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translator: baumkuchen  editor: serefina

In front of Chi Xiaochi was a digital display that only he could see. On the display was the original host's current body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, surrounding temperature, and so on. Of particular interest was a conspicuous bar divided into two colours, red and blue. e9Bwz0

The blue bar represented the regret level, while the red bar represented the goodwill level, both with a maximum value of 100 points.

The blue bar was currently stuck at 9 points, while the points of the red bar were steadily decreasing due to Chi Xiaochi's line of "Does it cost you".

Chi Xiaochi sighed, "Why is it that people don't like to hear the truth?" b9kzRP

The system wanted to roast him a little, but held back.

Yang Baihua was disappointed, saying, "Xiao Cheng, how could you talk like that?"

Chi Xiaochi didn't panic, and simply replied amicably, "Old Yang, don't misunderstand. My meaning was that my big brother is just looking out for us. With a car, our lives will be so much easier. I don't have a need for it, but you could use it to drive to work, right? It'll give you a lot more face in front of your colleagues too." S6jihB

His att.i.tude was very pleasant, as if his prior remark that was full of □□ was simply a statement of fact.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Seeing the two-point increase in the goodwill level, the system thought, he's giving him the stick followed by the carrot. His means aren't bad.

Yang Baihua calmed himself down. kt1X8

This child had been spoiled rotten since young and didn't know the impact of his words. He feared that he completely hadn't realised just how hurtful his prior words were.

Thinking of this, Yang Baihua gathered the patience of a father dealing with their own child, and coaxed him, saying, "Xiao Cheng, cars are consumables. Have you ever thought about how much it costs to own a car? How much it would cost to pay for gasoline each month, how much it would cost to buy a parking lot, have you thought about it? Is this something we afford right now?"

"I'll earn money to provide for you!" Cheng Yuan nonchalantly placed his hands behind his back, his smile sincere and gentle enough to make one's heart melt. "My demos are almost complete. When they're done, they'll earn us some money."

Yang Baihua helplessly replied, "How many times have I told you, this isn't a proper job." xmyvOw

"But I like music."

"Just because you like it doesn't mean it can put food on the table…… Nevermind, let's not talk about this." Yang Baihua generously gave in. "We shouldn't quarrel."

"Alright, let's not talk about that." Cheng Yuan walked forward, closing the gap between him and Yang Baihua. He gently said, "Actually I was also thinking that we can use this car to fetch your mom and dad. Mom, dad, and third sister are coming to visit next week. When they come, you can even drive them over to Xiao Yan's school to bring her out for a meal. The last time Xiao Yan came over, didn't she also ask when you were going to buy a car?"


Those two matters just so happened to poke at Yang Baihua's weak spot. He was silent.

As he spoke, Cheng Yuan raised his head to look up at Yang Baihua.

Upon meeting his burning gaze, Yang Baihua's heart skipped a beat.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was currently winter. Under the light of the evening streetlamps, Cheng Yuan let out a breath of white fog. In the haze of white mist, his fair and radiant face was enveloped in an exquisite halo of light that could move people's hearts. The circle of fluffy feathers lining the hood of his white down jacket moved slightly in the evening wind, sticking to his slender, white porcelain neck, gently tickling it. All at once, he felt a squeezing, burning sensation in his heart. HzEx8D

Meanwhile,  Chi Xiaochi's attention was on translucent card currently displayed on the operating board in front of him. Its contents were as follows:

Name: Beauty Halo (Trial Edition)

Duration: 10 minutes MAz62V

Quant.i.ty: 1

Quality: Excellent

Type: Single use only

Points required: 0 (Free trial) HqoBm9

Description: Your simple smile is more radiant than the shine of Gold Coating Silver egg fried rice, more warm than a simmering pot of pork broth soup, more tender than the meat bursting out of a freshly snapped crab leg, and more fascinating than the red oil oozing out of the yolk of a salted duck egg. No delicacy can compare to your smile, illuminated by the dim lights.

……Nice metaphor.


Chi Xiaochi asked, curious, "Did the person in charge of writing these descriptions come from a family of chefs?"

The system was silent for a moment. "……09 is the one of the first-generation AIs. It started out as data, it just likes studying recipes."

Chi Xiaochi found these words to be a little strange.

Started out as data? vREx9H

Is there such a thing as turning into data?

Before he could ask further, the system b.u.t.ted in with a reminder, "Mister Chi, your task."

Chi Xiaochi: "Oh, oh."

   4 dyvg

Seeing Chi Xiaochi gather himself once more, the system felt slightly gratified.

When he first took on Chi Xiaochi, he'd immediately noticed that this new host was a little more difficult to handle.

After receiving and reading the information of this world, Chi Xiaochi pondered to himself for quite a while. His very first question was: "Later when we see him, can I directly run that surnamed Yang over with a car?"

The system: "……" WL42mh

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