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Chapter 1157: You Should Have Said so Earlier

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Oh… okay, understood! Alright, I’ll report to you immediately if there are any new discoveries!” Li Jing said. Having said her piece, she pressed a b.u.t.ton on the earphones and turned towards the rest of the people in the command vehicle. “After checking, the staff found a total of 19 big boxes inside the secret room! The boxes contain doc.u.ments and information…”

“Hmph! You know what they say,” Zhao Yu whispered. “Culture is the scariest thing in the world. Even at the brinks of their defeat, the j.a.panese were okay with leaving everything else behind but insisted on saving these doc.u.ments. These are obviously really important!”

“19 boxes…!” Cui Lizhu said, remembering something. “These 19 boxes were also written about in Liu Dianchen’s notes. It looks like everyone thought these 19 boxes contained gold!

“There’s a ton of doc.u.ments here. If we consider everything together, it would easily have confused a lot of people!”

“Zhao Yu’s right!” Miao Ying nodded. “If you consider this from a different perspective, then the value of these 19 boxes of doc.u.ments could far exceed the value of 19 boxes of gold!”

“Indeed!” Li Jing said. Her face was pale, having just undergone surgery for her leg. She quickly rushed over to Zhao Yu and said, “Leader Zhao, Fei-Ou-Na actually knew a large amount of information about the j.a.panese Army, and he himself is part of the j.a.panese, so…”

“Big sis, stop making these baseless a.s.sumptions!” Zhao Yu said. “The j.a.panese can’t deny their involvement, but you of all people should understand. These things are not things you can simply a.s.sume responsibility for.”

“Understood, understood!” Li Jing said. “Since the backstory can’t be explained clearly, shouldn’t you at least pick something that we already know and explain it to us in general terms? At the very least, we need to know the order of events so that we can properly deal with it!”

“Alright, fine!” Zhao Yu continued. “Everything that I know came from Fei-Ou-Na, so, as long as the truth serum is the real deal, all the information should be correct!

“What happened is that the j.a.panese have known about this treasure trove of information for all these years. But… ever since the plane crash, they were only left with the kaleidoscope. n.o.body else knew where the information was, so others couldn’t look for it either!

“On top of that, they didn’t even know about the Russian nesting dolls, so they gradually forgot about the whole thing.

“But who would have expected that as time pa.s.sed, some people from the far-off reaches of Southeast Asia began talking about the treasure plan.

“Although Fei-Ou-Na is indeed related to Seraph, he wasn’t fully a part of the organization. He had a more unique ident.i.ty and was slightly more powerful. How do I say this, hmm…? He was basically the winner-takes-all type!

“In the end, he won the bid and took control of the business that was worth billions of euros! As for Seraph, he only helped them with their manpower and material resources, kind of like an investment!

“However, don’t think of Fei-Ou-Na as some private operative. In fact, the information he had obtained was far more than what China, Russia, and j.a.pan knew combined!

“From the very beginning, he already knew two things. Firstly, he knew that the kaleidoscope and the Russian nesting dolls were a map to the treasure. He also knew the people in possession of those two items!

“Of course, the kaleidoscope was in j.a.pan. The first plan Fei-Ou-Na carried out went smoothly. He didn’t have to kill a single soul, and he managed to get the kaleidoscope without anyone noticing!

“All he would need after that were the Russian nesting dolls and his mission would be accomplished!”

“Hehe, but unexpectedly…” Cui Lizhu couldn’t help but add on at this point. “The Russian nesting dolls began to play hide and seek with them, and they couldn’t manage to catch the dolls, haha!!” Cui Lizhu let out a laugh but realized that making a joke in this current solemn situation was inappropriate, so she quickly stopped laughing.

“That’s why I guess it all boils down to me, the greatest detective of the century who can foresee the future!” Zhao Yu said with a whisper. “I already guessed the entire situation perfectly!”

“Pfffftttttt,” Xiao Hang, who was sipping on his water, choked and spat it out upon hearing Zhao Yu praising himself.

“Zhao Yu, be serious will you!” Miao Ying said, trying to get back on topic. “You mean that the criminal found Tian Zheng, and that the series of events that happened after that is what we already know?”

