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Chapter 1343: New Employee?

Soon after, an explosive piece of news began to spread like wildfire on Carapace Island.

“Ten Kings Palace was attacked by a mysterious person. The horrifying magic destroyed four great halls, and numerous demons were killed or injured!

“The gold vault in Ten Kings Palace was emptied out completely, and all the past years’ protection money was taken. The loss was over 300,000,000 copper coins!”

Apart from Ten Kings Palace getting attacked five years ago, and having 10 of its halls blown up at the same time, there hadn’t been such a crazy occurrence on Carapace Island for a long time.

Ten Kings Palace had called that devastating robbery then a natural disaster, and had forbidden the residents on Carapace Island to discuss it ever again.

They hadn’t expected a similar incident to happen again today, and they even lost the money. Obviously, Ten Kings Palace couldn’t use the excuse of natural disaster again this time.

The demons on Carapace Island felt more angry with Ten Kings Palace rather than appreciative. Hence, the crayfish restaurant’s beer sales increased instantly after the news got out.

Furthermore, after such a huge incident, the Ten Kings Palace would be too busy with their own matters. They wouldn’t have the time to find trouble with the crayfish restaurant for a while. Their beautiful days of eating crayfish and drinking chilled beer should be able to continue for a while more.

Mag’s eyes twitched when he heard the demons’ gossips. He hadn’t expected Irina to commit such a great deed when she only left for a short period of time. He couldn’t help but softly ask, “Is there really 300,000,000?”

“Poverty has restricted their imagination.” Irina shook her head and showed him five fingers.

Mag c.o.c.ked his eyebrows, feeling rather speechless. She had earned 500,000,000 in just a short while. Why was he still selling crayfish with her earning power? He should just go straight home and lie down as her pretty boy. He would just need to move his lower body, and he would be well taken care of.

“It is more than the previous time. After harvesting them now, we gotta let them grow again for the next few years,” Irina said regrettably.

“It’s fine. They will grow back again. They are good crops,” Mag consoled her. At the same time, he felt sorry for Ten Kings Palace in his heart for one second.

The four demons who came today had caused the harvesting to take place earlier.

Although they would be harvesting them sooner or later, Irina harvesting them now had indeed resolved the issue of Ten Kings Palace coming to find trouble with them.

Even if the Top Ten Tribes sent people here to investigate, they would never guess that the main culprit was on Carapace Island, and was even operating a crayfish restaurant.

The garlic crayfish that was released at noon had gained the customers’ favor too. Especially those customers who couldn’t take the spicy crayfish’s spiciness had seen the garlic crayfish as the savior of their tongues. It was the most blissful thing to be able to receive the flavor happily when they were enjoying the delicacy.

This woman is simply too mesmerizing. A strong power, a character that acts up whenever there’s a conflict, and the charm she exudes when she smacks the chair down. It’s an absolutely irresistible lethal attack! Angela, who was sitting in the corner, stared at Irina with a gleam in her bright eyes. Her legs were slightly apart, and she couldn’t help grabbing her skirt… She couldn’t close her legs.

Irina seemed to sense something, and slowly turned toward Angela.

Oh no, she’s discovered me! Angela was shocked. She quickly lowered her head and grabbed a pincer to suck on the minced garlic seriously, but her slightly blushed face still exposed her.

“Ah, she’s here again.” An amused expression appeared on Irina’s lips. Did this rare 8th-tier succubus really like to eat crayfish? Or, she wanted to eat her husband? Or, she wanted to eat both of them?

Irina walked over to Angela as she thought of that.

Angela lowered her head and crushed the pincer before peeling away the sh.e.l.l seriously. Then, she dipped the meat into the garlic sauce and took a big bite.


The garlic’s aroma blossomed immediately. It wasn’t as provoking as the spicy crayfish, but the scrumptiousness wasn’t any less. The gentle texture had a surprising explosive force. The aroma stirred up the taste buds on the tip of the tongue instantly.

The supple crayfish meat had an amazing bounciness. Once she chewed on it, the fresh and flavorful crayfish meat together with the abundant garlic was so blissful that it made her feel like crying.

“This is simply too divine!”

Angela couldn’t help praising it. Although they were two completely different crayfish’s flavors, their scrumptiousness were equally amazing.

Angela put down the pincer that she had finished chewing. She only discovered that Irina had come to her table and was smiling at her when she tilted her head up.

“Is it nice?” Irina asked smilingly.

“N-n-nice.” Angela nodded nervously. Her heart felt unsettled, yet it throbbed at the same time.

Maybe she has already discovered that I was watching her? Why is she approaching me deliberately? Maybe… she’s interested in me too?

A series of questions flashed across Angela’s heart, and she began to look at Irina with an unfocused gaze.

“The crayfish restaurant needs an employee. If you are interested, you could come and try it out. It’s a short-term job,” Irina said to Angela, who was zoning out with an unfocused gaze.

“Huh? You’re asking me to join the crayfish restaurant?” Angela was stunned. She tossed all the crazy thoughts aside, and stared at Irina with a shocked expression. Her brain was in a daze.

“Yes.” Irina nodded.

Could it be… she is interested in me? She wants to get me close to her before… Angela didn’t dare to think about what was going to happen next. She nodded without any hesitation. “I do!”

Ha. She indeed is a woman who is ready to throw herself at the man any time. Irina smirked with disdain. She wanted to see for herself what prowess this 8th-tier succubus had, and if she could steal her man away from her. She calmly said, “Then stay after you are done eating.”

“Mm-hm.” Angela nodded. After some thought, she added, “Apart from the meals’ time, I should be free to do my own things, right?”

Although she was thrilled, she had a mission to complete on her current trip to Carapace Island. Hiding her ident.i.ty behind the facade of the crayfish restaurant’s employee seemed like a good idea. However, she had to have her own free time.

“Yes. You are free to do whatever you like for the rest of the time.” Irina nodded.

“Alright, I think I am going to like this job.” Angela revealed an amorous smile.

And Irina had already turned and left.

I’m going to marry this darned woman sooner or later! Angela stared at Irina’s back. As an existence that accepted both men and women, the more difficult the target was, the more she wanted to conquer him or her.

After the lunch service was over, Mag looked at Angela, and then hesitantly asked Irina, “New employee?”

“How do you do? I’m Angela,” Angela said with a smile, and she winked at Mag habitually. However, after she was sure that “Eyes of Enchantment” had no effect on Mag, she didn’t bother to try that on Mag again.

Moreover, it wasn’t him she was interested in.

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