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Chapter 243: Return to Blue Planet

At the bottom of Heavenly Abyss, since the seal was broken, the number of s.p.a.ce cracks had also steadily been increasing, causing countless monsters to come out one after another.

Even so, the Pet Alliance had almost finished sealing all the s.p.a.ce cracks here, which showed their depth of connections, having been established for more than one hundred years.

However, even if most of the cracks were sealed, the Pet Alliance had to send personnel continuously so that they could take control of Heavenly Abyss. They were doing this because the s.p.a.ce cracks still kept increasing. They needed manpower to seal them and to clean up the large number of monsters that had emerged.

In a s.p.a.ce crack at the edge of the abyss, a small camp of about a dozen people could be found.

At this time, sounds of battles surged near the camp, and countless monsters continuously drilled out of the s.p.a.ce crack to surround the camp.

The head of the camp was a young man. While commanding a monarch Golden-horned Silver Ankylosaurus and a few other pets to deal with the monsters that were rushing over, he used the portable communication device to comfort his teammates and give commands about the overall situation.

“D*mn it! What the h.e.l.l is going on? How come these monsters are rushing out suddenly and desperately? If they continue like this, we won't be able to resist them.”

“No, there are too many monsters. Hurry up and find a way! Otherwise, we really can't hold it.”

As time went on, everyone gradually lost the power to withstand the monsters' attacks. Most of the people's pets were injured, and even a few had been killed in battle.

“Don't worry, everyone; I already called for help. The rescue team is already on the way! As long as you hold on, everyone will gain a lot of contribution points this time.”

Captain Liu Tao glanced at the Golden-horned Silver Ankylosaurus, whose spiritual power had already bottomed out, and said in rea.s.surance.

“No way, captain. At the current speed that these monsters are crawling out, I'm afraid that we'll die before the rescue arrives!”

The deputy captain looked at Liu Tao and gritted his teeth. “No, let's take out the Wind of s.p.a.ce and throw it in. We can't withstand it if we don't close the s.p.a.ce crack.”

The Wind of s.p.a.ce was one of the Alliance's special strategic weapons. It could be thrown out to make a s.p.a.ce crack chaotic, preventing most monsters from invading and causing ordinary emperor monsters to be sealed.

“No, our purpose for guarding this location is to provide support for the Pet Tamer who went in to investigate the situation. How can those inside get out if we throw the Wind of s.p.a.ce?”

Liu Tao frowned and shook his head. “These are the true brave men who dared to venture deep within Heavenly Abyss; we must never do this kind of thing that cuts off their retreat route.”

Someone glanced at Liu Tao and whispered, “No one has come back for a year. There is no hope; they are probably all dead. Why bother? The talents living here are more important.”

The group of people looked at Liu Tao blankly. Yes, no one had come out for a year; it was impossible now.

Liu Tao looked at the members of his hunting team and sighed. “To tell you the truth, the cracks in this s.p.a.ce can't be sealed. This is what Yulong Gymnasium instructed. We can run, but the cracks can't be sealed. Otherwise, even if we leave alive, there'll be no place for us even in this big world.”

“Why?” someone asked, puzzled.

“Because a year ago, the core disciple of Yulong Gymnasium and G.o.d Dragon Division entered this s.p.a.ce crack.”

Liu Tao glanced into the distance and said.

In fact, it was much more than that. G.o.d Dragon Division had also promised that if he behaved well, he could be recruited into Yulong Gymnasium

It was while he was thinking of this that a change happened in the s.p.a.ce crack. A few snow-white huge insects emerged from it. What terrified the group was the monarch aura of these insects.

These insects hurriedly crawled out of the s.p.a.ce crack, felt around for a moment, and rushed straight toward the group.

“It's over! They're the unevolved larvae of Underworld b.u.t.terflies. Run quickly!”

Upon seeing these huge insects, their expressions changed drastically. These insects, which were larvae of undead monsters, did not fear death. Their speed was fast, and they liked absorbing vitality the most. Once the larvae had absorbed enough, they would instantly transform into Underworld b.u.t.terflies.

The most terrifying thing was that they had a pa.s.sive skill called b.u.t.terfly Transformation. As long as one was close to the existence of vitality, it would absorb that vitality autonomously.

Seeing a group of these monarch larvae rushing to them, everyone trembled in horror. At a glance, they saw that these insects were directly sucking up the vitality of the other monsters on the way.

“No, we can't let them get close anymore! Quicksand Crocodile, use ground traps to ward them off!”

Someone panicked when he saw the approaching larvae.

However, when the commander Quicksand Crocodile controlled the insects, the latter suddenly accelerated and turned into white lights, which rushed past them.

In a flash, they came to the crocodile, biting it down and sucking away its vitality. All of a sudden, the crocodile dried up and deflated.

In an instant, many pets in the entire team suffered a similar fate. When Captain Liu Tao was hesitating if they should use Wind of s.p.a.ce, he heard the deputy captain yelling, “Everyone, hide quickly! These larvae don't seem to be directed at us. They seem to be running away.”

Hearing this, the others quickly avoided the swarm of insects; indeed, the larvae ran away without looking at them at all.

Everyone sucked in a breath and looked at Captain Liu Tao with solemn expressions.

Liu Tao's expression also changed. If even the terrifying larvae of Underworld b.u.t.terflies were on the run, what kind of monsters was there in this s.p.a.ce crack?

At this time, everyone observed the s.p.a.ce crack carefully and discovered that the monsters did not appear to launch an invasion at all but were, instead, running for their lives.

At the thought of this, the fear gripping their hearts worsened.

“Captain, don't hesitate; whatever it is down there can be delayed for a while if you throw in the Wind of s.p.a.ce. We'll all die if the monster comes out of the s.p.a.ce crack!” the deputy captain shouted eagerly.

