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Chapter 521 Is Your Master a Sissy?

This is bad! Blour's expression changed drastically as he looked at the oncoming black shield. He materialized a series of magic shields around himself and thrust his wand forward, creating in midair a green longsword that flew toward the round shield.

The green longsword was instantly shattered upon making contact with the shield, and it could only slightly alter the angle of the shield's flight. Thus, it hurtled vertically instead of horizontally toward Blour, violently smashing through the magic shields he had just set up. The shield's momentum was hampered significantly as a result, but it still crashed into Blour's chest.


A dull thump erupted, and Blour flew back for five or six meters before tumbling down at the entrance to Mamy Restaurant. Part of his chest had caved in, and he threw up a mouthful of blood as his face turned deathly pale.

Anna's sobs immediately cut off as she turned toward Blour with concern in her eyes.

At the same time, Olef strode toward Sally, making the ground tremor and quake with each and every stomp of his feet. He was like a round ball rolling toward Sally, storming forth with even greater power and momentum than the porcupine battle boar.

Sally's expression remained very calm as she swung her wand through the air again. Four intertwining water dragons hurtled toward Olef as she simultaneously skipped off to the side. Her bow appeared in her hand again, this time with five arrows nocked on the bowstring. All five arrows were let loose at once, but each of them was traveling toward Olef from a different angle.

Olef raised a hand, and the black round shield came flying toward him. He caught the shield as if catching a frisbee, and reduced the four water dragons to large splashes of water with a casual swat of the shield. Three of the five arrows were also swatted aside, while the remaining two were easily slapped away using his bare hand, thereby keeping him completely unscathed. The round and maladroit-looking Olef was even faster than Sally, and caught her in the blink of an eye. He didn't unleash any fancy attack or spell; all he did was slam his ma.s.sive body into Sally's with devastating force. Sally was instantly sent flying as if she had just been run over by a speeding train, and she, too, fell near the restaurant's entrance. Cracks appeared in the ground beneath her as she fell, and she also threw up a mouthful of blood, unable to get up again for the time being.

"I'm actually a businessman, so I respect the choices of my clients. I must express forlorn regret toward your choices, but I'll still grant you your wishes." Olef put away the round shield in his hand, and strode slowly toward the restaurant's entrance as he cackled in a sinister manner.

All of the customers looked away in horror upon seeing that. The terrifying might displayed by Olef was far beyond what they could contend with. Their hearts sided with Blour and Sally, but none of them could do anything in the face of such a fearsome enemy.

"If you kill us, you'll regret it for the rest of your life." Blour chuckled coldly without as much as a hint of fear in his eyes.

"Oh, really now? I've never regretted killing anyone, let alone a piggie." Olef's laughter became even more boisterous as if he were preparing to do something very exciting

Sally glowered at Olef with killing intent burning in her eyes. She had never wanted to kill anyone so badly in her life, but she was most likely the one that would die by his hands instead. She wondered just how many wandering elves on the Norland Continent had fallen to this heinous demon.

"Don't touch Big Sister Aisha!"

Right at that moment, a mellow yet enraged voice sounded.

Everyone immediately turned toward the restaurant's entrance in unison.

Amy stepped forward and appraised Olef with a solemn expression. She raised her wand high above her head, and exclaimed, "Waaah, Queen Amy's wand, transform!"

Purple light flashed within the purple crystal on the wand, following which a purple staff that was two meters in length appeared in her hands.

There was a purple crystal ball around the size of a fist on the tip of the wand. Purple and golden light flashed within the crystal ball, creating an extremely dazzling display.

"A wand can turn into a staff? Where can I buy a wand like that? It's so cool!"

"She sure is lucky to have two great magic casters as her masters. Just her wand alone is something that's unique among magic casters!"

"Will Amy become stronger once her wand transforms into a staff?"

All of the customers' eyes lit up at the sight of the staff in Amy's hands. At the same time, they were getting quite curious about her power.

Mag was also looking forward to seeing how much Amy would be able to make use of the oracle stone's enhancement ability this time. Furthermore, he could already see that Urien was sitting in the lounge chair at the magic potion shop's entrance, so he knew that everything was under control.

A little half-elf brat? She's really cute. She should be able to fetch a good price in the Demon Islands' black market. There are some people who would pay a hefty amount for her. Olef's eyes instantly lit up as he looked at Amy. He had killed someone in Chaos City today, so he would have to flee the area for a while. If he could take this little brat with him, it would net him quite a bit of profit.

As for the wand in her hand, that was just a kid's toy, so he didn't have to worry about anything.

"Boss, that little brat is at least a 4th-tier magic caster; you should be a bit more careful." Ebenezer had experienced Amy's power firsthand, and knew that she was far more powerful than she looked.

"A 4th-tier magic caster?" A hint of surprise appeared on Olef's face. So this little brat was a prodigy? That made her an even more prized target. He could develop her into a powerful subordinate or use her as a hostage for negotiations with the Wind Forest. In any case, she would be a valuable a.s.set.

"Go, Ultimate Ice Fire Bomb!"

Amy looked at Olef with a solemn expression as she pointed her staff at him. Red and white light appeared simultaneously in the oracle stone, and a ball of fire and ice hurtled toward Olef.

All of the customers looked on with wide eyes. Sally and Blour also wore expectant expressions.


Olef raised his shield and swatted the Ice Fire Bomb into oblivion as if he had just snuffed out the flame of a candle, resulting in a very anticlimactic finish.

Everyone instantly fell silent upon seeing that. Even though it was unrealistic to expect Amy to defeat such a powerful abyss demon, they were still quite disappointed by the results of this clash.

"Hahaha, little brat, are you still being breastfed? Is you master a sissy? A pitiful little spell like that isn't going to bring me down." Olef chortled heartily as he looked at Amy.

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