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Chapter  45  Tang Xinyi Met an Opponent

"Okay! Let's go, let's give this guy special training!" Leng Yuecui pointed to Wu Yang, and said crisply.

"What kind of special training? We did not say yes." As soon as he heard the words "special training" from the mouth of Leng Yuecui, Wu Yang couldn't help but said awkwardly with fears.

"Are you kidding? No special training? Oaky,then tell me, how could you defeat Wu Yue without training, and how to make her lose face? Or, it's very fun to be hit to ground by Wu Yue for you?" Leng Yuecui stared at Wu Yang with a pair of almond-eyed and asked.

Wan Dong and Wu Yang looked at each other and said with smile, "Is it fun or not to be hit by Wu Yue. I think that You really have more speaking than us!"

"Xu Yaoting! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"Leng Yuecui wanted to give them her kindly help, but she was ridiculed by them in returned. Leng Yuecui really got mad.

Wan Dong laughed for a while and said, "Okay, I am joking with you.Don't be so serious! I know that you are kind enough to help, but today is really not okay, there are something else need to do for us."

"What is that?" Leng Yuecui asked curiously.

"We are going to the martial arts collage to find our friend..."

"Wu Yang!"

When the words of Leng Yuecui had died away, Wu Yang replied before Wan Dong wanted to stop him. Sure enough, as he expected, a pair of almond-eyed of Leng Yuecui immediately lit up. "You guys are going to the martial arts collage? Good, I will go too!"

Wan Dong frowned. "Leng Yuecui, what are you gonna to do?"

"Well, you have friend in the martial arts collage, I also have friend there! Just there is a long time that I didn't see her. Now I want to visit her, is that not okay?" Leng Yuecui looked at Wan Dong while her heart was confused. Why didn't she find that Xu Yaoting was a little bit cute before when he frowned.

"Okay, of course okay! Then go ahead, we will go there on the other day."

"Xu Yaoting, what do you mean?"It was probably the first time that Leng Yuecui probably saw the disgusting expression on the face of others. She was angry, but she felt wronged more.

Seeing that Wan Dong still tried to offend Leng Yuecui, Wu Yang was uneasy. If she angered by him.When Leng Yuecui was on fire, they would get a big trouble"Bro,we can go there together with Leng Yuecui. Besides,the students in martial arts collage is very arrogancy. With Leng Yuecui  who once was on Qing Yun Ranking,maybe we could knock these guys down to size!"

It stood to reason that Wu Yang spoke for Lengyue Cui, Leng Yuecui should be grateful, but Wu Yang was not a very smart at speaking, his extra word 'once' made Leng Yuecui roll her eyes again.

Wan Dong shook his head. Wu Yang did not know the background of Leng Yuecui, and naturally he would not know that the people like Leng Yuecui was kind of trouble for them!

"Leng Yuecui, it's okay to go with us, but you have to listen to me no matter what happened!" Wan Dong said very seriously.

However,Leng Yuecui turned her head, and humphed, "Why, I sold myself to you?" After that, she left ahead of them,then she said: "Hey, now it's you are following me, so you guys need to all listen to me!"

Wan Dong shook his head with a wry smile, and there was a feeling of being defeated by Leng Yuecui for him.

The martial arts collage was the largest branch of the Qingyun Shool. It covered an extremely large area with a large scale, and full of magnificent architectures. Compared with the military science collage,it was more versatile. It was no wonder that the students of the military science collage were not willing to come to the martial arts collage ,they really felt shamed!

Wan Dong had longed for the Qingyun school since he was a child. At this time, when he stepped here, his heart was full of excitement and emotional. Fortunately, Wan Dong was very good at concealing it, otherwise he would definitely be noticed by Leng Yuecui.

"Bro, do you know why I like to come to the martial arts collage?" Wu Yang asked with big smile to Wan Dong.

Wan Dong shook his head, and Wu Yang said. "The martial arts collage is full of fun! Whenever you come, you will get the chance to see a 'play'." Wu Yang said with his finger pointing to the side.

Wan Dong followed with Wu Yang's fingers, and saw that there was two guys was fighting fierce battle with agile figure , and there was a lot of people cheering at the side, which was really enjoyable show.

"You ARE so boring! It's not fun to see other people fighting at all. Only you fight for yourself,then you will know what the pleasure is!" Leng Yuecui looked disdainful and gave a glance at them.

Wan Dong did not pay attention to her, all his attention was completely attracted by two people in the fight. Of course, it was not for fun, but because one of them was not anyone else, it was Tang Xinyi.

He hadn't seen Tang Xinyi for this day, she actually went to the martial arts collage to fight.Did she still remember that she was his bodyguard?

Without thinking too much, Wan Dong quickly walked over, this time, Tang Xinyi really met the opponent.

"Hey? It seems to be the new beauty teacher of our collage!" Wu Yang recognized Tang Xinyi.

After hearing that, Leng Yuecui didn't speak more, and followed with Wan Dong.

It was a tough opponent!The one who was fighting with her was a young man who was about twenty-five. A person at the same age like him was generally not a student of Qingyun shool. And looking at this young man's soft armor, it was more likely that he was a bright and brave military teenager.

The age of this young man was similar to Tang Xinyi, but his cultivation base was one Layer higher than Tang Xinyi which was the 4th Layer genuine QI. With a long sword flashing in his hands full of power,his imposing was not trivial matter and suppressed Tang Xinyi. But,It seemed that this young man did not want to hurt Tang Xinyi. His every move was very measured.

"Tang Xinyi, are you proud all the time? How about now? Haha...i will give you a lesson today to  vanish my hatred!" A sharp voice suddenly screamed,which had drawn Wan Dong's attention.

Ony seeing a swingers of a brocade suit who was surrounded by a dozen people, yelled at Tang Xinyi with a smug look.

Soon,Wan Dong called out the information of this guy from the memory of Xu Yaoting. Xiu Wei, a second grade student of the martial arts collage, was one year later than Xu Yaoting. His father Xiu Sheng was enshrined as Art Marquis because he wrote a good article. In the Qingyun empire, which extremely worshiped crazily in martial arts, an Art Marquis was not very popular, but due to he was a good lion-hunter, so he had gained the trust of the National Division, Qiu Wanli, so that his status had risen, and his son, Xiu Wei also came to show off .But about that Xiu Wei had a conflict with Tang Xinyi, in Xu Yaoting's memory, there was no word.

"Luo Xiao, you don't need to be polite with this stupid girl! Today, you'd better to interrupt one leg of her. I will take care of you if something happened. Besides, there still has National Division, so you needn't be afraid!"

Seeing that Luo Xiao had suppressed Tang Xinyi, Xiu Wei got more and more complacent, the whole person was like a a dog of estrus that he could not stop stepping back and forth and couldn't quiet for a moment.

"Mother f.u.c.ker! Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are, and dare to mess with me. If i can not let you know that who i am, i am not the son of Art Marquis! Get that b.i.t.c.h here!"

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