“Yes, Yulong Gymnasium will certainly not blame us for this situation.”

The members all encouraged him.

“Alright.” Liu Tao gritted his teeth, took out a silver white ball, and threw it into the s.p.a.ce crack.

The silver-white ball exploded, and the endless Wind of s.p.a.ce raged, instantly causing the s.p.a.ce crack to become extremely chaotic. Countless s.p.a.ce fragments raged in it, and any monsters, which tried to crawl out, were shattered and turned into traces of red lights before disappearing.

“Phew! Fortunately, the monster did not come out!”

Everyone took a deep breath, finally feeling relieved.


At this moment, a deep but very penetrating sound came from the s.p.a.ce crack.

Liu Tao and the others followed the source, their expressions suddenly changing. A huge and scary mouth, which was several kilometers long, swallowed the entire Wind of s.p.a.ce and burst out of it.

After seeing this guy's complete body, everyone swallowed involuntarily.

They could not even see how big the monster was at a glance. They only knew that as soon as it came out, it concealed all the light. Those black eye holes with a diameter of several hundred meters looked at the crowd, killing intent boiling in them, as if the monster was ready to swallow them at any time.


Almost everyone buckled to their knees, their whole bodies soaked in cold sweat. They tried desperately to escape, but their bodies were out of control.

At this moment, they finally understood why even the terrifying underworld insects had to run away. In front of such a terrifying existence, they were waiting for their own death if they did not escape.

“Did you throw the Wind of s.p.a.ce?”

Just when everyone thought they were bound to die, a human figure appeared on the head of this huge monster, looking at them with aloof eyes.

“This… is… a pet?!”

Everyone immediately came to a realization after seeing the human on top, but the shock in their hearts worsened further.

“Speak!” Su Bai's voice became colder. He seriously suspected that these people were deliberately trying to kill him.

Originally, he was about to break out of the s.p.a.ce crack, but someone suddenly threw the Wind of s.p.a.ce inside. If it had not been for the Starry Omnivore Kraken, he might have died in the s.p.a.ce crack.

He went through the s.p.a.ce crack specially guarded by the Alliance. It stood to reason that no matter what the situation was, it would not be allowed to be closed within three years.

Facing Su Bai's questioning, Liu Tao sobered up a little and quickly stood up to explain. “S-Senior… you have misunderstood us. We saw a large number of monsters coming out and thought that a powerful monster was emerging. We just threw it out for our own safety.

“Because no one has come out for a year, we didn't expect a human being to come out at this time. I'm really sorry.”

“You don't know this is the pa.s.sage we go in and out of? You don't know the Pet Alliance's regulations? Don't you know that once this s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage is closed, we will never be able to get out?” demanded Su Bai coldly, feeling really infuriated. If it were not for him being strong, he would die today.

Although they had gone in voluntarily, they were also working for the Spirit Alliance. Abandoning them in this way was too bitterly disappointing.

“Senior, please punish us!”

The group of people lowered their heads. Being questioned by Su Bai, they were desperate to find a hole to hide in.

After looking at this group of people for a few seconds, he released Planet Eye and jumped onto it. He then turned around and collected the Starry Omnivore Kraken into his contract book.

“Onom!” The kraken did not forget to swallow all the monsters within a radius of tens of kilometers before it satisfactorily entered the contract book.

On the ground, Liu Tao and others were shocked by its strength. The place where dozens of them had struggled to survive was just a simple matter that could be cleaned up by this pet.

Having regained their sanity at this time, they naturally recognized that the huge pet in Su Bai's hand was a super-large legendary monster that had disappeared in public, a kraken!

“We welcome the return of our senior brother. Welcome, senior brother!”

In the sky, a Giant Bone Dragon flew over and stopped slightly in front of Su Bai. A woman in black on the back of the flying dragon saluted to him respectfully.

This woman was Han Wei, who had first relied on Su Bai's help together with Ouyang Du. Her Bone Dragon was also the bloodline level that Su Bai had helped improve; it had been transformed into the dragon descendant of the Ancestor Blood Dragon.

“Greetings, senior brother!”

Following Han Wei's salute, the other disciples who had come with her also saluted respectfully, looking at Su Bai with scorching eyes.

“You don't have to be courteous; there's no need to be so foreign to your own senior brother!”

Smiling slightly, Su Bai glanced at Han Wei and said, “Your Bone Dragon is pretty good; it has actually reached the emperor grade in just one year.”

“That's all thanks to your help, senior brother, or else I wouldn't have my accomplishments today,” said the woman respectfully. She, who originally came to join the rescue, had seen the entire situation in the air moments ago. Now, she respected Su Bai even more in her heart.

With that terrifying giant kraken, she was sure that this man's promotion this year was definitely more terrifying compared to hers.

“Okay, come on up,” said Su Bai.

Han Wei glanced at Planet Eye curiously and felt that the Planet's Core, which had been captured by her and Ouyang before, had also undergone tremendous changes. It was definitely not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Su Bai's mysterious methods had given her a lot of surprises, and she was looking forward to the future.

“Senior brother, how should we deal with these people?”

After bringing the disciples on Planet Eye, Han Wei asked him.

He glanced at Liu Tao and the others and then waved his hand. “Check the situation; if they're not deliberately targeting me, then just forget it.”

Thinking about it carefully, Su Bai also understood the reason for their behavior. The culprit of the current situation might actually be him. He had let the Starry Omnivore Kraken swallow everything on the other side of the s.p.a.ce crack, causing some of the monsters to flee in fear.

Nonetheless, having said that, it could not be ruled out that they were deliberately going against him, so it was better to check properly.

“Yes.” Han Wei nodded.

“Okay, enough about them. Tell me about the changes on Blue Planet over the past year that I was gone,” Su Bai said.

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