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Chapter  44  I'm Interested In You

When the Leng Yuecui backed to earth from the incredible, Wan Dong had already gone far with Wu Yang.

"Weird!" Leng Yuecui murmured, then left with a full face.

"Wu Yang, in the Qinyun School, do you know any student from Tiandu?" Since Wan Dong was born, and he was branded in Tiandu, which could not be erased anyway. The City of Heaven was a thousand miles away from Tiandu.So that he couldn't go back.If he could meet the students of Tiandu, it might also comfort the homesickness.

Wu Yang shook his head and said, "Tiandu is very small and far from the City of Heaven. There are only very few people who can enter the Qingyun School every year through selection. In addition,most of them are concentrated in the martial arts college. Boss, Why do you suddenly ask this?"

Wu Yang's answer was in the expectation of Wan Dong. It was not easy for people in Tiandu to enter the Qingyun School. Once you entered, naturally everyone would go to the best college in Qingyun School, No one would go to the unpopular liberal arts college like military science to waste the time.

Wan Dong sighed slightly, although he had thought about that, he was still a little disappointed. He shook his head and said, "Nothing, just curious."

Wu Yang believed and said, "but i think Xiao Hu maybe know some."

"Xiao Hu?" Wan Dong's eyes suddenly lit up.

The Xiao Hu that Wu Yang had mentioned, whose real name was Hu Yue, was another buddy of Xu Yaoting, and they had a good relationship.Just because that Hu Yue was in the martial arts college and didn't go to the military science college very often.So the time that he kept together with Xu Yaoting is not so much as Wu Yang.

Hu Yue's father, Hu Jingqi, was a censor, and his official position was ordinary. Although the Xiao Hu family was not a giant in the City of Heaven. It was also worth mentioning that Xiao Hu was a high-minded boy compared with Xu Yaoting and Wu Yang. He was only a few months older than Xu Yaoting, but he had already cultivated into the 3rd Layer genuine QI, and he was also on the Qing Yun Ranking, occupying the position of the 68th.

On weekdays, if Wan Dong and Wu Yang were bullied by others, and they could not ask a family member for help, it was Xiao Hu who helped them. Hu Yue was straightforward, and frank. The trickeries in his mind were not as much as one-tenth of Xu Yaoting's. Perhaps it was for this reason that Hu Yue would be very close to Xu Yaoting, and listened to him.

In the view of Wan Dong, Wu Yang was a marshal, Xiao Hu was a general, and both of them were worth training!

Smiled and nodded, Wan Dong said "After the school is over, let's go to see Xiao Hu!"

Wu Yang was overjoyed, "Good! I haven't seen Xiao Hu for long time. This guy's cultivation is definitely increased a lot. Let him teach me a few, maybe I can use to deal with my sister."

The military science collage was not like the martial arts collage. It was just reading the books on weekdays, which was boring but also much more comfortable. At least it was more easier to spend one day in here than in the martial arts collage. This was the experience of Wu Yang before, but today it seemed to have changed.

The bro who was always haveing fun with him and wasting the time suddenly disappeared. Instead, he was a good student who worked hard and tirelessly. Didn't say that Wu Yang was surprised, even a few of the teacher also shocked and confused.

At the beginning, Wu Yang thought that it was because that Wan Dong was praised by Wu Daozi today. He was so excited that he suddenly studied hard. It was normal, and he would soon return to its original state. But until the last lesson of today, Wan Dong was still work hard,Wu Yang then realized that he was not for fresh.

As a old saying goes:Keep good men company and you shall be of the number, which still made sense. Influenced by Wan Dong, Wu Yang actually had also read a lot of books today.

After the last cla.s.s finished, Wan Dong took a long stretch, and his face was full of satisfaction.

Although Wan Haoxiong and Shangguan Feiyun had taught Wan Dong a lot in the battle formation, they were not professional after all, and their own knowledge were limited as well, after a systematic study in the military science collage, Wan Dong had learned more.

"Bro, are you going to see Xiao Hu now?" This was the most fulfilling day for Wu Yang. Without the guilty feelings of vain, Wu Yang's mood was very good.

Wan Dong nodded, he also couldn't wait to see him.

However, when they were about to leave, a fragrant wind suddenly blew in front of them. Wan Dong looked up and saw that it was Leng Yuecui.

Leng Yuecui and Wan Dong had different cla.s.ses. They didn't take cla.s.ses together on weekdays. At this time, she stood in front of Wandong with a surprising face, and a pair of big eyes looked down and up on Wan Dong as if the x-rays, which tried to see though Wan Dong clearly.

"What are you doing?" Wan Dong asked with a wry smile.Be looked at by the beauty as if he was a monster. It was really not enjoyable.

"Do you know that almost all the teacher military science collage are talking about you?"

"So what?" Wan Dong asked indifferently.

"So what? Do you know what they are talking about? They are talking about how hard you are working, how much you focus on the study, not only you can answer the questions of them, but also can raise the deep and amazing questions. You don't know, those teachers seem to be going crazy."

These things that Leng Yuecui said were all in the expectation of Wan Dong. In order to find Mu Lian in the shortest possible time, Wan Dong had to break the inherent impression of Xu Yaoting at the fastest speed. Let everyone knew that Xu Yaoting was not really a waste, so that one day he suddenly grew up, it would not make people feel awkward.

"Oh?" Wan Dong was calm. He seemed to have no interest in the words of Leng Yuecui.

"There must have something wrong! If you didn't hide it consciously before, it's must something special happened to you in your days of absenteeism!"

After heard that,Wan Dong suddenly became nervous. Sometimes, woman's intuition was always a surprise.

"Haha... I got you!" The change in Wan Dong's face immediately fell into the eyes of Leng Yuecui, making her tone more and more exciting.

"you guess what you think, that is your own business, I have no right to ask. But please also stay away from me, leave me alone!"

If Xu Yaoting talked to Leng Yuecui like this in the past, Leng Yuecui would be p.i.s.sed off. However, at this time, Leng Yuecui did not have any anger, but even laughed. A pair of big eyes stared at Wan Dong. "Let me to tell you, now i have a lot of interesting in you. No matter how many secrets you have, i must dug them out!"

When she finished all the words that was in my heart for almost a whole day like pouring beans out of a bamboo tube -- withhold nothing, Leng Yuecui was comfortable now, but Wan Dong could not help but worried. The man's instinct told him that this woman would probably bring him more trouble than Tang Xinyi!

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