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"Princess, do you have contact with the members of your country?" Ivy asked curiously. She hadn't seen the princess talk to anyone but her and Liu Yang.

"I asked them to send me messages when the situation is complicated. It seems that this situation is more complicated than I thought "The princess was serious.

Dealing with members of the Return G.o.d Sect is not an easy thing to do.

"What are you going to do now? Stay with us or go back to your companions ?? " Ivy asked.

Piii !!!! Piii !!!

But before the princess could reply, another message arrived on her communication device.

A video was uploaded this time.

The princess hesitated a little, but she pressed play to see the video.

The scene showed was a giant red slime. Unlike the green slime destroyed by Liu Yang, the red slime was the size of a house. Its attack patterns are the same as for green slime.

Green slime was slaughtering a group of young people and adults. They tried to do their best to resist red slime attacks, but it was difficult.

The group managed to hold out so that the weakest could escape, but it was all in vain when a group of people wearing black robes suddenly appeared. They started to control the red slime so that it used other attacks.

One member of the group said a prayer before members of the New United Kingdom was killed. This prayer revealed the true ident.i.ty of this group dressed in black robes.

No members of the New UK group survived, they were all killed by the red slime and devoured by it. Not a single hair left of them.

Crack… Crack…

The message device cracked when the princess squeezed hard. She was furious over the deaths of her subordinates.

"Princess, what are you going to do now?" Ivy asked again. She did not think the princess would be stupid enough to directly conflict with members of the Returning G.o.d Sect. That would be suicide.

"..." The princess did not answer Ivy's question, she took a deep breath to try to calm herself.

Ivy didn't bother the princess anymore and focused on Liu Yang. She is curious about what he is trying to find out about the transparent core.

Liu Yang was so focused because he was talking to Little One, and she was talking to the plant woman.

(Little One, did you find out anything about that core?)

(Master, this core appears to be made of some kind of strange material that isolates what's inside and prevents something from coming out but allows the energies to be absorbed into inner. It looks like there's something inside absorbing the magical energies. The older sister thinks there is some kind of being trapped inside these cores. That may be why the sect members want to get it back so badly) Little One showed her opinion. She also spoke the words of the plant woman.

(I see…)

(Little One, how am I supposed to find out if there's anything inside or not?)

(Master, you can try to find a very safe place to do this, the older sister said the method. But the place needs to be very far from here, otherwise, the sect members can find the master)

(I see ... I will try to find a safe place to do this later)

(Yes, young master. Take care)

(Wua wua !!!) Little Princess was wishing her father good luck.

(Little Princess, behave, okay? Listen to your older sisters)

(Wua wua !!!)

"Did something happen?" Liu Yang felt that the mood was a little strange after he came back to reality.

"Yes. It seems that the real culprits for these slimes are the Return G.o.d Sect. " Ivy commented.

"Is this serious?" Liu Yang was startled to hear that. He soon calmed down after thinking about it.

The Return G.o.d Sect was a very ancient and mysterious group that acts in the shadows. They do everything to get what they want, whether it be killing or stealing.

So far, no nation has been able to accurately determine the true power of the sect.

"Yes. A group of magicians from the New United Kingdom was slaughtered by the sect group. They were using a red slime to do this, that red slime is much more powerful than the green slime you defeated before. "

"It seems that this situation is more complicated than a wall ... Princess, what are you going to do now?" Liu Yang asked.

"I will have to go back. I need to report this back to my country. They may already know about it, but I still need to go back. " The princess has decided her next move. Her tone had a little bit of hatred, but at the same time loss, she was already separating from Liu Yang after a few days traveling with him.

"I see ... Princess, can you get back safely?" Liu Yang could not go back to the beginning of the forest again.

"Yes, I have magic equipment that will transport me directly to my home" The princess did not want to use this magic equipment, as it was her lifesaver item. But because of the Return G.o.d Sect, she was forced to use that item.

Whenever there was something related to the Return G.o.d Sect, all care is little.

"I am happy to hear that. At least you'll be safe "Liu Yang and the princess went through some complicated situations together. The two already had a small relationship, so it was normal for him to worry about her.

"But before I go. I would like to do something first "The princess made some kind of decision.

Ivy looked at the princess and understood what she wanted to do. She will not disrupt the princess's plans.

