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Chapter 499

“As you can see, it's a Royal Phoenix Blood Essence! It was impossible to open this box before, but thanks to you, we will be able to suppress the evil spirit lurking inside the Phoenix Cave!” Shopkeeper Ye said excitedly.

“How can this Royal Phoenix Blood Essence be placed inside a box?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“The Ancestor put it inside the box in case something bad happened. And we thought that right now was the right time to open it to help us fight against the Evil Spirit!” Great Elder said as he explained the circ.u.mstance to Yi Tianyun.

“I heard that you keep saying there are evil spirits inside the cave. What is this evil spirit exactly?” Yi Tianyun asked as he didn't know what Evil Spirit that the Phoenix Clan was talking about.

“A long time ago, an Evil Spirit Race came to this nest to capture all of the Phoenix Clan! We are overpowered by the Evil Spirit Race, but fortunately, the King at the time sacrificed himself to seal all the Evil Spirit Race inside the Phoenix Cave! No matter what we did, we couldn't destroy them. In turn, the seal must be renewed after a while!” Great Elder said with a sad expression on his face.

This sad expression was also apparent on other Phoenix Race people, but some showed anger and desperation. It seemed that this Evil Spirit Problem was starting to take a toll on the Phoenix Clan!

“So, where is the King of the Phoenix Clan now?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“The King disembarked on a journey at least a year ago to find a way to eliminate the Evil Spirit once and for all. Unfortunately, he hasn't returned yet.

Otherwise, it would be easy for him to renew the seal of the Evil Spirit.” Great Elder said as he shook his head.

“So, did you really have to use this Royal Phoenix Blood Essence to strengthen the seal?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Yes, we need your Immortal Fire to suppress the Heavenly Yin Fire, and then we will use this Royal Phoenix Blood Essence outside their prison to reseal them with a strong Immortal Fire!” Great Elder explained.

Yi Tianyun began to wonder. If what the Great Elder explained so far was true, then it meant the Evil Spirit Race that was imprisoned under the Phoenix Cave has gotten stronger!

It meant that even if they renewed the seal, it would be destroyed again faster than what has happened now.

Yi Tianyun started to think that maybe one of the prisoners inside has become a Saint King and thus became stronger than the seal itself!

The next thing that he wondered about was how wasteful it was to use Royal Phoenix Blood Essence just to renew a seal like this! So, he asked a question that really bugged him for a while ago.

“So, if I can renew the seal with my own power, can I have this Royal Phoenix Blood Essence?” Yi Tianyun said curiously.

Everyone was startled once again, but they already knew that Yi Tianyun could do many things.

“If you are able to make a strong seal, I will give you this Royal Phoenix Blood Essence to you. But are you sure? You never heard of the Evil Spirit Race before. You're obviously too young to deal with them!” Great Elder said worriedly.

“Don't worry, Great Elder. I am only going to test my theory out. If it fails, we will go with the old way!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“As long as it's not a problem for you, then you can do what you want!” Great Elder said as he shook his head to Yi Tianyun while sighing.

“Okay, so when are we going down there?” Yi Tianyun asked as he wanted to finish this quest as soon as possible.

“Well, we can go anytime you want. So, if you feel like it, we can go now!” Great Elder said casually.

“That's great! I don't have anything else to do right now, so we can go down now!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

Immediately, the Great Elder guided Yi Tianyun while releasing his full aura to expel the Heavenly Yin Fire that was surrounding the cave system.

The fire seemed to be trying to get away from the Great Elder's aura!

“Now, here is where your first help would be. You have to clear this Heavenly Yin Fire as the Immortal Fire is stronger than our Phoenix Fire! but, no matter what happened to you after this, we the Phoenix Clan will always help you in the future!” Great Elder said confidently.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and immediately stepped forward to deal with the Heavenly Yin Fire on his own!

But instead of pulling out his Immortal Fire, Yi Tianyun activated his Heaven Swallowing Divine Secret Art to absorb the Heavenly Yin Fire!

The Great Elder was surprised as he saw that Yi Tianyun was absorbing the Heavenly Yin Fire directly to his body!

All he knew was that a cultivator wouldn't be able to handle two kinds of fire inside their body like this!

The Great Elder knew that Yi Tianyun has the Immortal Fire, which was an extremely fierce fire, but the Heavenly Yin Fire was an ominous Fire that was colder and fluid!

Immortal Fire and this Heavenly Yin Fire was a contradiction to each other!

“Are you going to be okay by absorbing the fire like that?” The Great Elder asked as he looked at Yi Tianyun in worry.

“I am okay, Great Elder! Relax, I will be fine!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at the Great Elder. But the reward notification kept ringing inside Yi Tianyun's head!

'Get 1.700 Mastery Point, 2.140 Mastery Point, 3.411 Mastery Point, …'

The amount of Mastery point that Yi Tianyun got was great. At this rate, he'll be able to level up the Netherworld's Fire soon!

That was because this Heavenly Yin Fire was more in tune with Netherworld's Fire than anything else!

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