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ZTZ99 By 

After he took back the two red sh.e.l.l insects’ bodies, Chu Yun Sheng quickly left the area with excitement. he didn't even bother to look at the crowd which were still in shock behind him.

One unit yuan qi for one insect, it seems to be the same as frost arrows, but Chu Yun Sheng knows it's only ideal, it isn’t practical.

In the past, he fought with many insects, only the first shot can guarantee to freeze the insect, and the rest of them usually consumed him two unit of yuan qi , sometimes even more! Not only the yuan qi consumption, the raged insects are even more dangerous than usual.

But now, with the armour's protection, he could fight with red sh.e.l.l insect in a close range, yuan qi consumption is also greatly reduced, it is more practical than using the crossbow.

He is confident that if he restores 9 unit of yuan qi fully. when combat with insects, he can kill at least 8 of them.

Carefully wiped the qian bi sword, Chu Yunsheng stood on a roof of 20 stories high building, the happiness that brought by the armour did not stay for long, it was replaced by the news brought by the military

He looked at three majestic  ZTZ99 main battle tanks slowly pa.s.sing by with mixed feelings, they are closely followed by six ZBD-97 (Type 97 Infantry fighting vehicle), all the vehicle's lights are switched on, the megaphone on top vehicles keep broadcasting the 《emergency notice》 from the military headquarter:

…….We call them red sh.e.l.l insects…….
…..we are not scared of sacrifice.......regardless of all the costs, we tried to eliminate all the insects………

……There are many insects tunnels underneath the city, we can't destroy them all, insects are constantly coming into the city through those tunnels………..
……now, we have to announce that situation has gotten worse, recently in the centre city, the number of insects has been increased again!........

……it's out of control!.......extremely dangrous!……

……After a careful discussion with the headquarter, we have decided, from now on, we were forced to evacuate! We were forced to retreat

……anyone who can hear this announcement, please follow us, we are heading The Jin Ling city………

……there is a good news, according to scientist, because the central area of the Jin ling city contains large amount of unknown matters, they haven't discovered any insect tunnels over there/ the headquarters is planning to establish a  new defence system, over there our troops spent several months in the b.l.o.o.d.y combat, they have succeeded eliminating all the insects inside the city, and also successfully stopped insects rushing into the defense line outside the city……

……order has been given, after giving this announcement, the military will hold defence line for another 72 hours, anyone who wish to leave the city with us, please leave the city in next 72 hours, after 72 hours we will retreat from this city …….

…….. Do not worry, we will have your back…...

Finally, we are giving up this city, evacuating More than 20 million of people, it gave him goose b.u.mp even just think about it!

Perhaps the military couldn't hold on any longer, or Maybe the situation is so bad that it can not be gotten worse again.

Evacuate the whole city, perhaps it is the military last resort, or maybe it is another way of saying we are going to abandon you, no matter which, it is the Disaster of the Shen cheng city, also the disaster of all mankind, the whole world probably is trembling under the insect, Maybe……

Chu yun sheng’s thoughts were in a whirl, although he heard people talked about this a lot, even the first few batch of retreat, like his upstair neighbour who already retreated to the military base, but when this day really arrived, he suddenly has a hard time to accept it!

That is more than 20 million people! He could not even imagine it!

Chaos, disorder, fight for escape, insects, lack of food, lack of drugs, etc., how many people will die on this evacuation!?
Chu yun sheng does not know why military headquarter would give this kind of order, since the sun disappeared for almost three months now, the shen cheng city as one of megacity in the country, it had been given the highest level of defense deployment, it is said that in order to protect the shen cheng city, the headquarter decided to abandon many small cities, they gathered most elite and most powerful military forces in the country’s East region and deployed them in the shen cheng city!

But now they are going to abandon this place as well? Chu yun sheng sensed that the headquarter might have discovered something, maybe new monsters, maybe the number of rapidly increased insects caused the headquarter to reconsider, is it really worth to continue to waste the resources to protect this place which eventually going to fall. it is just matter of time, why not gather all the available resources to enhance the new defence system, to protect the last humanity’s safe land.

But these are all his guesses, no matter what, he needs to prepare for the retreat.

Although he has armour, qian bi sword, and frost arrow those weapons, but he is not invincible, he  did not think that he could kill tens thousands of insect just by himself!,

Retreat with the army is his only option, and the best option, also his only relatives are in the jin ling city as well.

It is about the time to run for his life.

But before the retreat, chu yun sheng thought he needs to prepare something, kill some more insects to be used as the yuan qi backup, search some other supplies might be useful in the future.
He will never be naive to think that the three hundred kilometres journey from here to the Jinling city will be a safe trip.

As long as he has the ancient book, armour and yuan fu, Chu Yun sheng believed that he can arrive the Jinling city safely.

They said that they eliminated the insect from the central city of the Jinling city, then when he getJs there, he will be able to rely on the city’s protection, speed up his yuan qi cultivation.

 Search and kill the insects outside the city is way better than worrying when and where the insect is is going to come out!

Don't know if Auntie is still ok at Jin ling city, auntie is his only close relative after his parents died.
Before the sun disappeared, he made a few phone calls to auntie from time to time, constantly remind her to be safe, even asked them to come over to his place, but at that time, auntie didn't worry too much about it, instead she asked chu yun sheng to stop worrying too much about it, and he needs to go back to work etc… after the  telecommunications break down, chu yun sheng can't get in touch with them anymore.

Chu yun sheng non-stop cultivating yuan qi is not just for protecting himself. he hopes that he has the ability to protect his friends and families as well.

He didn't expect that the insect would arrive so early, the monster would be so powerful, it disrupted all his plan.

Fortunately, the news that army gave was a good news, he was relieved, as long as auntie escaped from the earliest around of insects attack。 if they are still alive, they should be safe in the central city. just don't know if they have enough food? Chu yun sheng wondered
According to the ancient book, the earth has collided with tian gui of another s.p.a.ce, the tian gui tunnel had been opened. but because of some unknown reason, it had avoided the jin ling city, so the insect couldn't appear inside the city, they had to attack the city from outside. It was a great advantage for the military, that's why they can clear the insects inside the city.

Unlike the shen cheng city, there were so many tian gui tunnels, you just cleared one, several others will appear, and still inside the city, it's a  non-stop cycle, this could also be one of the reasons why the military want to abandon this city.

Chu yun sheng cleared his mind, his plan is to use rest of three days to collect as many supplies and insects as possible! He needs to prepare for this unprecedented evacuation!

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