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The coach did not like that Jake did not accept his suggestion, usually, the young players listened to the coaches because they wanted to improve and the coaches have more experience, especially Philips who had already trained a college basketball team.

Even though deep down the coach agreed it would be a bit of a waste of Jake's pa.s.s and ball control skills for him to be an SG and was suggesting it more so that Jake no longer tried to be a captain it was true that Jake could have more success as SG, after all, it is sometimes better for a player to focus on only one thing and not try to do everything.

The other players, especially the older ones who most respected coach Philips, thought Jake was also wrong not to hear the coach.

Jake saw this too and was helpless, if it was his past life he could even listen to the coach and change positions, but whoever said that was the best position for him was the system that helped him so many times and certainly knew more about Jake the coach who only saw him play for a few weeks.

In addition, a decision on where to play could change Jake's future in basketball, after all, if he decides to play as SG he would have to play in that position for the next 4 years and the college scouts will also see him playing in that position.

But Coach Philips did not understand this and thought Jake was just defying his authority as he thought Jake would do from the start.

"I do not care what you think, I'm the coach of this team and now that I said you can only play in that team in SG position."

Coach Philips thought it was a good time to show who sent all players using Jake as an example.

Jake thought the coach was being irrational and that he was just implicating him, just as the workout was ending he just decided to leave.

Seeing that Jake was leaving the players just thought he was being proud and the coach also did not care about leaving Jake, Liza also thought Jake was wrong and remembered what the coach had told her before, so Liza thought Jake too arrogant too.

Jake went home and did not care what others thought of him, coming home he told his mother everything that happened and told her she did not accept because this decision without regard to the coach could change her future.

Eva agreed with Jake, she knew about everything that happened to Jake on his way to playing basketball, Jake started by training basketball alone first running alone in the square and then in the bas.e.m.e.nt that had an improvised court, and that since the age of 10 without anyone telling him what to do.

Even after he started playing for basketball teams at school no one taught Jake anything other than game tactics, and now that Jake had conquered both a coach who had not seen him play for 1 month wanted to do something that could change the future of his son.

After going to his room Jake began to think about what to do, he no longer saw many benefits in going to the basketball club after cla.s.ses just to train even knowing that he could not play in any game this year.

In addition, the coach seemed to dislike him and gave weaker training and did not let Jake play against the starting team that would be the only way for Jake to learn anything.

And now after all the coach still wanted to decide on what position he could play if Jake could only train as SG in training there more than ever he would be wasting his time training in that team.

"Fate, what do you think I should do?"

[I think you're right Jake, that coach does not seem to like you and wants to hurt you when he told you to play in another position I realized he had other reasons and that it was not for your good.]

[As you said if you spent several weeks training in another position it would do more harm than good to you, and you never know what that coach can do for you next time.]

[So what I suggest you do from now is to stop going to this training since because of this rule you will not be able to play in the starting team this year and that is the only thing that can make you improve your skills.]

After the system said exactly what Jake thought he'd been standing there thinking for a while, so he decided he'd stop going for that meaningless training.

When he woke up in the morning he said his decision to his mother.

"Are you sure about that, son?"

"Yes, Mom, I think it's going to be better for me to stop going now since I can not play anyway, training like that would do more harm than good to me."

"But you like to play basketball so much, my son."

"Yes mother, I like to play and not to train, if it is to train I can do better at home."

"Do not you want me to go to your school and talk to your coach or the princ.i.p.al about this?"

"I do not think it's a good idea, the coach will not change his mind and he's the one who commands the team, even though I do not like that he has the right to do what he wants on the team, especially now that he has won the championship last year and can win again this year."

After talking to his mother Jake decided that he should also tell Tiffany and Clara since he had made his decision.

After telling Clara that she was close to Tiffany, Jake waited for her answer.

"It's all right Jake, I think you're right in this situation and should even stop training for no reason, you've done a lot for my company and Tiffany's too, and we're solving some problems that will be in business administration after the business has improved."

"So for at least two years our companies do not intend to do any new advertising, after that I think your coach will realize that it is wrong and call you to play again, otherwise we can tell you to win another street tournament that would also be a great advertis.e.m.e.nt, so do not worry."

Jake felt very grateful for the trust of Tiffany and Clara, even if their companies did not need any advertis.e.m.e.nt they could cancel the contract until Jake returned, but they did not do it because they knew he and his mother needed the money.

Then when cla.s.ses were over Jake called his friend Joseph to tell him the bad news too.

"I knew something like this could happen when you told me about the rule that coach invented you are not someone who likes to go just to train."

"As expected from my friend, you know me well."

"If you want, can I ask Dad to come to school and put pressure on the princ.i.p.al?"

"No need, as I told my mother I think even if he is wrong it's his right as a coach to do whatever he wants."

"Okay then, if you need anything, just talk to me."

And so after that Jake went straight home, as he had not signed anything or was formally in the basketball club and no one there was counting on him, Jake did not think he needed to warn him that he would stop going to practice.

Also, even if he did not think it would happen, Jake did not want any last year's teammate to feel obligated to leave the team just because he left, after all, Jake intended to come back after it was time to join the team.

And he did this for several days even after he spent the day of the first regional championship game, the first few days were strange to Jake who was accustomed to go coaching, but then he even forgot about the basketball team.

But what Jake did not know is that a strange atmosphere stayed in the training of the basketball team after he left.

The players who played with Jake at Middle School who also had no chance to play on the starting lineup because of the height began to get angry at the coach and just listened because they were obligated, especially David and Mark who were closest to Jake in the team.

If David and Mark knew that Jake would leave the team they would have gone out together as Jake had hoped, but now they missed the opportunities and just did without any motivation what the coach was saying.

Liza was the one who was most annoyed by this, she no longer liked Jake after hearing what the coach said and was even more irritated after seeing Jake not listening to the coach's advice and challenging him in the middle of the court.

But after Jake left in the middle of the conversation she waited the other day for Jake to arrive so she could talk to him even if she did not want to, after all, it was her job to try to help the players out of the games.

When Jake did not show up, she just as everyone on the team thought he had been angry with the coach and did not want to show up, but after several days she and the other players realized that Jake really had left the team.

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