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Chapter  46  Animal

With these words, two servants who took a pretty girl about 16 years old pushed the crowd away and came over.The girl was full of tears and shivering because of the scary.

Xiu Wei was totally a animal. For him,there was not such a word 'gentle' in his dictionary. He pinched her neck rudely. In an instant, the girl's face was full of pain.

"b.i.t.c.h,you think she can help you? Don't be silly, this is my place! It's your great blessing that I  want you, do you understand?" Xiu Wei's face was so horrible that it seemed he would eat the girl in one bite.

The girl was totally freaked out, at this time, her face was pale with the helplessness tears rolling down her cheeks.

"b.i.t.c.h! Why are you crying, are you eager to make me unhappy?"For the common person,after  seeing the pretty girl was crying like this, it was afraid that the heart would be broken by the tears, but Xiu Wei was more cruel, and directly gave a heavy slap on her face. The sound was like a hit on everyone's heart and shock them.

On the delicate cheeks of the girl, there were a slap printed on. The pain and humiliation made the girl's eyes full of despair.

"Xiu Wei, animal! G.o.d will not tolerate you!" Tang Xinyi was unable to get rid of the young teenager, so that she could only watch the girl being humiliated, and could not help.

"Hey...Tang Xinyi, keep it! Soon when you kneel down in front of me, i will ask you pay for it! But now, i need to get some fun of this little b.i.t.c.h first !"

The more angry Tang Xinyi was, the more excited Xiuwei was,he seized the girl's hair and pulled her into his arms, the rude movement made the girl immediately screamed painfully.

"Little b.i.t.c.h, come on, give me a laugh, smile!"

Under his yelling, the girl was scared to tremble, and her pretty face was occupied by fear and shame.How could she smile now?

"Stop it!" Before she came to the close, Leng Yuecui shouted while her body crossed the Wan Dong as a flash.

Seeing that Leng Yuecui was descending from the sky, the girl's desperate eyes suddenly showed the light of hope, and she cried out loudly: "Leng Yuecui, save me, save me!"

"Leng Yuecui knows her?" Wan Dong looked up at Leng Yuecui. He saw a beautiful face of Leng Yucui was already as cold as ice at this time, and the almond-eyed opened widely with rage and glared like a temple door G.o.d -- to be fierce of visage. Thus, Leng Yuecui might really know the girl.

"Ha! It seems that today is my lucky day! Another beauty, i can really have fun today!" After Xiu Wei saw Leng Yuecui's pretty face, his face was fill with the lascivious.

Without Xiu Wei ordered yet, several guards behind him leaped out spontaneously and tried to stop Leng Yuecui.

At this time, Leng Yuecui was really on fire. Without any consideration,she snored and reached out the hand,the imposing with her 100% nuine QI was sweeping.It seemed like Leng Yuecui was ready to kill them.

What Leng Yuecui never thought was that the guards that Xiu Wei carried with him was not the piece of cake .All of them had the cultivation above the 3rd Layer genuine QI, which was equivalent to Leng Yuecui.

Even though Leng Yuecui was very aggressive, these guards did not put her in their eyes.After  they had jointly attacked her. Leng Yuecui's palm imposing was defused into invisible. At the same time,they flied forward and surrounded Leng Yuecui without waiting for her to land.

Leng Yuecui couldn't help but worried, obviously she had looked down on Xiu Wei.

"This beauty was mine.Be gentle! If you hurt her, i will not being polite to you!"

"a.s.shole!" After Leng Yuecui listened to this, she clenched her teeth teeth and took a deep breath, her palm moved like a wave full of the rage, just wanted to defeated all the enemy in front of her!

The wish was perfect, but the reality was always very cruel. Although Leng Yuecui's offensive  was fierce and powerful, she was more like a trapped beast. In that situation,it was afraid that she was more dangerous than Tang Xinyi.

"Luo Xiao! I have always respected you. I didn't expect you are also a b.a.s.t.a.r.d who serves to evil! Tang Xinyi had a few a.s.saults, and there was no way to break through. More over,she was foced to the corner by Luo Xiao.She was anxious and annoyed.

Luo Yan's handsome face changed slightly, and he said, "The National Division had helped me a lot. Whatever he asked me to do, i will do it whether it's a good thing or a bad thing!Tang Xinyi..."

"Don't call my name, you don't deserve it!" Tang Xinyi screamed in a hurry.

Luo Wei sighed and said, "Tang Xinyi, I don't want to hurt you. You shouldn't take care of the things here, please go!"

"You ask me to leave? Then, what about the girl? You let me to watch her being slain by the animal? Luo Xiao, where is your sense of justice? Are you still a man?"

Luo Hao shook his head, revealing a hint of helplessness in his face, but he still stood in front of her without the slightest retreat.

"b.i.t.c.h,Have you heard what i said? smile! smile!"

When Tang Xinyi and Luo Wei were arguing, Xiu Wei yelled at the girl again. Tang Xinyi turned around and saw that the girl was in the hands of Xiu Wei being arbitrarily manipulated like a doll!

"a.s.shole!" Tang Xinyi couldn't stand anymore, and rushed to Xiu Wei with the sword.

The sword in Luo Xiao's hand was slightly slanted, then the cold sword was like an insurmountable gap, which was in front of Tang Xinyi.

"Luo Wei, until now i got to know you!" Tang Xinyi was so disappointed and angry that she ran to him like crazy.

Luo Wei had shown mercy for Tang Xinyi. But for Leng Yuecui,A few of the guards of Xiu Wei, not only had high cultivate,but also used the dirty fighting in order to be able to control her, so that Leng Yuecui more and more could not stand, and was really in a difficult position.

"Boss, Xiu Wei is really an animal, should we go to help them?" Wu Yang said angrily to Wan Dong at this moment.

The fire in Wan Dong's heart had already burned up.Once he encountered a b.a.s.t.a.r.d such as Xiuwei, if he did not give him a lesson, he would not be able to sleep well for half a lifetime. However, his current cultivation was far less than that of Tang Xinyi and Leng Yuecui. Even they could not to help. What else could they do? it was simply to be bullied by Xiu Wei if they came out!

Seeing that Wu Yang was filled with indignation, Wan Dong asked, "Wu Yang, do you have any good way to deal with this b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

Wu Yang was stunned by Wan Dong's question, and he answered for a long while. "What kind of good way do you want? Just by your status as a young master of Xu's family, you can solve him easily!"

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