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Chapter 34: Extremely Uncomfortable

Chu Ye's gaze dropped, and her fingers suddenly clenched.

This was the disparity.

Because she wasn’t strong enough, she could only avoid them whenever she runs into them. She doesn’t even have the power to take a look at Chenzhu.

This powerlessness made Chu Ye feel deeply disgusted.

Looking at the abnormally quiet clinic in the distance, even Chu Ye could sense the cold atmosphere inside. They were waiting for her to show up.

Unfortunately, she can only hide in a secret place and didn’t dare to appear.

For the first time in her two lives, she felt… shame.

At this moment, suddenly a dignified female voice filled with authority of the upper singer rang in the sky above the Carles Wizard Academy. “Attention everyone, I, Caroline, have accepted Chu Ye as a beloved disciple starting from today. Whoever dares to seek trouble from Chu Ye is equivalent to seeking trouble from me, Caroline!"

That clear and emphatic speech echoed in the sky, the words resounding, powerful, and resonating.

“Hua…” It was like violent lightning leveled the ground. The previously serene faculty of the Carles Wizard Academy were partly in an uproar. All the students and teachers in all the cla.s.ses at this instant set their matters aside.

“Heavens, the vice-princ.i.p.al accepted a disciple…”

“Ai, what a pity it isn’t me…”

“Who is this Chu Ye…”

“This person is so fortunate…”

“I heard that the girl that injured Murong Chang in the challenge arena today was named Chu Ye…”

“Wow, it turned out to be her…”


The ceaselessly conversing voices from various cla.s.srooms transmitted outwards, like a boiling pot that exploded in an instant.

In the medical care room, some people’s lungs also burst with rage.

Murong Wan and Boling Canglan's faces are the most spectacular.

Although Caroline's words did not mention anyone by surname, anyone with a discerning eye could hear that this was a warning to both of them.

Obviously, their furious eyes were bulging out, but they did not dare to attack. The teacups in their hands shattered. The two men coldly snorted, flung the door open, and left on their own.

Several hundred meters away, seeing their departure from the rear, Chu Ye slowly closed her eyes. Her heart was unprecedentedly determined at this moment.

Become stronger, become stronger, she must become stronger!

One day, she will become a super powerhouse like Caroline, such that with a single sentence, she could evoke fear in the hearts of everyone from the first and second most powerful wizard family and cause them to flee.

At this moment, Chu Ye had no disrespect for Caroline who was so strong. As her master, she was unyielding.


Since that day, Chu Ye had been attending her cla.s.ses on time every day. At other times, she was earnestly studying the elemental magic and fighting techniques that Caroline had given her.

The most exciting thing for Chu Ye was that… Lanxi Liuhua became a teacher of Carles and even taught her Wind Department, 1st Grade, Cla.s.s 7. However, ever since he taught her cla.s.s, he had especially been looking after her, such that she had made few detours in her understanding of magic.

Another one was Ming Yuexin.

After coming into contact with her multiple times, Chu Ye only then knew that Ming Yuexin was the daughter of the Lanxi family’s chief manager “Ming Tiancheng”. Because her talent was outstanding, her father couldn’t bear to stifle her and asked Lanxi Liuhua to write a recommendation letter for Ming Yuexin. After exhausting all the money in the family, Ming Yuexin was sent to Carles, a top-tier magic school.

From the emotion in Ming Yuexin’s eyes whenever she looked at Lanxi Liuhua, Chu Ye could feel that she really liked Lanxi Liuhua. To be exact, she was infatuated.

It was strange that Ming Yuexin acted very good to her, very unusually good that she practically can’t nitpick about anything, Any laundry, mopping, or tidying up the room, she would do all kinds of things for her.

Bursting into a sweat, she didn’t believe that Ming Yuexin couldn’t see the different relationship between her and Lanxi Liuhua. In the end, Chu Ye could only conclude that: this woman was afraid that she couldn’t be the wife but wanted to become a concubine, so she has been currying favor with her in order to get her desired outcome.

It was a pity that the more she acted this way, the more uncomfortable Chu Ye felt, as if there was a thorn stuck in her throat.

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