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Fang Shi strikes again! She obviously hasn’t had enough of a beating yet, daring to come back the next day.

Chapter 6: The Arrival of the Young Wizard

On the second day, it was a fine sunny day with moderate winds and beautiful sun!

The previously tranquil Lu Village was abnormally lively and bustling with noise. Every family, from the three-year-old children up to the eighty-year-old men, rushed to the village gate.

This was because after Boling Canglan (Boling Yili’s father) 16 years ago, another wizard came to this remote Lu Village. Not only that but he was also peerlessly handsome.

Because of the special abilities and prominent n.o.bility of wizards, they were respected and worshipped by the people wherever they went.

In Lu Village, where not a single wizard has appeared for centuries, the arrival of a wizard was even more sacred.

As a matter of fact, once Lu Bu, as the head of Lu Village, heard of this matter, he hurriedly rushed past the crowd and respectfully invited the young wizard to his home to treat him with their best wine and dishes.

Meanwhile, the villagers, although curious, didn’t dare to approach and disturb them. Each and every one of them stopped just outside Lu Bu’s house door, stretching their necks to look inside.

The young wizard was clad in a white wizard’s robe, his eyes clear, his body slender and his complexion fair. His brown hair and eyes made it clear that he was an earth wizard.

He politely nodded to Lu Bu and then generously fished out a gold coin, saying, “Thank you for your hospitality. This is money for the food.”

1 gold coin = 10 silver coins = 100 copper coins.

Lu Bu’s eyes shone. Gold coins were rarely seen in this poor Lu Village. He quickly waved his hands. “No, no, revered wizard. I can’t accept your money.” He didn’t dare to accept it.

“I don’t eat white rice [1].” If you don’t accept it, I’ll be forced to go to another house.” After speaking these words, he showed his intention to leave.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, I’ll accept. Please slow down, don’t leave!” Lu Bu immediately took the gold coin for fear of this good thing being taken by others. His heart had already opened the flowers [2]. This was truly a wizard, to be so magnanimous.

Actually, his table and wine together aren’t even worth a silver coin.

At this moment, in the house at the backyard, Fang Shi stayed because of a coa.r.s.e steamed wheat bun which Lu Shi refused to give up.

“Sister-in-law, Lili and I eat two steamed buns for breakfast every day. Today, you only gave us one piece. It’s not enough for us to eat.” Lu Shi reasoned with Fang Shi in a soft voice. In her hand was a single dried out bun.

Fang Shi arrogantly raised her head and harshly spoke. “That I gave you food is already quite nice. Do you know how much my medical expenses are when your daughter twisted my arm? Don’t you still have that jade pendant? If you give it to this lady, you should pay for the medical costs.”

“I can’t, that jade was something Lili’s father set aside for her. In the future, she will rely on this jade to recognize and return to her ancestors. I cannot give it to you…” Lu Shi worriedly told her. In these past years, she had already p.a.w.ned off all the jewelry she had brought from the Boling house. She never thought that they won’t even let off this jade pendant.

How can Fang Shi willingly give up? She held out her hands to search Lu Shi’s body.

“Huh?” Suddenly, a cold voice filled with danger could be heard. Chu Ye didn’t know she was already by the door of the house.

Please note that at this moment,  Chu Ye still looked the same as before, with ordinary black hair and beautiful indigo-colored eyes.

Because Chu Ye didn’t want to make it known so as not to bring too much attention to these people around her, she thought to contain her special silver hair and eyes signifying her as a wind wizard, making her look like an ordinary person like before.

But she was unaware that her ability to conceal these special wizardly characteristics even when she had only just stepped into the ranks of wizards was simply unprecedented. It is truly unparalleled.

One must know that for thousands of years, people have wished for ways to hide the telling signs of a wizard, but only the powerful realm of the tenth-grade wizards have the capability to accomplish such a task.

But even if Chu Ye and the events that transpired yesterday did not change, Fang Shi still felt scared.

Author’s Notes:

Dear fans, there’s two more for today, Xiang is working hard. Fans can also help. If you haven’t collected yet, then please do so. Muah, muah…

Translator’s Notes:

Not sure what collecting means, probably something like voting if I had to guess. Anyway, the note’s not relevant to us.

[1] White rice – food you didn’t pay for

[2] His heart had already opened the flowers. – He was very happy.

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