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July 7, 20xx

Paris, France

"What penalty? The contract is applicable tomorrow, wife."

'Slytherin.' she cursed upon realizing the truth on his words.

"Still, you can't just do whatever you want to do." she dropped the words and left him there.

Inside the bedroom, she locked the door with an evil smile.

'Sleep in the living room.'

After 11, Li Jie felt the radiating pain from his neck to back as he sent the last batch of doc.u.ments that needed his approval.

Deciding to call it a day, he grabbed his phone and dialed a number.

As soon as the other line responded, he spoke "Check your inbox. Unless necessary, don't call me. Let VP deal with it."

"Yes Mr. Li" the blond guy on the side answered.

Then, Li Jie walked to the direction of the bedroom with a mischievous smile. Only to be disappointed when k.n.o.b can't be turned to the side.


He's been locked out of the bedroom.


July 8, 20xx

Split, Croatia

The hotel attendant wheeled two similar suitcases inside the suite. The manager's instruction this morning --make sure he will give these particular guests a satisfactory service if he wanted to keep his job-- was the reason why he greeted the man and woman respectfully the minute the hotel shuttle alighted in front. After making sure everything was in order, he left without waiting for a tip. The hotel is one of the three upscale resorts in the city. For an average man like him, he can only earn around 400- 600 Euros each month. But in this place, it's times four and sometimes five depending on monthly performances. The only catch, they are not allowed to receive reward from clients. But most employees don't feel regretful of this because Pan International Hotel offers numerous benefits and perks for their employees. Additionally, this hotel chain is under X World Corporation, one of the leading companies in the food and tourism industry.

Li Jie watched his wife sit on the couch the minute they entered the suite. She reclined on her side and let her feet stay on the floor before closing her eyes in tiredness.

Who could blame her?

They left Paris at 10:30 and arrived in Zagreb four hours later. Their destination was Split ---a seaside port in Croti- the starting point of their sailing journey. He could have chartered a private plane but his wife insisted on flying commercial. The downside was the 6 hours lay over. Hence, they walked around the capital of Crotia in search for something to eat because the food served on the plane was barely palatable.

After the meal, she insisted on checking out Zagreb Cathedral which attracts tourist for it's Gothic architecture and twin spires before returning to the airport for their second flight.

He shook his head.

The strolling, waiting at the airport and summer heat tired her out.

Not a minute pa.s.sed, he noticed her shallow breathing and carried her inside the bedroom.


July 9, 20xx

Split, Crotia

In the deep of the night, a shadow stood on top of the concrete wall and like an eagle looking for prey, she scanned the area. Making sure none of the guards were on duty tonight, she leaped the short distance from where she was to the tree. From there, she jumped down and took cover behind, avoiding the surveillance camera whirring around every 10 seconds.

Suddenly, a smell of gasoline permeated into the air, blending in with the dewy scent of early autumn.

The teenager muttered a curse upon her eyes catching a glimpse of a tall person pouring gasoline around the big house.

'Someone came first.'

She glided to his direction stealthily while observing what's unfolding in front of her. From behind, an arm was hooked on the neck and before he realized what happened, a snapping sound was heard.

Instantly, he fell on the ground along with the lighter on his hand ---igniting fire.

The teenaged cursed at her stupidity.

From the window, she had a glimpse of another teenager lying lifeless on the floor.

'That is not your problem.' a part her reminded.

But ignoring this, she found her way to the living room through the back door.

Instinctively, she wrapped him with wet towel and carried the bleeding child who looked lifeless.

As the fire was getting bigger, she braved past the long hallway leading to the front door. However, there was a sound of falling beam.

When she looked up, it was falling fast that she never saw it was coming.

Then, the world went dark.


The sound of buzzer woke Yan Shi up and found her heartbeat abnormal. Taking in a few deep breaths, she calmed herself. At the same time, questions started popping out her brain.

With the vividness of the dream, she wondered were the people in it.

'Strange.' she thought.

She looked around her and realized she was on one of the two beds inside the bedroom.

Disregarding the oddity, she got off and headed to the door.

But, Li Jie beat her to it and pulled it open, wondering who was at the door at this time. It was only after 7 in the morning.

The two people outside smiled widely and the old woman said "Oh look Billy, we found the right room."

Mrs Xiang sat next to them in the plane and when she found out they were both from China, she chatted non-stop, disrupting the couple. Because of this, it formed the decision of not sitting on the economy cla.s.s again in his head.

She was holding a medium size container and the little boy next to him looked up.

Li Jie wanted to close the door but he heard his wife's voice coming from behind.

"Who is it?"

"Oh, it's us." the woman's excited voice beamed and entered the room, shoving the man blocking the doorway.

Yan Shi saw it and shook her head with the woman's rudeness.

Being respectful, she still greeted and led them to the receiving area.

Entering the woman's eyes darted here and there, scrutinizing the room. Yan Shi felt uncomfortable with that but she kept her smile on and asked them to sit. The old woman, who's wrinkled face showed evidence of living for more than 60 years--- handed her the canister.

She said "You try this Ci Fan (1) I made."

Yan Shi politely grasped it and went to the kitchen. She gave out a low sigh upon noticing the man washing his hands and rubbing them for more than one minute.

After two days, she'd already seen that neat freak side of him.

Every time he does that, she was reminded of doctors preparing for surgery who had to scrub their hands for 3-5 minutes.

While he was at it, Yan Shi got a box of orange juice and prepared two gla.s.ses.

But the man stopped her.

"Drink water first." he reminded.

She took them while he continued what she was about to do.

A second later, she opened the container and couldn't help fingering a small piece from the rice rolls the woman brought in.

But then, a hand stopped her and her questioning eyes stared at him.

He moved his head sideways, gesturing no.

There was an urge to ask why however, she closed her mouth when his words echoed on her ears.

"I'll make some for you. It will taste and look better than this rod looking ones."

Her immediate response was to smack his arm yet, he stilled grinned at her.

'Why does he turn every food into something else?' she asked.

She couldn't stop the curiosity and her eyes fell on the sticky rice rolls.

Only then, the imagination sank in.

It was indeed looking like one.

There was one long, fat sticky rice roll flanked by two rice b.a.l.l.s. The two round ones were strategically place at one end making them appear like t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es and the long one is the shaft.



Tidbit of Info:

Ci Fan (粢饭) - is a sticky rice ball filled with stuffings like meat or vegetables. It is a breakfast staple for Chinese.



LJ: Why lock me out?

TC: ? Well, I just want to.

LJ: ???

TC: Don't give me that face. Or else, that two beds will become one.

LJ: ?? I like one bed.

TC: Oh yeah? It's single bed.

LJ: Even better. ?

TC: Small enough to fit her frame and no more. ?

LJ: ??

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