“Exactly!” Zhao Yu said, snapping his fingers. “But with regards to the fortress, I guess I was a little bit off with my predictions!

“Fei-Ou-Na and the rest knew that the Russian nesting dolls had fallen into the hands of Bao Tiantai, but they didn’t actually know who Bao Tiantai’s successor was. So, they spent many, many years trying to find him…

“But, during their search, even though they didn’t manage to find Bao Tiantai’s successor, they managed to find another trail, and that is…”

“Oh!” Cui Lizhu, who immediately knew what Zhao Yu was referring to, nodded. “So that’s how the whole fortress thing came about!”

“Amazing!” Zhao Yu said, raising his thumb towards Cui Lizhu. “Actually, the fortress had been opened by them a year ago. They all came for the gold and had thought that the base would hold some valuable treasures. Little did they know that even after searching every corner of the base, they would only manage to find strategic doc.u.ments used during the war!

“They couldn’t bring these with them, nor could they possibly sell them… it wasn’t of any value to them at all!” Zhao Yu continued. “Of course, no matter what they thought about the doc.u.ments, they lacked the courage to actually blow up the base. So, they could only leave things as they were…

“Then, everything that happened afterward had to be changed because…”

“Because they found the successor to Bao Tiantai, which was Tian Zheng!” Li Jing said, quickly interrupting Zhao Yu.

“Yes!” Zhao Yu said, “I have yet to ask them how they managed to find Tian Zheng.

“I only know that everything that happened after that was within my predictions!

“Tian Zheng died and they couldn’t find the Russian nesting dolls, so they kept Tian Zheng’s two sons confined,” Zhao Yu said, gesturing as he continued. “However, too much time had pa.s.sed. Tian Zheng’s sons could only remember that the Russian nesting dolls had been left with one of the elderly experts, but they didn’t know which one.

“And so, they communicated with Meng Youbin’s intelligence organization and retrieved a list of names. From there, they narrowed it down to the five elderly experts!

“However, they searched through the homes of these five experts and found no trace of the Russian nesting dolls! Coincidentally, these five experts all had the same hobby of collecting antiques, and they had all visited Tian Zheng’s house before. So, they themselves didn’t know who had bought the Russian nesting dolls.

“And that’s how the murder of the experts came about!” Zhao Yu said, sighing. “The masked man has already confessed to that crime, so the murder part of this case is as good as solved!”

“Then…” Li Jing asked. “How did they get their hands on Pitidebin?”

“I have yet to ask that!” Zhao Yu said. “Time was of the essence, so I had to prioritize and ask the important questions first!”

Upon hearing this, Li Jing gestured for Zhao Yu to continue.

“Thinking back, they had such bad luck,” Zhao Yu said, shaking his head. “They kept killing all the way to the last person, which was Yuan Juncheng, until they finally got their answers. Yet, even though they had managed to get the information, a new obstacle appeared. That was that the Russian nesting dolls had been stolen!”

“Yeah…” Cui Lizhu said, frowning. “Thanks to my dad’s capabilities, Yuan Juncheng could never have known who stole the Russian nesting dolls. These people… how did they even find my dad?”

“For this, you’ll need to go all the way back to the beginning!” Zhao Yu said, laughing. “When they hit a wall, they had to go back to Meng Youbin and ask him again. They had to pay a high price!”

“My goodness…” Cui Lizhu said, freezing. “These guys are terrible! If he had revealed that information earlier, then all those experts wouldn’t have died needlessly!”

“If he had revealed the information earlier, he wouldn’t have been able to earn money!” Miao Ying said, pouting.

“Hehe,” Zhao Yu said, grinning slightly. “Actually, if they had revealed it earlier, they could have even raised the price. But they had revealed it too late. Not only did they lose the chance to profit off of it, they even lost their lives!”

“Oh, you mean…” Li Jing began.

“Fei-Ou-Na told me…” Zhao Yu said, nodding. “After the humiliation they faced, they became enraged. They ended up ma.s.sacring the entirety of Meng Youbin’s organization, leaving not a single soul alive…”

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