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"In addition, the Philips coach who is the coach of the high school team and who was once coach of a good team at a university even made a new rule, in this rule only players who are more than 1.76 tall can play in the team holder."

"But that's wrong, it's a bias that takes away the opportunity of those who are lower to play, everyone should have the chance to show off their skills regardless of the height."

"Despite being biased the coach has a little bit of reason while at that, few geniuses in basketball history could play better than others having a much lower height, actually 1.76 high is already considered small for basketball."

"So what are you going to do, son?"

"I'm going to keep training to see if anything happens, does not mean I can not play basketball anymore, it's going to be like this for only a few years, I'm sure that time will not be a problem for me in the future."

So Jake finished talking to his mother, there was nothing for him to do anyway, he did not want to change schools again because of basketball even if his contract allowed, moreover after he won the national championship he was no longer so eager to play.

Jake really wanted to win the national high school championship as well, but he was still 4 years old for that, when he was in his junior year high school he thought he could win even if he played with a weak team.

Even though he was quite sad and disappointed in knowing that he could not play more this year, Jake was really eager to play even knowing that he had no advantage over his abilities, it was good to play a difficult game to increase the skills as was the final.

Jake was also thinking that if the situation did not change and he was sure he could not play this year, Jake would have to tell Tiffany and Clara that they were representatives of the companies that sponsored him.

Then he lay down on his bed and thought for a long time, since when he was a person who was so easily annoyed with a problem, after everything he spent in his past life he was living a paradise now.

So remembering that only came to live until 40 being a positive person Jake calmed down to finally managed to sleep.

The other day, Jake went to school one more time, things were different now than they were last year, before he wanted to finish cla.s.ses quickly so he could go basketball on the court, and now he wanted to stay longer in cla.s.s and stay sad when he had to go to the court.

Even so Jake went to the court every day to train with his colleagues to see if he learned anything by watching the starting team play, but even after several days of training the coach Philips seemed to have no intention of leaving Jake or training a match against the team.

After seeing Jake training for several days with nothing happening differently, Liza, who was already quite a friend of the players as she was a good manager, never talked to Jake, even though she could see that he was feeling discouraged.

So after the training was over and all the players left, she packed up quickly and then went to the Philips coach's office.

"Hi, Liza, did you finish packing?"

"Already a coach."

"Thank you as always Liza, I really appreciate what you are doing for this team, if we win this year apart will be what you are doing for the players."

"Thank you, coach, I came here because there was something I was curious about after training today and I wanted to ask."

"You may ask, sometimes if you see something I have not seen it can help the team."

"I wanted to ask about Jake who was the MVP of the National Middle School championship last year, even though I was not in the same room with him I still went to see the game end and saw that it is much better than the other players his team."

When coach Philips heard Liza talk about Jake the coach's expression darkened for a moment, but soon returned to normal.

But Liza noticed when the coach changed the expression, it seems that the coach had something against Jake himself.

"So you want to ask why even Jake playing so well will not be able to play in the starting lineup?"

"No, I understand that it and the other does not have the right time and even though I do not agree much is true that time is very important in the high school games, I just wondered why you do not let he can train to play against the starting lineup to be motivated."

"Since you're going to be on this team for the next four years helping players, I think you deserve to know that, the truth is that what I'm doing is preparing the minds of the players who have just arrived from Middle School to join that team."

"You should know that their team was the champion of the National Middle School championship last year, so they are very excited and I'm sure they thought as they were champions could have a guaranteed place in the starting lineup."

"Normally they would be right, but this year the team was champion of last year's high school is still all here, so they would not have a chance to play anyway, and height rule already leaves out much of the team also."

"Part of the team that can play next year in the starting team is already playing with the holders to see the difference in the skills and so there is still a lot to train before they can be the starters."

"Coaching so they will calm down and see that they are just ordinary players and so it is easier for me to work with them and maintain my authority."

Liza who was listening to everything saw that it made a lot of sense what the trained Philips was saying, it was normal for players to obey their coaches and a team that was feeling very good about being champions would have to have time to see that they did not were so special.

"Unfortunately the same thing can not be done with Jake, this young man really deserves to be MVP last year, his ability is just a little below the regular players, so if I let him train with the starters he would be more arrogant still."

"So I have to train him normally and leave him a bit isolated, after all by the height of them he could not play in that year anyway by rule."

"In addition, Jake for being a very good player and always having played in weak teams never learned to obey his coach and I saw in his record that he was always the captain and wanted to command his team in the games."

"Before he could do that, but in this team only who is in charge of the games is me, so I will have difficulty this year to make him a normal and obedient player."

Liza agreed with what the coach said now as well, she remembered how in the final who controlled the team was Jake and not the coach, she once saw the coach talk to her team and only Jake did everything.

So Liza understood that coach Philips was concerned about her authority being taken by a player, and realized that she was thinking too much.

Seeing this the Philips coach was happy as he had to deal with Jake who was a different MVP from the other players and leaves him out of the team he realized he had to create a story to convince everyone that he had a reason to leave Jake out of the team.

After his team was champion this year even with Jake out of the team no one else would say anything, of course, the coach could have treated Jake who was a different and better-skilled player, but how he wanted Jake to never revolt and enjoy to please his wife who wanted to time Jake off the staff this year.

So a few more days went by and soon the day of the first regional championship game would be approaching, Jake still cannot play in training against the starting team and was getting upset about just training.

The Philips coach who watched everything realized that Jake was feeling bad about his training that was lighter with Jake, so the coach saw that maybe it was time to do something new to make Jake more obedient to his team.

So the coach again set up two reserve teams with Jake's team from last year's separate, after the game was midway through the game he moved.

"Jake come here."

Jake was surprised to have been called by the coach, he had the feeling from the beginning that the coach did not like him and how the coach never spoke to him and treated him differently from the others Jake was sure now.

"Yes, coach?"

"I've been reading the record of your previous games and having seen you train here in these past weeks I'm sure now, Jake I think the position you play is wrong, you should now play as SG and not as PG."

"Coach, I have to disagree, I've heard several times that I could play better and even make more points like SG, but I think it would be a waste of my skills if I did not play as a PG."

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