o.d to open the fourth dimension of the state, the required condition is that there must be enough around the world and the qualification of the legal person.


Chu Yunsheng already knows that his own intelligence is ordinary, according to the introduction of ancient book, and he has calculated according to own situation, comparing oneself and so-called genius talent, the difference is too far, his talent is just average, this is somewhat makes him depressed, but there is an ancient book in the hand, he started thinking that he was lucky.


Chu Yunshung hold the book, sits on the floor , and starts to attempt to practice breathing exercises/practice qi , before when he read novels, he always think that this things seem very simple, now he try himself , just know how difficult it!


Does not know that is because the world vitality are too few, or his intelligence is too bad, for the entire night, Chu Yunsheng has spent 6 hours of practice, actually had not felt slightly that his first day of practice has not presented any miracle, if he wants to successfull clearly he must make substantial efforts, he insisted that every day practice for ma.s.sive time are good.


A night of agonizing, Chu Yunsheng the frustration is intense, and fall into a deep sleep, finally he was awakened by his mobile phone ringtone.




“Big brother Chu, this time a major event, you are too fierce, you must help the brothers ah……”


“Well, you said yesterday, the sun disappears? …… On TV is not explained,” Chu Yunsheng said carefully, he is a bit afraid of being despised by his friends.


“Big brother, at this time you were also hiding the truth from me, a moment ago, Sun has vanished for an entire half hour! Don’t you know? d.a.m.n, now the people in world were insane, you have a look at the person on the street, all was insane!”


“Disappeared again?” Chu Yunsheng really do not know, after he failed to practice , he has been depressed and sleep , but the sun disappeared again , the impact to him are just a little , because he thinks that he knew the final outcome.


Recorded in ancient books, because restoration day rail, warping, stirring energy of heaven and earth, in the universe will be temporary isolation photons and other particles. That is to say sun light radiation can’t to earth, the rules of the algorithm because Chu Yunsheng see do not understand the ancient books of more complex text and graphics, he could not compute out this dark time in the end to last long.


“Big brother Chu, what to do now? Earth will be destroyed? Now we are worried to the death!”


“I have already spoken to you, and now you believe me? You some time ago how to scold me, now has a bar!” Chu Yunsheng have a vindication of the excitement, for three months he is as crazy, the repression and fear has finally been vent, a kind of sense of pleasure.


“Brother, you do not want to make we shiver do not? f.u.c.k you said that in the end how ah? Will we all die? ”


“No! The special details I am also very clear, I know was on the 28th, the world will fall all into the darkness, when the time comes you must prepare some protection against the cold commodities as well as ma.s.sive food, I do not know how long will continue! “The situation that Chu Yunsheng will know told him truthfully.


“All in darkness? What about the sun? If the sun is gone, the earth revolves around what thing? Don’t we all have to play the earth?”


“Do not think too awful, the sun was not vanished, on the television the expert a little said right, if the sun disappeared out of thin air, the earth loses gravitational and rotational, we would have die, rest a.s.sured that the sun just out of sight, perhaps after a period of time, will be restored.  Chu Yunsheng thinks that can only explained like this, if in accordance with the interpretation of the ancient books and Yu Xiaohai said estimation for three days and three nights also said not to finish.


“Elder brother, you cannot deceive me, you are now our idol ah!”


“Three days ago, I was crazy, today is your idol? Your grandson!” Chu Yunsheng suddenly have a feeling of a small man intoxicated by success.


“h.e.l.lo h.e.l.lo…… …… I rely on, do not have a signal!” ,angry on the Telephone Yu Xiaohai has turned off the cell phone angrily ,  hurriedly left the company , sometimes no signal now, more people feel panic, the company has no building How many people basically do not come to work, and everywhere spread panic on human unknown before the disaster.

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