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Chapter 1395: I’ve Heard That You Are Rather Friendly With A Girl Who Sells Clothes?

“Don’t mention it.” Irina helped Clarince up gently, and a green beam of light entered Clarince’s wrist through her fingertips.

Irina tapped with her fingertips lightly, and the green light beam became even brighter, while the speed of its flow increased.

A light green beam appeared on Clarince’s skin, and she had already closed her eyes instinctively. Her pale and haggard face became visibly rosy again right in front of them, and her rapid breathing gradually became smooth.

Rena stood at the side nervously, and then her gaze became excited gradually. She had received very bad news from the doctor today. Her mother’s illness was already beyond help. The doctor was even suggesting that she gave up treatment.

But now Princess Irina’s amazing magic was making her mother recover very rapidly.

About three minutes later, Irina retrieved her hand.

“Mother.” Rena went up and grasped Clarince’s hand as she looked at her nervously and expectantly.

“I…” Clarince opened her eyes and touched her throat in disbelief before patting her chest, and exclaiming, “I am cured!”

“This is great! This is so great!” Rena hugged Clarince excitedly. Her mom had been very sick for the past two years. She was getting weaker and weaker without any signs of improvement. She didn’t expect that she could make a full recovery.

Clarince also hugged Rena with a smile, but she soon released her, bowed deeply at Irina, and gratefully said, “I don’t know how to thank you for treating me, Your Highness.”

“Don’t worry, it’s only a small matter,” Irina replied casually.

“Your Highness, thank you for saving my mother.” Rena, too, bowed deeply at Irina.

Irina said to Rena, “Your mother’s body is still a little weak, so she should eat more nutritious food like bone broth. She will regain a normal const.i.tution soon.”

“Mm-hm.” Rena swiftly nodded.

“Rena, pack a helping of bone broth for Mrs. Clarince when you’re making it in the future so you don’t have to cook again when you’re home.” Mag smiled. The restaurant’s bone broth was definitely more nutritious than the other bone broths out there.

“This…” Rena was a little hesitant.

“50 copper coins for one helping, and it will be deducted from your meal allowance.”

“Mm-hm.” Rena smiled again and nodded hard.

Rena bid her farewell and left with her mother. They, too, would need to readjust themselves after moving to a new place.

“Your life magic is getting more and more formidable,” Mag praised as he closed the door. He watched Irina grow a devil’s ivy leaf into a complete plant with her fingers.

“It’s only the depletion of life force due to exertion. I have closed up the gap for her. As long as she gets enough nutrition, she will recover very quickly,” Irina said calmly as she placed the devil’s ivy back in the hydroponic vase.

“That’s good.” Mag nodded. He had read Clarince’s body report when she entered earlier. There wasn’t any big problem, but all her physical indicators were low. However, after Irina gave her an influx of life force, all her physical indicators returned to normal. The malnutrition problem would be easily solved by taking in all the right nutrients for a period of time.

“I went to the Gray Temple in the morning.” Mag sat opposite to Irina.

“Did Rolan, that old man, find out that it is we who had done that?” Irina c.o.c.ked an eyebrow.

“I think they most likely know. At least they are suspecting something.” Mag nodded.

“Then we can only silence them.” Irina’s expression turned cold, and a murderous aura could be sensed.

“Huh?” Mag was stunned, and then swiftly explained, “Hmm… Actually, we don’t have to be so extreme. I feel they are friendly toward us. They even created an alibi for us proactively…”

Irina looked at Mag, and then suddenly burst out laughing. She chuckled. “Your nervous expression is so funny.”

Mag’s expression froze as he looked at Irina who was laughing like a child. He sighed secretly. What else could he do? This was his wife, so he couldn’t really seek revenge, right?

“I’ve heard that you are rather friendly with a girl who sells clothes? And you two often drink tea together?” Irina suddenly stopped laughing and looked at Mag judgingly.

Mag raised his eyebrows slightly. Who leaked the information?

Although Mag tensed up instantly, his expression remained calm. He pretended to chuckle calmly. “Are you talking about Miss Gloria? She’s the boss of Blue Suede Fashion, and I am their fashion designer, so we have some interaction at work. We will drink some tea during our work discussion.”

“You know how to design clothes too?” Irina was amazed.

“Allow me to humbly let you know that all the staff uniforms, Amy’s clothes, and all the clothes that Blue Suede Fashion released are designed by me.” Mag raised his chin at a 45-degree angle.

“You are not humble at all. You are humblebragging!” The system’s angry voice appeared.

“Really? I’ve heard that the shop is the most popular ladies’ fashion shop in Chaos City right now. I intended to go take a look too.” Irina was looking at Mag with an amazed and appreciative gaze now.

Mag was very satisfied with Irina’s gaze and the successful change of topic. He nodded. “Of course. They’re going to release a new down jacket very soon. You should go and have a look.”

“Down jacket? What’s that? A piece of clothes that is made of down?” Irina asked curiously as expected.

“The down jacket is a piece of clothing that stuffed the white goose down in between the inner layers of the clothes. The down jacket that is made in this manner is light yet very warm,” Mag explained.

“Oh, I see.” Irina thought for a moment before her gaze landed on Ugly Duckling. “Just like those on Ugly Duckling? They’re a little ugly.”

“Meow, meow???”

Ugly Duckling stared at Irina with a perplexed look.

“Erm…” Mag looked at Ugly Duckling’s fluffy fur, and shook his head. “Not that kind of fur.”

“Alright. I will go take a look when I am free.” Irina retrieved her gaze and looked at Mag again as she smilingly asked, “However, how did you become her designer?”

“That’s a long story.” Mag lamented. Of course, it would be the best if he didn’t have to tell it.

“It’s fine. All I have is time.” Irina snuggled into the chair like a good listener.

Mag looked at Irina’s behavior, and said with much consideration, “Speaking of this, we will have to start from a bowl of tofu pudding. Miss Gloria—”


A crisp sound of the bell interrupted Mag’s words.

Mag glanced at the clock on the wall and walked to the door while saying, “It’s time for Vanessa’s appointment.”

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