"Liu Yang, what are we going to do now? It's getting dark "Looking at the sky, the group saw that the sun was already setting and the moon was rising.

"Run for a few more hours. So we can get out of this area. I don't want to sleep in a place where members of the Return G.o.d Sect are lurking "

"Liu Yang, can you carry us? This will be easier. You can run at full speed "Ivy asked. She had a plan in mind.

"No problem" Liu Yang put the two women on his shoulders and started to jump from tree to tree. He used the power of the wind to reduce his weight and not mark the trees with his steps, this is to avoid being tracked.

Several countries in the world were receiving information that their groups of explorers in the Amazon Rainforest were being killed by a type of colored slime.

These slimes and a few more groups of people ma.s.sacred them all and stole the treasures they were using. After a few audios and videos, the nations discovered that this was done by the Return G.o.d Sect.

Before, nations were not sure if there was anything inside the forest or not. But the appearance of the Return G.o.d Sect' member was the confirmation that the nations were in need.

If before it was just an a.s.sumption. Now, they were absolutely sure that there is something related to the G.o.d of the Elements in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Return G.o.d Sect had no interest in common or random things, their main purpose being the things left by the G.o.d of the Elements. Anything left by him.

So whenever members of the Return G.o.d Sect appear somewhere, it shows that there is something related to the G.o.d of the Elements or at least something extremely rare and precious that defies the heavens.

The nations did not mind losing some members, as they were only p.a.w.ns of sacrifice. The true and powerful mages would still be sent to the Amazon Rainforest, but preparations have already been made, these mages were only waiting for orders.

A great battle royale will take place within the Amazon Rainforest in a few weeks.

When it about the items of the G.o.d of Elements, there are no allies. They were all enemies.

The next day…

The morning weather was heavier than usual.

The whole forest seemed to tremble with fear because of the things that will happen in the coming weeks. It was already feeling the tension on the horizon and the storm coming.

Heavy rain started and everything got wet. A cold, strong wind blew through the forest, the leaves and trees dancing as the wind blew.

Somewhere deep in the forest, the place where light rarely reaches.

At the top of one of the trees, we can see two small huts under a roof of leaves of branches. These two tents belong to Liu Yang, Ivy, and the princess.

One of the tents was opened and a beautiful young woman appeared, her messy brown hair danced in the strong wind, her soft skin shone with the flavor of youth. A slight flush could be seen on her face, on her body, there were still the marks of wild love.

The young woman was the oldest princess in the New United Kingdom, Roselie Becker. Her aura didn't look more youthful than before, she looks more mature than before.

"Are you awake?" Liu Yang came out of the same tent. He was no shirt, but there were teeth and bite marks on his body.

Liu Yang hugged the princess from behind and kissed her face.

"Yes. I need to go back "The princess's voice was ethereal and loving. It looks like her night was hot and wild.

Her man's warmth in contrast to the cold wind was a very relaxing thing for the princess at the moment. It made her forget about her problems.

"Are we going to be together some more? Or is it a little late for that? " Liu Yang kissed her smooth and soft neck.

"Three more rounds" The princess was objective. She didn't want the separation of the two to be sad, so she had to leave without further increasing the feeling of longing.

The duo said nothing, they just kissed before Liu Yang carried her like a princess in his arms.

Some hours later…

"I am going. Liu Yang, I hope to see you again "The princess hugged and kissed Liu Yang on the lips. The hug between the little couple lasted a few minutes.

"Princess, I also hope to see you again. When I finish my business, I will pay a visit to your country, or you can visit China again. "

"Yes. I hope you take good care of him in my absence "

"Don't be acting like a wife"

"I'll be waiting for your message" Liu Yang and the princess made a deal that if she arrives safely, she has to send him a message.

"Goodbye," The princess took out a scroll and tore it in half. A strong light shone and covered her body. She disappeared shortly thereafter.

"Your princess has finally left. Are you sad?" Ivy commented.

"Yes, very sad. A split is always bad "Liu Yang remembered the day Liu Xia left and left the letter for him. And also the day Sarina and Mia left.

"Liu Yang, you will meet her again. You don't have to stay like this "

"I know that."

Pii !!! Piii !!!

Liu Yang's message machine beeped. He received the message from the princess, she arrived safely.

"Let's go" Seeing that the princess was safe, Liu Yang and Ivy started traveling through the forest at full speed.

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