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Liza did not expect Jake to actually leave the team and even more so without speaking to anyone, even though he did not need to tell anyone was at least educated to have appeared, she was angry too that Jake had left Jake's teammates in the year past began to get irritated with the coach.

So after the first regional championship game was over Liza decided she needed to talk to Jake at least once to understand what happened.

Philips also did not expect Jake to be so radical and actually leave the team after what he said, as he said that Jake would not play in any position on his team without being SG he pretty much said that if Jake did not follow what he said would not play in his team.

So he hoped that after some time without playing Jake would change his mind and would start doing what he said coach Philips never expected that a player who was MVP of the national championship at Middle School would rather leave the team to obey.

Who was really happy about it was his wife and her friends who got what they wanted and found that Jake finally got his punishment.

But as he still had a team to train he stopped caring for Jake and focused on his team that would be going to win again the national championship.

Jake was leaving after another day of cla.s.s when he saw Liza coming towards him, he stopped to wait for her to come with a smile on his face, but realized that Liza did not seem to be very happy and was even a little angry.

"Hi, Liza, we did not get a chance to talk to each other during practice, I did not think I would talk to you after I stopped training."

"So you really stopped training, as you did not show up for the workouts during those weeks we even thought you might have stopped, but you could at least have warned someone you would not train anymore."

"I did not think it was necessary, I had no obligation on the basketball team and I also had no friends to warn, I did not think the coach or the team would need me and did not want to cause a mess warning my old teammates, some of them might end up leaving the team too if they knew I'd leave."

Listening to Jake saying something she did not expect Liza calmed down a bit, she had been annoyed that Jake had left the team and not warned anyone, but stopping to think he had really no one to warn.

And now Jake's old teammates were upset with coach Philips, but if Jake had told them he would leave the Liza team they knew some of them would have dated Jake.

"But why did you leave the team? I thought you liked to play basketball, you have a lot of talent and even won the MVP last year of the national championship because someone like you would give up basketball."

"I never said that I would give up basketball, I just leave the team, there is no reason for me to waste my time there training, I could not play anyway by the rule that the coach did and even if I train there it would be in a position that is not mine, that would not help at all."

"If you could just lower your head for a while and stop being so proud and do what the coach said, you could soon get back to the starting lineup."

"It's not about being proud first because I'm sure the coach does not care what is best for me or for any player, so changing my position could shape my future in basketball, he only cares about winning."

After Jake said what he thought he was leaving home, Jake was annoyed to have to give explanations to someone he did not even know, and now that he has made his decision he would not go back.

Liza stood there for a while thinking about the things Jake said, then she left, too, but she had to accept that what Jake said was right, changing a player's position was something that could change the future of that player, so even if the coach was right he should have talked privately about it first with Jake and then decide.

But as Jake said that was part of the authority of the coach, even if he had erred if the coach wanted to do that he would do so the only thing Jake can do since he did not agree was to stop training.

After spending a few weeks he stopped training at school, Jake who had more time to spare now would have to decide what to do while he had to wait before he could get back to the team, at least until he got the right time.

In fact he already knew what to do, it was something he wanted to wait for a few more years until he was of legal age to be able to solve things himself, but how could not wait so many years because when he is 16 would be the best age for him to focus on whether basketball was the most important.

Now that he's got more free time Jake decided to start the next day what he had hoped to do for many years.

So the next morning Jake went to Oliver's house to talk to him, what Jake needed most was now a lawyer.

"Jake you here, I did not expect you to see me today."

"I had to come here, unfortunately, today I did not come here to play chess, I need your help with some things."

"Do you need help solving your problem at school? Joseph had already told me about it, I'll see what I can do, but I can not guarantee that I'll get you back to the team."

"No, it's not about that, I'd like you to point me to a lawyer you know who specializes in business so I can work only with myself for a few years, and I also hope you can help me get a good accounting firm for now, and I'm going to need you to oversee all that."

"What do you need all this for?"

"I'm thinking about making some investments, I've already researched some companies and would like to use the money that I got from my sponsorship to invest, but since I'm underage I need a lawyer representative and also a company that can take care of my investment."

"Investing is a very risky thing, Jake, if I were you, I would recommend that you expect to grow up and then think about doing it again."

"Normally I'd think you're right Oliver, but now I've got some companies I've been watching for a few months and I think this is the best time to invest, and you know how the business world is if I invest in one Growing company I can make lots of money in a few years."

Of course Oliver knew this, his father had always worked with his company that part of the company was on the stock market, so Oliver always had to keep an eye on the market to help his father, but Oliver knew that investing in a growing company was a big risk, could earn a lot, but could also lose a lot if the company did not work.

"Did you tell your mother about this, Jake?"

"No, this time I did not talk about it with her, but I'm not going to mess with all the money, and I'm still receiving the sponsorship, so I want to try this chance, if I talked to her, my mother would be the same as you and I would not believe what I'm doing."

"I'm talking to you Oliver because as my friend and as a lawyer I know you will not say anything and will help me with this."

When Oliver thought he had found a way to stop Jake from doing this he talked about his professionalism, now Oliver could no longer tell Eva about it, and Oliver had known Jake for several years now, Jake looked like someone who knew what he was going to do and Oliver knew that Jake had always studied business and economics for three years.

As Jake learned multiple languages ​​so it was safe to a.s.sume that he too would have learned something about economics after studying for so many years.

"Okay so Jake I'm going to get an accounting firm to take care of your money for you, it's the same company I use so you can trust, as for the attorney to be harder, just to help you sometimes is easy, but to work for you no one I know will want without charging a fortune."

"And if it's a lawyer who just got a license that is related to someone you know, that person can get experience working with me and it's going to be reliable, but if that's the way this lawyer is going to have to work as my a.s.sistant, too."

Oliver can only smile helplessly at Jake's requests, get some lawyer who just got the license and be related to an acquaintance is easy, but for any lawyer to be an a.s.sistant to a 13-year-old, it would be hard to find.

Moreover, all this would be only working on the hypothesis that Jake succeeds in his investments, only so some lawyer can win something working for him.

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