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But whenever he hesitates, his wife always rea.s.sures him and tells him it's okay. She tells him to continue despite everything. His gaze fell on his wife whose breathing was becoming unsteady.

Haruka pulled away worriedly, he brushed his hands across her forehead. 'No fever, good.'

Lila chuckled softly. "Uhh, are you stupid hubby? I won't get sick over something like this."

"It won't hurt to be careful."

If something happens to Lila, he would never forgive himself. This was one of the main reasons why he agreed to the deal with her parents.

It was right before his preparations for this trip. The Terashima couple came to see him.


His and Lila's apartment A few months back

'Did she forget something?' Haruka looked around for something she may have forgotten. But saw nothing. He walked over to the door and opened it immediately. The people visiting were none other than the girl's parents. It was rare to see this pair together these days with everything happening lately. 

He invites them inside. But Haruka isn't sure what was happening so he was cautious. 

Haruka looked at the pair awkwardly. Why on earth did they come here?

"Did Lila leave?"

"Yes..." Haruka replied.

Sumire smiled. "Then that's a good thing. I've wanted to have a chat with you for awhile now. But Lilchan keeps getting in the way, she is very protective of you."

This was news to him. It seems like the Terashima couple wanted to speak to him but his cute wife stopped them from meeting him. The reason why Lila did that is most likely because she knows he is uncomfortable around her mother. He did not dislike Terashima Sumire. But whenever he sees her, he is reminded how his own father abandoned him just to help her.

His own father abandoned him because during that time Lilas father was not around and Terashima Sumire was losing control of her powers. She needed somebody to help her.

"You must hate me right?" Sumire mumbled.

"I don't want to."

But whenever he thought of that time, his blood would boil. He does not want to hate this woman. But his family fell apart because of her. Haruka always knew that his father did not like his mother, at least he never saw her as a woman. They acted more like friends than lovers. For him that was fine, it was fine because they at least stayed together.

"It would be rude of me to apologize." She trailed off and shook her head. "It would be stupid of me to apologize for something I am not sorry about."

"You're not sorry?"

"Im not. It was during that time where I realized my feelings. I loved your father for so long. During the brief period we dated one another, I felt content and happy. For the first time, I felt useful, for the first time someone wanted me. But that was as far as it could go. I loved him, but if I had to choose between Yuhi and him, I realized my feelings for my husband were stronger."

"Your so selfish, you used him--" Haruka paused in mid-sentence. Why is he getting worked up for that man of all people?

"You know Harukkun, the reason I left for seven years was because I felt guilty. A journey to atone and yet I understood. Ren would not be happy if I did this. He would get mad at me and lecture me for leaving my family."


Sumire turned to the silent Terashima Yuhi. "We were not like the ships pa.s.sing in the night. It wasn't like we didn't understand each other. We understood each other better than anyone else, and we focused solely each on each other…" Sumire's gaze softened. "For me, it could only be Yuhi. That's why --"

"I get it." Haruka interjected. Despite what it seems like. He understood it better than anybody. 

People weren't joking when they said this couple had natural harmony. During this entire talk Terashima Yuhi remained silent. But Haruka saw how he was being attentive to his wife.

"Did you come here just to say that? You don't have to explain Sumire-san. You picked your husband in the end, that was normal. If you actually chose my father, then I wouldn't be happy with Lila."

It upset him, what happened back then. His father left him and Mother for this person. But if Sumire-san chose his father, then Lila would have become his step sister. He wouldn't be able to enter a relationship with her. 

Sumire stirred the cup in her hands. "That's true. You know I once told Kiryu-kun to be patient because Lilchan would return to his side."


"The reason I said that was because I was convinced that Lila would be like me." Sumire trailed off and awkward laughter escaped her lips. "I was wrong, so very wrong. That child is not like me at all. She loves you, and there were signs a long time ago."

At that comment the silent Terashima Yuhi placed a box in his hands. "Take a look at this when we leave."


"We came here not to confirm things with you." Yuhi said.

Haruka suddenly sensed the serious atmosphere and frowned. 'What is it?' Why did they come. 

"My daughter's condition, do you know?"

"Of course I do."

Yuhi placed some reports in front of him. "Kiryu did a great job hiding this even from us. But Lila's doctor is our friend and he eventually confessed. Kiryu was hiding the state of Lila's condition, and sneakily giving her his blood to slow down the signs."

Haruka's eyes widened when he saw the words on the paper. He suspected that something was wrong for a long time now. But unfortunately he didn't know what it was.

'Why would Kiryu do this?'

Wouldn't it be better if he knew about this?'

"Kiryu-kun, he loves Lilchan a lot. Actually the love he has for her is a bit frightening at times. He would do anything for Lila."

"Sumire, no need to tell him that part. We all do crazy things for the one we love. I hurt people for your sake too."

"That's true." Sumire wore a troubled a look on her face. "After reading this you understand right? I know it's painful not being able to touch the person you love. But with her situation, it would be dangerous if you keep touching her."

"I understand..when?" 

"When she turns eighteen, her situation should stabilize for awhile. By that time I'm sure I would have come up with a solution."

Yuhi sighed. "Yeah I had to put up with seven whole years. I'm sure you can last for a few months young man."


The sensation of Lila piercing her fingernails onto his shoulder broke his thoughts. She was breathing heavily and sweating a lot now, as she rested her head on his shoulders. "Haruka, Haruka."

"You okay?" He muttered. 

They weren't having s.e.x, but it was something similar. 

"Okay, I'm okay. It's good."

"I'm glad I can still please you my wife."

"I think I need a break." Lila admitted as she covered her mouth with one hand. "I might go out of control."

Haruka chuckled when he heard those words and lightly pulled her away, so their bodies no longer pressed together. "Alright." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Then I will make you some food, stay put here."

"I want meat."

"Yes, yes."

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