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Chapter 544 Big Brother

"Lady Mei! Young Master Xuefeng is back!"

Another guard informed her on the way and Liu Mei nodded politely, "I know already. Thank you."

They were already stopped by the third patrol after they recognized her so they didn't stop anymore.

"You are welcome! Everyone is in the Royal Garden! I heard there will be a feast!" the guard added as they flew past him. "Take care, Lady Mei!"

The Royal Garden was right at the front of the Liu Clan Palace. Even though they replaced the Royal Family and ruled the capital, they didn't change their name, not a.s.sociating themselves with Royal Families at all.

"He is here!" Liu Mei called out anxiously, seeing a certain white-haired handsome man talking with Liu Xiaobei.

The man that caused her many sleepless nights.

She fixed her hair on instinct, conscious of how she looked when Wu Kong chuckled.

"You are beautiful. Don't worry."

Her hand froze and she put it down, smiling to him.

"I'm glad you are with me."

Wu Kong returned the smile with no additional words. They couldn't get close to everyone unnoticed and were discovered while still in the air.

Everyone turned their gazes and the two of them, suddenly making them the center of attention.

Xuefeng locked gaze with her and smiled, waving at her.

Thud. Thud.

They landed in front of everyone, Xuefeng, his parents, her parents, Xuefeng's wives, many elders, and high ranked guards.

"Little Mei! Look who came back!" Mu Lan called out, beckoning for her to come over but before she could, Xuefeng walked up to them instead.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

Her heart almost exploded.

What will he say? Will he try to get her back? Did he miss her?

"Congratulations. I heard you broke through recently," Xuefeng said happily, reaching out to pat her on the head only to hug her slim body into his own. "To think my little sister is so big and pretty already. Time sure flew fast."


Her mind went blank.

'Little sister… I was always his little sister… He was always like this… He never changed…'


Why was her heart beating so fast then? Why does her body still act strange whenever he touched her.

Just as Xuefeng tried to pull away, Liu Mei crashed into his arms once again, squeezing him tightly.

She didn't want to let go of him.

"Hehe, there, there. I missed you too," Xuefeng replied with a chuckle, rubbing Liu Mei's back. "Did Wu Kong took good care of you just as I told him to? If he didn't, you can tell me. I can always beat him up right now."

"He has been good to me…" Liu Mei muttered, suddenly feeling as if she was back to her old times.

Wu Kong was by her side the whole time since Xuefeng left, always cultivating and training together. Always hunting and hanging out.


Her heart couldn't forget.

"Little Mei, I have something for you," Xuefeng suddenly called out, pulling her away from his arms.

Liu Mei gazed at him confused only for her eyes to widen.

"A spear!"

Xuefeng carried a black spear with a long blade.

"Yes, I heard they call you a Spear G.o.d and I just happened to get a few Spirit Artefacts from our adventure," Xuefeng explained. "I want you to have it."

Liu Mei didn't hesitate and grabbed the spear, immediately feeling the power inside of it.

"It's even stronger than my Rank 9 Spear!" she called out excitedly. "What rank is it?"

She swung with the spear a few times, performing a few pierces and instantly fell in love with it.

"It came from an Immortal Stage Spirit Beast. It should be useful to you for a long time. Consider it as a present for working hard."

"Thank you, Xuefeng!" Liu Mei exclaimed, causing everyone who watched them from afar laugh.

She hugged him tightly, not giving up a chance to squeeze his body.

"Xuefeng, when do you plan to leave?" Liu Mei questioned curiously, pressing the spear into her chest.

She knew he wouldn't stay here for long and wouldn't take her with him. She used too much time mastering her spear arts instead of cultivating else she would definitely keep her promise.

"In two weeks."

That… She didn't expect it.

"Why so soon…?" Liu Mei asked sadly.

She wanted to spend more time with him before he leaves, deepen their bonds but she cheered up very quickly when a new plan formed in her head.

"Xuefeng, thank you for being my motivation to work hard. I will catch up and we will meet in the Heaven Realm. I promise!"

It wasn't the end!

"Sure, but make sure to travel with Wu Kong," Xuefeng reminded. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"I will protect her. Don't worry," Wu Kong a.s.sured, placing his hand on Liu Mei's shoulder.

Xuefeng nodded in approval and walked away, going back to the rest.

"Let's talk more during dinner."


The dinner was wholesome with many stories being shared but the focus quickly shifted to Bella who was curious about everything, always asking questions. When his parents learned she was a Phoenix who turned into a human just a year ago, they immediately began to feed her various delicacies from Earth Realm.

Unfortunately, poor Drakos couldn't join them, forced to hide inside the Elemental Bracelet. If he didn't, Heavens would immediately bring him to the Heaven Realm as he already surpa.s.sed the limits set in place.

Being in humanoid form, Bella could temporarily suppress her Cultivation Stage which allowed her to explore freely. The only issue was the time limit. The most she could suppress her cultivation was two weeks which marked the date of their departure.

Even though he wanted to stay longer as he didn't know when will be the next time he sees his parents, there was nothing he could do.

After dinner, everyone departed to their bedrooms, letting Xuefeng rest but when he entered the bedroom, he was quickly dragged by the girls for interrogation.

"Xuefeng, what did you talk about with my dad? You two left suddenly." Tianshi asked curiously. "You were away for fifteen minutes."

Xuefeng grinned in response and didn't answer, "It's a secret. You all will find out soon."

Since the attempted fail, Nuwa changed the topic to something else.

"Xuefeng, I got a perfect idea."

Just from those words alone, Xuefeng could figure out it was something involving killing. If it wasn't, she wouldn't ask for permission.

"I talked with the girls and they all agreed. Since we will be here for the next two weeks, how about we visit the Fate Organization once again? We should also find ourselves Fate Spirits and right now no one can stop us," Nuwa proposed. "Ming said she will help us as well."

"That's actually not a bad idea…" Xuefeng muttered, knowing they had to return to that topic some day. "But you have to go incognito, just in case someone takes revenge. Let's not risk anything."

Back when they first hunted for Fate Spirits, they couldn't simply kill everyone they wished as that would turn all Fate Holders against them. If Fate Holders began attacking his family in revenge, it would be a problem but now Liu Clan and Xiao Family had the Capital under control. Even if some Fate Holders attack, they won't be able to do much damage, especially with the a.s.sistance of the Forrest Elves.

"Okay, then it's decided," Nuwa nodded with a grin. "We will play with the Fate Organization after I return with Yiren in two days. She didn't see her grandmother for a while and I need to inspect my Kingdom. It seems Tangwei performed some changes which she asked me to inspect."

"I don't mind but you will have to do it without me," Xuefeng informed, scratching his head.

"You are not going with us?" Everyone asked surprised at the same time.

"I have a very important project that will busy for the next two weeks. I'm scared I won't finish so I will start right away. I don't want to spoil the surprise so you will have to wait."

Xuefeng didn't say anything else and simply kissed each wife before flying out through the balcony.

"See you in two weeks~"

The girls were dumbfounded, not expecting Xuefeng to suddenly leave but Ming who stayed behind a.s.sured them, "Don't worry, you will love the results. He is doing it for you."

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