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The arena we’re talking about here is an elevated stage, kinda similar to a boxing ring.

Chapter 26: Challenge Arena

At this time, the teacher spoke up in a timely manner. “Quiet, everyone quiet, all the people return to your seats, we will start the cla.s.s. If there are personal grievances, after cla.s.s, both parties can write a challenge letter to the school’s challenge arena to conduct a fair public compet.i.tion. You mustn’t cause disturbances inside the cla.s.sroom; otherwise, I will report to the vice princ.i.p.al to cancel your qualifications as Carles students and never let you have access to the school.”

This seemed to be reprimanding Chu Ye, with Murong Chang being told off on the side, but it was actually helping Chu Ye and pressing down on Murong Chang's current homicidal thoughts and urges.

The rules and regulations of Carles Wizard Academy are very strict, and students are never allowed to fight in private, no matter what the reason.

However, in order to buffer disputes and increase compet.i.tiveness, they have set up a unique challenge arena. However, if they want to fight, they are not allowed to deal lethal blows and kill each other. They will issue the other party a challenge letter, the other party will accept the challenge, and then both sides can honorably fight in the challenge arena.

This is also a covert way to give the students a place to measure up against each other and also to resolve any personal grievances.

Finally, the first lesson of the new term, with Chu Ye carefully listening and Murong Chang make a supreme effort to endure the humiliation and the little students anxiously waiting… End of cla.s.s!

There were no unnecessary words. Four eyes once again collided, and then the two simultaneously stood up to leave, and no one lost their way to the school’s - challenge arena.

As for the group of little demons in the cla.s.sroom, they immediately caught up, their little faces full of antic.i.p.ation.

If you were to ask someone where in the Carles Witch Academy were the crowds the most lively, they would point to the challenge arena first.

It was necessary to know that when there are conflicts in some places and the aftermath of the conflict was violence, and the consequences of violence… they would go to the challenge arena.

Ever since Carles established the challenge arena, there was no shortage of people fighting every day.

In particular, the fights between fifth-grade wizards are even more dazzling, diverse, and matchlessly marvelous.

This was why every day, a large number of students would come to the challenge arena either to observe, join in the liveliness out of boredom, or watch the fights in order to increase their own experience.

At this moment, the audience area was already filled with students of all levels. The number was less than three or four hundred, with varied ages from five or six to twenty-five. They all looked up to the arena, their eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement. Seeing the excitement could make one clench their teeth and their fists.

Because at this moment, there are two wizards locked in fierce battle in the challenge arena. The five rings of light behind them concluded that they were both students of the 5th-grade cla.s.s. One was from the Water Department while the other was from the Earth Department.

In the showdown between the fifth-grade wizards, the various dazzling and colorful magic endlessly being cast in succession were extremely dangerous. Below the challenge arena, all the people had their blood boiling, wishing they could personally experience it themselves.

When Chu Ye and Murong Chang arrived, the match between the two fifth-grade wizards was already nearing the end. The earth wizard finally used a high-level slowing technique, plus a lightning-fast earth rod to instantly bind the water wizard. Then, with a cudgel, he struck him flying down below the ring.

Amidst everyone’s cheers, the water wizard resolutely threw down the words, “You better wait for me. We will fight again in a month”, and then left indignantly.

The victorious earth wizard faced the cheering group of students, loudly thanked them, and then simply went down the challenge arena in high spirits.

When the audience was empty, the students who watched the fight were now trying to disperse themselves and leave. Who would have predicted that at this moment, a blindingly bright cyan light shone, and a red enchanting beauty flew onto the challenge arena and with a flick of a sleeve, the figure turned around, revealing a charming and beautiful face filled with iciness.

“Look, it’s Murong Chang…”

“Yeah, I don’t know which unlucky ghost was forced to respond to her challenge letter…”

“Sigh, I reckon he would be abused very badly…”

“Ha, that’s something worth seeing… ”

Immediately, the people, who originally planned to leave, stopped in their tracks one by one and even tried to outdo one another in rushing forward, trying to vie for a good seat to watch.”

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