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Chapter 1360: Justice May Come Late

“Holy Light, do you see that d.a.m.ned fatty?”

A gentle chanting sounded. A beam of Holy Light tore through the dark night, and landed on Alfred accurately.

The black fog that was shrouding him and the giant ax was extinguished instantly. It retreated back into his body like a tide, and let out a few excruciating screams. Alfred’s actions halted obviously for an instant, and there was a pained expression on his face.

And right at this time, the blood that had been accelerating throughout his body finally reached the self-detonation point. He lost control and exploded while staring at the Holy Light with a shocked gaze.


This loud explosion was far bigger than any of his previous attacks. Even the power of that tricolored fire lotus wasn’t its match.

Simmons’ body was splintered into bits and pieces instantly by the explosion. The raging flames and shock waves shrouded Alfred who was in shock and right next to him.

The entire West Point Island had finally collapsed completely in this explosion after withstanding so many of them. It sank into the sea gradually, and the explosion’s shock waves shattered the ship that was docked at the other end of the island. At the same time, it also shattered that terrified abyss demon.

“Ah Zi, it’s our turn now!” Mag unsheathed his longsword and gently patted Ah Zi’s back.


Ah Zi let out a happy cry and transformed into a purple lightning. It dashed down toward the center of the explosion which was still covered in flames. A purple light shield came up and protected Mag and Irina on its back when it dived headlong into the flames and dust.


A weak coughing sound could be heard, and Ah Zi flew in that direction alertly. It spread its wings, and the surrounding flames and dust were pushed to the sides. Alfred, who was struggling as he leaned on a giant rock that was exposed in the sea, was revealed.

Alfred, who had looked so high and mighty earlier, had lost a leg and was charred all over. He looked pathetic as there wasn’t any intact skin on him.

He suddenly looked at the griffin and Mag and Irina who were sitting on its back. He threw out a mouthful of blood with a shocked and angry expression, and said, “Alex! Irina! Why are you two here?!”

The Holy Light that suddenly appeared had actually caused his Power of the Dead to lose its effect momentarily, and he had faltered at that instant when he could’ve stopped Simmons from self-detonating. He had taken the impact of Simmons’ self-detonation without any preparation, and he barely survived relying on his thick hide and armor.

He should have thought that it was Irina as soon as he encountered the holy light. However, he simply couldn’t fathom how Irina and Alex, who were supposed to be in Chaos City, suddenly appeared here.

“Well, we can’t say it’s a coincidence. After all, we set this up today. Since you guys have had enough interaction, we should come out to do an ending and finish this good show. Furthermore, you should have expected this when you did that to me then.” Mag smiled. He sounded like a villain speaking like this.

“You two stole the stone statue!” Alfred’s face tightened with anger as he suddenly realized his fight with Simmons was in fact Alex and Irina’s plot.

“Only a fellow like you would make a deal with the devil. Do you think we will need that thing?” Irina said to Alfred coldly as she raised the magic caster’s staff in her right hand. “Alfred, you abyss demons had committed unforgivable crimes against us elves when the demons invaded Wind Forest then, and you guys have harmed and enslaved countless wandering elves in the last 100 years. Today, I shall judge you on behalf of G.o.d of Life and purify your dirty soul and body!”

“Irina, you have been chased out of the Wind Forest, and your name was erased by the elves. You’re no longer Princess of the Elves. What right do you have to judge me?! If you kill me, the abyss demons are not going to let the two of you off!” Alfred shouted furiously. His serious injuries rendered him completely unable to move and evade. Whiffs of the black Ghost’s Aura rushed out from his body and into those wounds, trying to repair his body as quickly as possible.

“Holy Light, that evil seems to be worth a fight. I order you in the name of the G.o.d of Light. Purify his soul and exile his body forever!” Irina raised the magic caster’s staff above her head and chanted with a holy and solemn expression.

The dazzling Holy Light converged at the tip of the magic caster’s staff, and then shone onto Alfred’s body.


Accompanied by Alfred’s screams, the black Ghost’s Aura quickly dissipated under the Holy Light’s purification, and Alfred’s body began to disintegrate under the glare of the Holy Light.

The terrifying screams reverberated throughout the entire territory. The pain of purifying the body with Holy Light was worse than the so-called death by a thousand cuts[1].

Three short minutes later, the Holy Light was retrieved, and only a charred skin of Alfred was left on that giant rock.

“Justice may come late, but it will never be absent.” Irina kept her magic caster’s staff slowly as she looked at Alfred’s skin.

Two names were struck off from Irina’s must-kill list together at once. Mag softly said to Irina, “They’re both dead. Let’s go.”

“Mm-hm.” Irina nodded. She waved her hand, and a green-colored wind blew across the tattered skin that Alfred had left behind, erasing any traces that might hint at the Holy Light’s presence.

Ah Zi spread its wings and flew close to the sea’s surface for some distance before it suddenly took off and dashed into the clouds.

The intense fight that broke out on West Point Island swiftly attracted the attention from the nearby islands.

The abyss demons and flaming demons were rather close to West Point Island, so both groups reached West Point Island almost at the same time. All the demons were shocked to see the sunken West Point Island. Even though West Point Island wasn’t big, it was an island that had existed for tens of thousands of years. How could it have sunk so easily?

Very soon, an abyss demon discovered the charred skin that was hanging on the rock, and exclaimed in a shaky voice, “T-this is the chief’s aura!”

“The chief is dead!”

All the abyss demons’ faces went dark with anger. This was a huge matter for the abyss demons. How did their powerful chief die here? He didn’t even leave behind a complete body.

The flaming demons were shocked to hear that the abyss demons’ chief was dead. Who dared to kill the abyss demons’ chief in their territory?

“This was the internal fire that would only be produced when we flaming demons self-detonated. That loud explosion earlier…” a slightly older flaming demon said in a grave voice.

“I-isn’t this the chief’s tablet?!” A flaming demon picked up a fiery red order tablet’s fragment on a rock that protruded out from the seawater. It even lit up with flame when it was picked up.

“Could it be our chief who has self-detonated?!” a flaming demon exclaimed.

The entire area suddenly descended into a silence!

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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