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Dear All,

Has everyone been well? I hope so.

First thing first, I hope you'll read this letter to the end.

With my knees and head down on the floor, I apologize. Please accept this writer's kowtowing. My sincerest apologies for letting you wait for a long time and for being MIA for quite some time.

I hope you'll give me time to explain.

A lot of things happened. They say bad things happen in threes. I never believed it until it happened to me. (Don't roll your eyes. Be patient ok?)
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In May, I had an accident that left me on crutches for weeks. Actually I felt happy then. I didn't have to go to work. I didn't have to see my boss' impa.s.sive face. On top of that, spent my idle time, writing. (Lol.)

In June, my father pa.s.sed away. It was sudden that I was so devastated. As you can probably guess, I fell into this whirlpool of despair for a while. It was so easy to comfort other people but I couldn't even bring myself to do it. (I'm better now if you are curious.)

Heaps of writing helped. Talking to other writers and readers help me get back on my feet as well. (A reason why I'll never give up writing. You get to know your readers and you form a closer bond with them. )

Anyway, I finished this novel and ended TCDW in chapter 125. Surprisingly. Because I intended till chap 50. (You complained that it's too short so I made it longer.)

By August, I was ready to put up the chapters. However, a lawyer's letter scared me out of my wits. The FL in this story was based on my friend V who pa.s.sed away due to Hodgkin Lymphoma on Feb 14 this year. Although, much of her appearance, habits and personal aspects of her life were put in the book, everything was fictional. So in my POV, it's a far cry from violating any laws.

However, for her grieving family, it's different. They are very uncomfortable with the thought of using what happened to V in the story. Which I explained repeatedly, it's a fictional one. (Me thinks: It's not only her who died from cancer. There are dozens of people on this Earth. - But it just stayed in my head. )

Anyway, words flew here and there. I was accused of using her life story for monetary gains which I didn't. On top of that, I don't have plans on putting TCDW on premium or sorts. It was written purely in the thought of writing a beautiful ending for a very close friend.

I was so peeved that EvilMe fought for it. 125 chapters going in the drain? No way. It wasn't conceptualized and written overnight.

If you remember last time, I said I was sorting things out, this was it.

Meeting at the lawyer's office and many things. It was time consuming and stressing me out.

I was torn between my readers who are expecting an ending for this story and a grieving family's request. In the end, a decision has to be made before they resort to drastic measures, which they threatened me with. (Sorry dearies. This writer has no powerful CEO behind her for support.)

But until now, I am standing on my grounds. I haven't violated anything. I just really want to put it down so we can all move on.

I contemplated for 3 weeks before I took the courage to write this letter now. Why? Because I don't know how to tell this disappointing news to my readers. Perhaps you are going to curse me, and even throw rotten eggs me. (Please don't.)

Because most of my books have recurring characters, you will read Blythe and Nick's ending in my other work (Palpate My Heart: Dr. Wicked is My Wife). Although it won't be as detailed as it is supposed to be, still I hope I can repair the damage I did on your heart. At least, V's family was willing to compromise on this. ( If not, Oh d.a.m.n! I have to re-write the outline for my other novels then.)

So as per her mother's request, the chapters I published for TCDW will be deleted. (sobbing)

But wait...

Before you go on cursing me, please give me a chance to redeem myself and support me in my future works. You can check the next page for the blurbs and the link.

FYI, PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife is currently up with 4 chapters. (I started posting yesterday and I promise to give you more stable updates.)

Again, I am so sorry for disappointing you.

For those who voted, wrote comments and constantly checked for updates, thank you. You kept me sane.

And for reading till the end, thank you. This is from the bottom of my heart.

With much love,


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