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Chu yun sheng told yu xiao hai, if he is not back in one hour, he doesn't need to wait for him anymore.

He hopes that the armour will be strong enough to endure the five red sh.e.l.l insect’s frenzied attack.

The light was still very dim and hazy outside, yu xiao hai couldn't see anything on the fifth floor, chu yun sheng had to give him some light.

But if he switches on the light in the dark, that means he will not be able to dodge insect’s attack so easily, all the insects will flock towards him.

Chu yun sheng took three deep breaths in a row, he switched on the flashlight which already tied on his shoulder, he jumped out from the corner and fell onto the top of a car.

Red sh.e.l.l insect instantly noticed him, not a single second of hesitation, they rushed towards chu yun sheng, chu yun sheng shouted as if he was trying to embolden himself, or maybe he was trying to remind you xiao hai something.

He was surrounded right after Qian bi sword hacked one of the insects, they all raised their razor shaped leg fiercely sliced down from chu yun sheng’s head. The armour was making an ear-piercing scratching sound.

Even he had the armour as protection, but when taking the damage from four red sh.e.l.l insects at the same time. It was too much for his body to handle,  the sharp pain non-stopped appeared everywhere in his body.

Just when he was about to pinched by the red sh.e.l.l insect, he gathered all his strength jumped over the red sh.e.l.l insect.

At the same time, the frost arrow that chu yun sheng had been waiting for a long time finally arrived, it instantly froze one of red sh.e.l.l insect.

Now it's time to retreat, but he still needs to attract the red sh.e.l.l insect’s attention, he had to make sure they won't look for the place where yu xiao has was hiding. Otherwise yu xiao hai will be dead for sure!

Because of red sh.e.l.l insect’s attack, some areas on the armour started to appear cracks, but Chu yun sheng didn't have time to check how bad it was, he was running on the street and three angry red sh.e.l.l insects was closely followed behind him.

The race between human and red sh.e.l.l insect has begun!

Chu yun sheng took the advantage of his relatively small body, he was much agiler compare to the insects when running through the gaps between cars, sometimes he even went into the building and broke out of the windows!

Three red sh.e.l.l insects closely followed him, they had pa.s.sed two group of people, but it seemed that they were p.i.s.sed off by chu yun sheng so much, they didn't even bother to touch other people, they were still continuously chasing chu yun sheng without any sign of stopping. Of course, this terrifying chasing scene scared the h.e.l.l out of those people they see.

Chu yun sheng lured the insects far from you xiao hai, so far everything has worked out according to plan . soon he arrived the building complex which he tied the rope on not long ago, he quickly ran upstairs, the insects also followed him into the building.

He still had 6 unit of yuan qi, but he couldn't use it, even though he could use them to kill three red sh.e.l.l insect easily, but he still couldn't use it.

He was panting when he reached the roof, but he couldn't stop, because three red sh.e.l.l insects just right after him, the one of red sh.e.l.l insect’s claw almost pinched his b.u.t.t!

He quickly pounced on the rope he left on the roof earlier and jumped off the building!

He swung through the gaps between two building complex and crashed into the gla.s.s windows in the opposite building, three red sh.e.l.l insects couldn't do anything but non-stop howling on the roof, it seemed they weren't happy about it.

Chu yun sheng believed that the insects had intelligence, when he first time saw the insect climbed up the wall, he knew for sure those monsters were not stupid, so even the insects were on the other side of building, he still could not let his guard down, so he quickly ran down the stairs, tried to leave this place as soon as possible.

 The insect did not take the original route down, they tried to climb down the building from the outside wall, although it was not as fast as they were running on the street, but chu yun sheng did not dare to stay there. While the insects were still on the wall, he quickly disappeared in the dark.

He did not know if the insects will go back to the high street, but he definitely needs to go back to collect two red sh.e.l.l insect’s bodies.

The yuan qi inside the red sh.e.l.l inset will slowly dissipate after insect died, so chu yun sheng was running as fast as he can.

when he came back to the high street. two red sh.e.l.l insects, one was still frozen, the other was hacked to death, chu yun sheng quickly uses the sword cut off the frozen one’s head, and then stored two of them in the wu na fu.

The Time was ticking, chu yun sheng didn't even take a time to rest, he ran up to the fifth floor where yu xiao hai was hiding, he needs to make one she yuan fu as soon as possible.

Originally he planned to make it before he left the building, but then if anything happens on the road, he would be dead!

So for his safety, he chose a more secure way, he felt that at any time protecting his life is the most important thing.

Suddenly he saw two shadows through the night vision goggles when he was still at downstairs, he started to worry about if something had happened to you xiao hai.

So he careful lurked up to the fifth floor, this place original was an electronic mall, the display counter was scattered all over the place. when he just pushed the door, he heard you xiao hai nervously shouted:” who is there?”

Chu yun sheng was instantly relieved when he heard you xiao hai’s voice, he replied:” me!”
Yu xiao has walked out of the darkness, he turned on the flashlight, looked at slightly broken armour asked:” are you injured?”

Chu yun sheng shook his head:” no, don't worry, we need to go now.”

Yu xiao hai paused a second, he seemed to hesitate:” chu, that girl followed us here!”

Chu yun sheng was confused:” what girl?”

Yu xiao hai explained:” the one we saved by a mistake!”

Chu yun sheng just stood there for a second then asked:” how the h.e.l.l did she get here, why was she following us?”

Yu xiao hai suddenly whispered to him:” we will talk about this later, do you know who she is?”

Chu yun sheng didn't have time to chi chat, he was running out of patient:” say it now!”

Yu xiao hai walked back and brought the girl when he returned, his hand also held a poster, the poster was opened up and laid next to the girl, he seemed to be very excited:” take a look.”

Chu yun sheng's flashlight was already destroyed by the insect, so he took the flashlight from you xiao hai and took a brief look: new year sci-fi blockbuster movie: dark age? What the f.u.c.k is this?”

Yu xiao hai pointed at a person on the poster:"  take a look here."

"hmm- does look alike." said chu yun sheng, then he realised it's not the time to have this kind of conversation, he urged yu xiao hai:”what the h.e.l.l you are trying to say, we are running out of time, stick to the point!”

Yu xiao hai was upset by his reaction, he sighed deeply:” chu yun sheng, she is lin Shui Yao, do you not recognise her!”

Chu yun sheng knit his brows:” who is Lin Shui Yao? Your new girlfriend?”

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