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Published at 21st of May 2020 06:55:09 PM
Chapter 739

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When Haruka returned to the room, he found his wife on his phone . He watched her for a few minutes half amused and half annoyed . So this is what she was plotting . He thought she was a bit too obedient earlier .

"Did you find anything interesting?" Haruka asked over her shoulder .

At that comment Lila almost dropped his phone, but he caught it and pa.s.sed it back to her .

"W--well, it's not like that . Uhh you've been acting strange so I was worried . "

"Zane made a move when we left . "

" . . . Ah-huh . "

Haruka raised his eyebrows at her reaction .

"That's all?"

"Well I thought he would . "

Haruka slumped his head on her chest . "I was worried . "

Lila laughed softly . "It's okay Haruka . "

"Sorry for being uneasy . "

She shook her head . "I understand, but trust me okay? I want to be with you . " 

Haruka nodded . "The food is ready . I thought we could eat in the living room and watch some movies . "

Lila beamed happily and she clung to his arm . "Okay let's go!"

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The two of them left the study and walked down the hallway . n.o.body said a word until they got to the living room . But during that time Haruka couldn't help but have a look at his wife .  

These days she looked prettier . Her skin has a heal their complexion than before . So when he pushes her against the wall in the living room, he isn't surprised .

Lila laughed awkwardly . "Uhh, were continuing after all?"

"Sorry . " Haruka apologized . "Are you hungry?"

She shook her head . "It's okay, you can continue . "

"Lila, your tongue . " Haruka mumbled against her lips . "Stick it out . "

Lila did as he said and he immediately inter winded their tongues . Whenever he does anything intimate with Terashima Lila, he ends up feeling very nervous . Haruka is worried that she would leave him if he overdoes it .

His hands trailed down her thighs and he teases her for a bit, before he stopped kissing her .

He bites the strap of her dress and it falls down, exposing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s . Haruka brought his lips there again and started to suck .

"Hubby . " Lila urged . "Please, I want more . "

"Babe," he mumbled . "Remember, wait till your eighteen . "

"But your already doing so much, why can't we just--" Lila leaned closer to him . "-- do it?"

"I'm pleased to know your so eager wife . But I want to keep the promise to your parents . "

Lila's cheeks puffed into a pout and he chuckled . "Are you not satisfied with this? I thought you liked it . "

"I do like it . " Lila admitted . "But, I want more . "

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"More?" He licked his lips . "Alright wife, I will give you something more . "

'No s.e.x, means no penetration . ' That doesn't mean he can't please her using other means . Haruka tried to avoid doing anything more than kiss her . But ever since they came to New York, he found that difficult to do so he did a bit more than he would usually .

. . . . . . … . .

Three hours later - XX Hotel  - Room 890 .

Haruka slipped inside and sighed . "I can't believe you actually came here Rikka . Are you crazy?" 

Rikka sighed . "Relax, I managed to slip out undetected . "

A troubled look appeared on his face but he nodded . "Do you need anything?" He looked around and only saw a small bag . "You didn't bring much . "

"Yes, because I wanted to get away quickly . "

"I will buy some stuff for you, just stay put here . "

Rikka extended her hand out and brushed her fingers across his hair . "It seems you had fun before coming here . "

"Well, my wife is cute . "

She sighed and walked over to the bed . "Can you order room service for me, I'm quite hungry . "

"Sure . Do you want anything in particular?"

"Wine . "

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Haruka rolled his eyes . "You just got of the plane, don't drink . "

"Give me some strong ones . "

What a helpless person . Haruka quickly ordered some food through room service and turned to Rikka . The girl was now slumped onto the bed . He reached over to drap the covers around her body but she grabbed his hand .

"Are you staying here with me tonight?" Rikka asked .

He shook his head . "I have to go back . "

"I broke up with my boyfriend . So, Haruka stay . "

'I can't believe she did that, that guy actually cared for her . ' Haruka didn't think Rikka liked him this much . After all she was the one who said such cruel sounding words to him .

Haruka offered to fetch food for her and left the room .  

The moment he left, he sighed . 'd.a.m.n, just when I thought I could focus on Lila . ' Should he send her back? But right now it is very dangerous in j.a.pan . The fact that Rikka managed to get out should be a blessing . That girl has nothing to do with this stuff . He turned to walk down the hallway when he spotted black hair leaning against the pillar .

Haruka froze when he saw her and awkwardly walked over . He wrapped his arms around her but she was clearly angry .

"If you wanted to meet her somewhere, did it have to be a hotel?"

"Uhh . . " Haruka trailed off . "She just landed and got here, there wasn't another place . "

"I know!" Lila snapped . "But after we had such a nice time earlier, you had to leave . It feels like she is stepping on those memories . "

A nice time? So she liked what happened between them? "You liked it?"

Haruka could only focus on those words .

Lila blushed slightly . "Are you even listening to me? I'm angr-" he cuts her off as he pushed her against the wall .

He brought his hungry lips to her ears . "You liked it?" He repeated .

"Yes I liked it!" Lila exclaimed . "Geez, why do you have to make me say such embarra.s.sing thing--" he cuts her off by kissing her .

"Nnngh . "

His wife liked it, she liked it? Haruka repeated those words like a spell and continued to kiss her lips . One hand ran through her legs and up her skirt .  

"Hubby, you id-id----" He didn't give her a chance to finish as he pried her mouth open .

Gosh, since when did this become so addicting?

Haruka doesn't know how long he spent kissing Lila in the hallway . But the only reason he stopped is because somebody hits him in the head . Haruka glanced over and spotted an annoyed Rikka .

"You left your phone . "

"Right . " He turned his attention back to Lila who buried her face in his chest . 'Cute little thing must be embarra.s.sed . '  

"Did you need something else?"

"It's snowing badly outside . "

Huh? Snow-- he looked at his wife and noticed something . Small traces of snow on her hair and clothes . Haruka frowned . "Hey, is the weather bad outside?"

Lila looked away . "Ah-huh . "

Yet she went out? 

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