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Wandong knitted his eyebrows and marvelled at the old guy's remarkable courage. No one would dare to challenge him once they knew he was the only grandson of the Duke of Dingshan. However, it seemed that his ident.i.ty meant nothing to the old man — that was rather odd.

"Heh, Childe Xu, that was Ma Yi, the general of the west troop of the Qinglong Gang," Wu Gen introduced the old guy to Wandong with a smile. He came back to himself with  Ma Yi backing him up.

Wandong grinned and thought to himself, "The Qinglong Gang is very-well established now. Otherwise, neither Wu Gen nor Ma Yi wouldn't have been so shamelessly audacious and talked to him in an offensive manner."

He turned back and spotted Wu Gen smiling at him nonstop. Wu Gen managed to maintain a façade of respectfulness, however, Wandong could pick up on a sense of contempt behind it. Apparently, Wu Gen didn't attach that much importance to his distinctive background.

"Why are you smiling to no end like a hooker?" Wandong asked in an indignant tone. Having reached his utmost limit, Wandong was desperate to vent his anger. Seeing Wu Gui smile in such an detestable manner, he slapped Wu forthwith.

Boasting a fifth-level cultivation of spiritual energy, it stood to reason that Wu Gui would easily escape from Wandong's slap. Nevertheless, having been riding the high horse for ages by dint of the force of the Qinglong Gang, it had never crossed Wu Gui's mind that Xu Yaoting could have turned hostile all of a sudden. Hence Wu Gui was not alerted at all. And Wandong had been using his Taoist energy with increasing facility — though it was only equal to a second-level cultivation of spiritual energy, an opponent of a fourth-level cultivation might not be his equal for real. Wandong's slap darted forth and landed right on Wu Gen's face.

With fury, Wandong wouldn't have moderated his move. The slap caused a loud sound of crack and a serious reaction. Wu Gu, caught off the guard, was slapped into a whirl. Then he staggered backward, completely zoned-out.

Obviously, it went beyond Ma Yi's expectation as well. By no stretch of the imagination could he ever picture Wandong behaving in such an "overbearing" manner — casting a random slap without any respect shown to the QInglong Gang. Ma Yi's blood went all up. Rising abruptly, he punched at the table and yelled, "Childe Xu, don't you have to get the permission from the owner before you beat his dog?  You're way out of the line with me!"

Seeing Ma Yi flare up, Wandong felt rather relieved and thought to himself, "The old dog was not sufficiently experienced.  Just a slap on his report sufficed to get on his nerves."

Ma Yi's anger ushered in a Wandong's laidback facial expression. Wandong smiled and asked arrogantly, "Yup, I was indeed out of the line.  So what?!"

"You…"Ma Yi stammered. Compared to Wandong's "willful" slap, his levity was more irritant to Ma Yi. Taking a long deep breath, Ma Yi finally managed to hold his anger back and said in a low voice, "Childe Xu, did you do that to bring us down by dint of your grandpa's power?  Once it's know to others, it might not mean anything to you, but it would be another story for your grandfather.  Don't you pay any regard to his reputation?"

"Could it be interpreted that it would stigmatize my grandpa's reputation just because I sorted out a few guys of the Qinglong Gang?" Wandong asked with a deliberate offensive sense.

Lifting his head, Ma Yi hummed and responded, "Isn't it humiliating to throw one's weight about?"

"Well, well," Wandong exclaimed with deliberate mannerism while Ma Yi's voice was fading away. He looked entirely surprised and looked Ma Yi over from head to toe. Then he said, "That is totally unexpected!  There is even a guy of conscience in the Qinglong Gang, knowing that it's a disgrace to bully others by means of superior power.  Old dog, it made me feel so uncomfortable to have heard you say that!"

On hearing this, Ma Yi turned blue in the face with anger. Even his underlings lowered their heads in spite of themselves, looking ill at ease.  That was so ridiculous! The Qinglong gangsters would have been so powerful if they hadn't thrown their weight about.

Ma Yi couldn't for the life of him forgive himself when he flew off the handle.

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